Thursday, December 31, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

Island is one of the most wondrous places that everyone wish to visit. In Malaysia, we have many islands, but to be honest, the only island I ever visited is Perhentian Island which was a few years ago. For decades now, it gets so much attentions from local and foreign tourists which is mainly due to its unparalleled natural beauty. Everyone who visits Perhentian Island would be undoubtedly stunned by the wonder of it all.

The calm and serenity that captivates your heart while being here is indescribable. You would be accompanied by the murmur of the ocean waves and feel a cool breeze blows across your face every second. You could savor the aroma of tropical plants and the ocean water as the wind blows them out. Not to miss, you are able to do many activities during your stay here. Anyone who feels like going to Perhentian Island, I have brought up a very special news for you to take a deep look.

The hottest and best packages 2015/2016 are up and you are free to select one that suits your desire! All these 4 packages are available at very affordable prices that make you may not think twice;  RM 195, RM 280, RM 335 and RM 385. It even comes up with the itineraries for each package! All are written in detail, you just need to read it carefully so that you would not mistakenly select.


Q: What is the best thing about Perhentian Island?
A: Besides discovering the white sandy beach and crystal clear water, you could also embark on some activities which invite you an exciting, pleasant feeling such as having sightseeing tour by boat, snorkeling/explore the marine life, fish feeding just before the sun goes down, play volleyball with the locals in the evenings, spend some time sunbathing, enjoy the spectacular sunset view, do jungle- trekking and be entertained by bbq around the campfire. You would not get bored spending most of your time with all this.

Q: Where is Perhentian Island located at?
A: Consists of two islands, namely Large Perhentian Island and Small Perhentian Island, it is situated in the north-eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Terengganu.

Q: Who could you go with to Perhentian Island?
A: It is recognizable as destination for family holiday, friend get-together, romantic getaway and even honeymoon escapade. So it might be possible for you to go with family members, groups of friends and couples. It could be said the more the merrier!

Q: When is the best time to visit Perhentian Island?
A: Based on the experience throughout the year, it is adviseable to go during the dry season which falls from March to October. However, it would be so crowded during the peak season which falls from May to September that you must be prepared by making a reservation.

Q: Why should everyone visit Perhentian Island?
A: It is a must-visit island destination! Like most people often say, it is the island paradise which is covered by a wonderful tropical jungle, you would get to capture an abundance of marine creatures in the fascinating world of underwater life and discover hundreds of flora and fauna species. How would you not enticed by this? Believe me that you do not feel like going back home once you are here.

Q: How would people get to Perhentian Island?
A: The only way to reach there is by sea. You could get the speedboat service as soon as you arrive at Kuala Besut jetty. By getting it from Kuala Besut to Perhentian Island, it might take you half an hour journey to arrive. About the speedboat fees, it is included in the above packages so you do not have think more about that and have fun getting there!

There is nothing else left for you to know! Unwind by the beautiful sights of this tropical island paradise and make your idyllic island life enjoyable! You would not get chance to feel this everyday of your life so experiencing it once in your lifetime is a must. 



Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

Image courtesy of Zalora Malaysia.

Zalora. Who does not know Zalora? What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word Zalora? For the past few years when the online shopping trend has been widespread, Zalora has gotta be one of the leading online fashion stores that fulfills every man and woman's fashion desire in one place. From clothing to shoes, accessories to beauty products and many more, Zalora brings a wide diversity of eminent local and international brands that is sure to grab your attention. Whoever seeks for fashion products, Zalora is the right destination for you to shop till drop I must say.

However, I believe there are a few questions that would have lingered in your mind but the common one must be like "Is the website safe and secure for shopping?". It is no doubt that some people would ask this sort of question because they might be worried due to online shopping frauds that are rampant and obvious on the internet nowadays. Based on my very own experience, NEVER have I dealt any problem with all my purchases all this while. So I could say that it is GUARANTEED SAFE AND SECURED. You would just have to splurge yourselves with the things you wish to buy besides enjoying your shopping experience like free shipping (if stated), discounts and vouchers! 

Recently, Zalora has just launched a Community section of its own digital magazine. I was being invited to be one of the contributors who contributes original articles (my very own ones) comprise of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment. HOW EXCITING!? As I already familiar with Zalora itself and I too love writing and sharing something to people, I said why not? If I could write multiple stories on my blog, then why could not I do the same this time? My ideas and opinions could be formulated and expanded more deeply and precisely in form of writing. Furthermore, everyone could also be compelled to read my articles when they are up to something that I have written earlier.

If before this you have probably read books, novels, etc, this time why not you make a difference by having pleasant articles-read on the internet? Simultaneously, by doing that I am truly sure that it is not only me who gain good, insightful inputs, benefits and knowledges, but so do you readers. While having leisure time at home or anywhere you would be, you are able to freely read my articles and I wish you have a pleasure reading them. I would write at least 1-2 articles in a month, so remember to catch them up okay? I would also get this entry updated everytime I come up with the new ones.  

Some of them are now live on Zalora Malaysia. So with all my heart, I am very pleased to invite you guys to read my articles. Here you go:

Article 1 (October): 

Article 2 (November):

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Monday, October 19, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

The end of October is just around the corner. This means there would be millions of people in multiple countries, particularly in the USA and Canada carve the pumpkins into Jack O'Lanterns, don unique outfits and put different eccentric make-ups on their faces, children go door-to-door, set up for trick-or-treaters, college students bound to the downtown for a night of freaky and spooky festive and so on.

Unlike others, Halloween each year amazingly reminisces me over the moment when I must decide what I should wear in order to represent myself into Halloween character, especially during my participation in Best Halloween Outfit Day. Picking out your Halloween outift is one thing, deciding what you are gonna dress up as on Halloween it is another thing. In this case, you would be triggered with various different feelings and emotions that you need to have little patience to pass by all these things.

Those of you who have been through this before might know how the process of picking out best Halloween outfit goes. What I really could say is, it might make you think for hours (maybe) as you have to choose either to do closet browsing, DIY or store-bought. Even the outfits would take you in just a few hours, but the confusion of picking out the very best ones is like beyond everything. Here, I am lucky enough to say that I have ability to hone in on many different types of fashion styles ever since I involved in the fashion industry for quite a few years. So when it comes this, I do not think it becomes my major problem. My concept is just wear what comforts you in and most importantly, it must be anything that goes well with any required theme.

So the day when I was being invited by a crew of the one and only world-renowned Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, specifically in the West Coast regarding my take on Halloween outfit, I felt so undeniably excited. MUCH MORE EXCITED!!!!! It is because I did not think their crew would have come across my simple blog that it sparks my utmost excitement. Plus, it is gonna be my first time ever to come up with the topic that is related to Halloween outfit and some other things that might naturally happen when capturing this kind of moment, if you ever noticed. At the same time, I hope the fashion that I have been styling could inspire others who want an idea of the minimal fashion style, but still want to look fashionably stunning. Now, let us go straight to the point!


Overall, this is what I finally came out with in this year. My whole look is done within twenty minutes only, no more no less. All were Hong Kong store-bought stuffs which are long kept in the wardrobe. :D I put all my efforts and thoughts into something that is all black except for my hair accessory. Because why? It is always interesting to me to know that how familiar black is in this kind of festive fashion style. If the Halloween colour palette you might see today is warm, bright and fun, I mostly tend to go for black instead.            

2. POSE.

I'm not an expert but it is important to strike a pose when you are about to be photographed. For Halloween theme itself, I just think to pose one that mimics of any creature you might think about during Halloween. When I look at this photo, I honestly feel like laughing out loud, but believe in me that you would have definite ideas about whatever scene you are creating alongside the outfit.


With the right make-up, hairstyle and pose, you have to challenge yourself to bring out interesting facial expressions of the characters you are dressed up as. This could be phenomenal if you do it right and live up the way you feel inside. 

Before I forget, all the photos' backgrounds are solely credited to here, the place where I ever wished to accommodate myself long before I write up this entry. The place not only reminds you of the luxurious accommodations with awe-inspiring views, but it has been host to a number of meetings, events, parties, weddings and personalized special occasions of the century. Its interior and architectural building design are lavish that it is no wonder the place has been choices to many people. This year, I heard the annual freaky and frightening Halloween party would be hosted there too! In conjunction with it, I am very sure there would be a lot of exclusive styles with a little west coast flare that would surely perfect for the night.

And now.....Last but not least!


KFC Fried Chicken.

Monday, October 12, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

I might not be wrong that more than half of the world's populations in many asean countries consume rice as it has been a staple food source for thousands of years. Like me and family, rice would always be listed in our daily serving that is served together with other side dishes. Since mama is a great cook who loves cooking, not even a single day we miss out on taking rice to fill in our easily-get-hungry stomachs, unless there is any special celebration that the menu would be a bit special and might be kinda different with our daily menu.

Somehow, I believe there is time when you do not feel like eating rice in a day or more. It happens either because you are bored with rice or your food appetite changes for a little while. I am saying this because I have that feeling sometimes, but not too often. And yeah guys, I am sure you feel the same! When it comes to this situation, you must be thinking to have something you rarely eat (whether because they are not easily available or for whatever reason you have in your mind), something you cannot find the exact ones in your home, even if you try to cook they do not come up with the same result as you buy in the restaurant or anywhere else. 

So there it is... Fast food is what I'm currently talking about! It is a kind of food that people would always love to go for while their metabolism knows no boundaries! It has been the common thing to talk about among Malaysians and everyone all over the world for ages. As far as you might realize, we are encircled by a lot of fastest-growing fast food restaurant chains each year. These chains' sales have grown at a much faster pace than any other restaurant and remarkably shown their growth in the industry by getting high-demands day by day. 

Wonder where to get the fast food? Drive through the nearby towns or cities and you are bound to see so many kinds of fast food chains everywhere. If you feel lazy to go out, just order them direct from your home because some of fast food chains provide home delivery service as well. From McDonald's to KFC, Pizza Hut to Johnny Rockets, Nando's to Subway, Wendy's and many more that I think it would take more time just to list their names down and describe their meals one by one. But the best possible thing you can do all the time is you just name whatever fast food and our countries might have it all. That is just awesome right?

You must have heard the above mentioned fast food chains names earlier and it would be great to hear which have been your favourites since forever? I could say that I am not a loyal consumer to each and every fast food I consume but being a great tester is really me. Every first-time I go for different fast food, I would make sure that they suit my taste buds. Wait... Do not misjudge me, I am not fussy as you think. Hahaha. I just think it is such a waste if you spend some money for something you do not like and what you unsatisfied with. In case you like it, go ahead with it or if otherwise, find another, this is my opinion.

Photo courtesy of Google.

Among many fast food chains that have been established, there is one that I stick with over nineteen years of my life - KFC. For those who are less knowledgeable about this, it is the world's second largest fast food chain after McDonald's. Its original meal is the tastiest fried chicken pieces. Seasoned with its founder, Colonel Sanders's recipe of 11 secret herbs and spices which no one knows, a fact that it likes to remind people of. Not only that, other than chicken meals such as delicious double downs and wraps, it also offers salads, side dishes such as deep-fried french fries, cheesy wedges, creamy coleslaw, yummylicious desserts and last but not least, one of the most favourable drinks, soft drinks

Photo courtesy of Google.

Despite of all meals I consume at KFC, there is one particular meal which is my forever favourite and could be everyone's favourite too - the extra crispy, crunchy fried chicken pieces that you are ever more likely to eat in your lifetime. The crispiness and crunchiness of those fried chicken I could not resist every time I eat it. The chicken meat is so, very tender that could make you buy the ones in large buckets and you just could not get enough of it! Its form, taste, texture and flavour would linger longer and be there in your mind. Even elderly people like it too!

Those KFC meals are not only famous worldwide and something tons of people crave on a daily basis but they might be your selected picks when you are up for birthdays, small gatherings, little feasts or get-togethers with your families and friends. I do not deny that there are a lot of recipes taste exactly the same as KFC original recipes but so far, I have not tried any yet. Just imagine, if you do the homemade ones, you do not have to eat there, go through the drive-thru or take away but you can have that well-known KFC meals right in your home instead! Homemade meals take a bit more time to prepare but they are hundred thousands times tastier if you use the right recipes, slightly cheaper and you could feel you have done something good and worthwile for yourselves and your families. Nonetheless, just in case you would like to have the "original' taste of KFC, forget about the homemade ones and go for it because the taste is undeniably worth it.

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