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Monday, April 04, 2016
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

As told earlier, I am a food enthusiast who always love to eat for sure, and try something dissimilar from what I have been consuming throughout my daily life. It is no wonder if someone notices I have gotten chubbier now. IT IS REALITY! Who would have thought to refuse good food when they are right in front of your eyes? I never was nor never will be. As for me, food is the sustenance gifted from Allah that you should really "taste", properly appreciate each bite and enjoy the way your food smells, which in turn gets you heedfully excited to eat it.

Oh yeah... Talking about food, the day out is incomplete without good food. After attending Sangkaya's Prize Giving Event at Sunway Pyramid in October last year, which my sister was one of the winners for the photo Category (read here for more) and took a stroll in the mall, we directly headed to our dinner place after knowing everyone's tummy started to growl and mine was no an exception. Being told about our way to William's Corner, one of the most-mentioned restaurants situated in Kelana Jaya, I was one of the happiest persons among the rest for this dinner treat as I knew there would be so many favourably delicious food to choose from and to enjoy with. 

Unlike other restaurants in Malaysia, this branch in Kelana Jaya has no menu cover for the visitors to look and choose their orders. However, you do not have to worry much as you are also advisable to go inside of the restaurant to see the menu board. Not enough that, waiters are all so helpful that they would give you a few suggestions on food. For those who are familiar or maybe who have been to this place, you guys surely know how the service works. 

Not only famously known by its yummylicious western food, you could also request anything that comes into your mind and they would make it real for you. It serves large portions of everything; from drinks to burgers, pasta to grilled dishes and many more. It sounds enticing, is not it? As this has been a few visits to William's Corner, (my very first & most recent one were at Setapak), I have expected the portion would be so "large" that it could be shared with 2-3 persons.

First and foremost, for the beverages, we ordered these glasses of drinks. The left one was their signature drink, namely Soda Herb. It consisted of mint leaves, lemongrass, lemon, sour plum, lychee with cold carbonated soda water. The taste was uniquely different, but I did not admire this much. Next to it was Pineapple Asam Boi Juice with Rambutan, a pure combination of sweet and sour sensation. Both were priced at RM 8/each which I thought they were so reasonable and could be shared by 2. Other drinks were cold mineral water and milk tea, my Abah's favourite since forever.

 My sister, Fifi has been craving for this Seafood Arrabbiata ever since her last visit to William's Corner last time. Everyone in the family knows that she has craving like no other! Hahaha. It was overall an exciting portion consisting of spaghetti noodles of course, some crab pieces, mussles, prawns and octopus inside. For the quantity we were served, it was worth to be charged at RM 50++. 

Catch a glimpse of the Lamb Chop I ordered the last day. RM 30 and you could not get enough of this. It came with the smoky, grilled lamb meat with quintessential flavours, mashed potato, coleslaw and green sauce with a light peppermint taste. The lamb meat was juicy, but some of them were so strong that I had to chew them for minutes in my mouth. 

My Abah and little sister decided to have a taste for its Roasted Chicken Chop as the dish itself was suggested by one of the waiters here. As seen in the picture, there was a whole roasted chicken smothered with a full-flavoured sauce, mashed potato and fresh broccoli which was cut into spears for a western hint. Do you think it was worth at RM 25++?

Gosh... She is a big eater. One fact that you should know is that the food would never be wasted if Abby does her "job".

While being asked by the owner of William's Corner, Uncle William regarding the food, he then ordered his waiter to give us this dessert for free! WOOHOOO!!!!! It had similar taste like durian crepe, sweet and deliciously creamy. I tasted it a little bit only, Abby got all this to fill into her stomach! 

 Dessert corner which is situated in the entrance of inside part of the restaurant. Some mouth watering desserts that were available for bites; Panna Cotta, Chocolate Torte, Gelato, etc. Sweet tooth aficionados could not miss on this part if they feel like tempting their taste buds!

Spotted a man with black-yellow stripes tee-shirt with his song performance during our dining time. At least, we felt entertained while waiting for our food to come.

The situation when we first entered the restaurant. It only provides the outdoor seatings as the indoor is fully set by the kitchen. As it was the weekend's night, I could see a lot of families, couples, groups of men and even individuals who came for eating.

It is an open-air restaurant, everyone could leisurely come in order to satisfy themselves with some Uncle William's brilliant creations.The place definitely brings you so much pleasure in eating that makes you would assuredly like to give it a visit for the second time. 

If you wish to visit, here are the William's Corner branches for you to locate:

William's Corner, Setapak:
Jalan Danau Niaga, Danau Kota, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

William's Corner, Petaling Jaya:
Kelana Jaya 3-1, Ground Floor Plaza Mayang, Jalan SS 26/4, Taman Mayang Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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4 Perfect Gift For Him.

Friday, February 05, 2016
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

Dalam sepanjang kehidupan kita ini, pernahkah kita memberikan hadiah kepada seseorang? Saya percaya jawapannya pernah. Memberikan seseorang hadiah adalah suatu perkara yang menyeronokkan untuk dibuat dan tambah menyeronokkan lagi apabila si penerima hadiah menghargai pemberian hadiah tersebut dengan perasaan sukacita. Namun, kalau diperhatikan mencari hadiah untuk lelaki dan wanita adalah dua pengalaman berbeza.

Berbeza dengan wanita, picking up the perfect gift for a man can be difficult. Siapa bersetuju bahawa kadang kala sukar untuk kita mengenalpasti apakah yang berada di dalam fikiran seseorang lelaki? Menyedari hakikat tersebut, mari kita berkongsi beberapa jenis hadiah atau possible perfect gift for him yang boleh anda berikan sebagai hadiah ulang tahun si dia. Yang penting, keempat-empat hadiah ini dapat digunakan dalam kehidupan sehariannya.

Tidak ada seorang lelaki pon yang tidak menyukai pemberian jam tangan sebagai hadiah. Ibarat wanita dan barangan kemas, jam tangan pula merupakan aksesori terpenting bagi hampir semua lelaki. Oleh itu, kenali dahulu personaliti si dia dan belikan jam tangan yang bersesuaian. Misalnya, jika dia menggemari aktiviti outdoor, anda boleh menghadiakan koleksi jam tangan outdoor sebagai hadiah. 

Pilihan hadiah yang kedua pula adalah set wangian minyak wangi. Percaya atau tidak, ramai lelaki yang amat mementingkan penampilan diri terutama sekali lelaki yang sering berjumpa orang ramai ketika bekerja. Pilih haruman khas untuk lelaki dari jenama-jenama yang terkenal untuk dijadikan hadiah. 

To be more personal, berikan si dia seutas dompet kulit atau wallet yang berkualiti. Even more interesting is when you have a chance to get him the personalized name wallet. Berbanding wanita yang kerap bertukar beg tangan, lelaki biasanya menggunakan wallet yang sama dalam tempoh yang lama.

Dan yang terakhir sekali adalah jenis kasut yang gemar dipakai oleh si dia. Sneakers, dress shoes, loafers atau sandals, they are all practical and easy to slip on. Pastinya si dia amat menghargai pemberian istimewa daripada anda!

It may seem like the common gifts you would ever give to him, but it's the things that will make him absolutely love. Bukan mahal atau murahnya suatu hadiah yang menjadi ukuran, tetapi keikhlasan dalam memberi dan sentimental value daripada pemberi kepada penerimanya. Anda mungkin juga mempunyai idea-idea hadiah lain yang boleh dikongsikan bersama pembaca blog ini. Semoga perkongsian ini bermanfaat!



Thursday, December 31, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

Island is one of the most wondrous places that everyone wish to visit. In Malaysia, we have many islands, but to be honest, the only island I ever visited is Perhentian Island which was a few years ago. For decades now, it gets so much attentions from local and foreign tourists which is mainly due to its unparalleled natural beauty. Everyone who visits Perhentian Island would be undoubtedly stunned by the wonder of it all.

The calm and serenity that captivates your heart while being here is indescribable. You would be accompanied by the murmur of the ocean waves and feel a cool breeze blows across your face every second. You could savor the aroma of tropical plants and the ocean water as the wind blows them out. Not to miss, you are able to do many activities during your stay here. Anyone who feels like going to Perhentian Island, I have brought up a very special news for you to take a deep look.

The hottest and best packages 2015/2016 are up and you are free to select one that suits your desire! All these 4 packages are available at very affordable prices that make you may not think twice;  RM 195, RM 280, RM 335 and RM 385. It even comes up with the itineraries for each package! All are written in detail, you just need to read it carefully so that you would not mistakenly select.


Q: What is the best thing about Perhentian Island?
A: Besides discovering the white sandy beach and crystal clear water, you could also embark on some activities which invite you an exciting, pleasant feeling such as having sightseeing tour by boat, snorkeling/explore the marine life, fish feeding just before the sun goes down, play volleyball with the locals in the evenings, spend some time sunbathing, enjoy the spectacular sunset view, do jungle- trekking and be entertained by bbq around the campfire. You would not get bored spending most of your time with all this.

Q: Where is Perhentian Island located at?
A: Consists of two islands, namely Large Perhentian Island and Small Perhentian Island, it is situated in the north-eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Terengganu.

Q: Who could you go with to Perhentian Island?
A: It is recognizable as destination for family holiday, friend get-together, romantic getaway and even honeymoon escapade. So it might be possible for you to go with family members, groups of friends and couples. It could be said the more the merrier!

Q: When is the best time to visit Perhentian Island?
A: Based on the experience throughout the year, it is adviseable to go during the dry season which falls from March to October. However, it would be so crowded during the peak season which falls from May to September that you must be prepared by making a reservation.

Q: Why should everyone visit Perhentian Island?
A: It is a must-visit island destination! Like most people often say, it is the island paradise which is covered by a wonderful tropical jungle, you would get to capture an abundance of marine creatures in the fascinating world of underwater life and discover hundreds of flora and fauna species. How would you not enticed by this? Believe me that you do not feel like going back home once you are here.

Q: How would people get to Perhentian Island?
A: The only way to reach there is by sea. You could get the speedboat service as soon as you arrive at Kuala Besut jetty. By getting it from Kuala Besut to Perhentian Island, it might take you half an hour journey to arrive. About the speedboat fees, it is included in the above packages so you do not have think more about that and have fun getting there!

There is nothing else left for you to know! Unwind by the beautiful sights of this tropical island paradise and make your idyllic island life enjoyable! You would not get chance to feel this everyday of your life so experiencing it once in your lifetime is a must. 



Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

Image courtesy of Zalora Malaysia.

Zalora. Who does not know Zalora? What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word Zalora? For the past few years when the online shopping trend has been widespread, Zalora has gotta be one of the leading online fashion stores that fulfills every man and woman's fashion desire in one place. From clothing to shoes, accessories to beauty products and many more, Zalora brings a wide diversity of eminent local and international brands that is sure to grab your attention. Whoever seeks for fashion products, Zalora is the right destination for you to shop till drop I must say.

However, I believe there are a few questions that would have lingered in your mind but the common one must be like "Is the website safe and secure for shopping?". It is no doubt that some people would ask this sort of question because they might be worried due to online shopping frauds that are rampant and obvious on the internet nowadays. Based on my very own experience, NEVER have I dealt any problem with all my purchases all this while. So I could say that it is GUARANTEED SAFE AND SECURED. You would just have to splurge yourselves with the things you wish to buy besides enjoying your shopping experience like free shipping (if stated), discounts and vouchers! 

Recently, Zalora has just launched a Community section of its own digital magazine. I was being invited to be one of the contributors who contributes original articles (my very own ones) comprise of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment. HOW EXCITING!? As I already familiar with Zalora itself and I too love writing and sharing something to people, I said why not? If I could write multiple stories on my blog, then why could not I do the same this time? My ideas and opinions could be formulated and expanded more deeply and precisely in form of writing. Furthermore, everyone could also be compelled to read my articles when they are up to something that I have written earlier.

If before this you have probably read books, novels, etc, this time why not you make a difference by having pleasant articles-read on the internet? Simultaneously, by doing that I am truly sure that it is not only me who gain good, insightful inputs, benefits and knowledges, but so do you readers. While having leisure time at home or anywhere you would be, you are able to freely read my articles and I wish you have a pleasure reading them. I would write at least 1-2 articles in a month, so remember to catch them up okay? I would also get this entry updated everytime I come up with the new ones.  

Some of them are now live on Zalora Malaysia. So with all my heart, I am very pleased to invite you guys to read my articles. Here you go:

Article 1 (October 2015): 

Article 2 (November 2015):

Article 5 (March 2016):
Basic Wardrobe Essentials For Every Woman.

Article 6 (July 2016):
Batik Mak Labu Fashion Trend.

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