A writing to the end of the year.

Saturday, December 31, 2011
Hi girls and boys.

How are you? What you do now? Do you have eaten or not? How's  your day today? Have you think that we'll enter a new year again? And it's about a day more to enter the date of 1st January 2012! Wow, the time flies so very fast and i didn't realize that i'll be turn 9 + 7 years old for this becoming new year! 

'What you give, you get back.' I've got back all what i've given over the year! So, now, i freely have to be more thankful and grateful as i've been given so much precious in this beautiful world! Thank you so very much, God :') 

My thought is just to 'one and only' wish of mine. I'm gonna be the happiest person ever even though i know i couldn't be as all i can be, wish and do! Should be reminded that no one can make us happy as well as ourselves because feelings and emotions can't be deceived and only you yourself can know it. It's all related to feelings, emotions, expression and actions! Don't make life becomes more complicated with what you've done all this time! Let's change towards a better and proper life (timely). 

Gambar Hiasan

What i feel now is more blessed to be alive, living in peace and harmony and have never felt that I was most sad. I want to make sure the new year will come in a several hours to change the  things (bad or may be worst inside of me myself).

I want a change. A change which can make everyone around me proud of it. In addition, i appreciate all the changes that are all around. I'll give back to those who have done good to me. I would love the times and the coming days in my life. All i love is i love the most! 

No worries, i'll keep my promises to fulfill all the wishes and dreams. This is me and this is real.

Gambar Hiasan.

What i'm concerned in this world is a hope and appreciation. Most likely our hopes may be the same. For example, all the people expect to live well despite the lack in selves, wanted to do something quickly so that everything ended very quickly as well, but what, we just plan and God determines everything and etc...

That's the hope of human. All people want comfort, luxury and convenience in their daily lives. I should note, the equipment, the needs and demands are already set when we have yet to be in this blessed world.

Semuanya sudah dirancang, diatur, dan disempurnakan sebaik mungkin (kehidupan hakiki manusia).

Last but not least, I can only wish may all the works will be going smoothly, all things are made ​​easier and the coming new year can bring a lot of inspiration and tolerance to all of you. Chillabebeh!

P/S: Can't sleep well, fever, so very bad headache! This is my condition and situation now. I expect this isn't a very happy day to celebrate the end of 2011 :'( Have a very happy and blessed new year 2012 in advance, lovelies!


#13 Wordless Wednesday: Samila Beach and The Golden Mermaid Statue.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Location: Samila Beach, Hat Yai, Thailand.

P/S: Have enjoyed the precious family holiday in Thailand for a few days ago. And one of the places we went was at Samila Beach!


This is a very very very amazing place.

Friday, December 23, 2011
Hi peeps.

Together we see a nice great place with the beautiful and peace sceneries before i going to tell you more where i've been recently! Stay tune, people...

Location: Sapulidi Resort, Lembang, West Java.

P/S: I also want to have a resort like this! Like, i've to work harder when i'm getting bigger in order to build and have this one! ;)


Balinese, Javanese & Sundanese Traditional Food.

Thursday, December 15, 2011
Hi people.

Since my long presence at Jakarta, Indonesia, i've found a variety of traditional foods. And even more marvellous is when i've tried eat all these foods. These are all taste yummy yummy delicious~ 

Negara Indonesia mempunyai beberapa buah provinsi or in Malaysia, it has been called as Daerah, dan di sini juga telah diwujudkan dengan pelbagai jenis aneka makanan tradisional dari segenap tempat di seluruh provinsi di Indonesia. Emm, sounds interesting right? :)

Setiap kali menghadiri acara rasmi, pesta pernikahan, or any events and ceremonies, pasti dijamukan dengan makanan tradisional Indonesia yang terdiri daripada nasi berlaukkan ciri khas masakan Indonesia bersertakan pencuci mulut. Can you imagine how delicious all these? :D

Some people said the Indonesia's dishes are always be the best, but some people don't say that. Selera, rasa dan citarasa masing-masing tidak semestinya sama dan serupa. You've to try these once, then you'll know either these are best or bad :)

Guess. What's in the photo above? It's actually Pisang Goreng Keju. How does it tastes? Of course it tastes so great :)

Taadddaaa, inilah yang dinamakan Nasi Campur/Nasi Ambeng. Cara hidangannya kelihatan jelas sekali unik. Lauk-pauknya dicampurkan  bersama nasi putih. You just take the plate and put the rice on. And at last it's already can be eaten ;) 

These are what so called Nasi Tumpeng. People in Java, Bali and Madura usually make Tumpeng to celebrate important event.  Tumpeng is a cone-shaped rice dish like mountain with its side dishes (vegetables and meat). However, all Indonesians are familiar with Tumpeng. The philosophy of Tumpeng is related to the geographical condition of Indonesia, especially Java as fertile island with numerous mountains and volcanos. (Source: Tumpeng from Wikipedia) Haa, does it looks tasty? Indeed my darlings :)

These three desserts that i love the most. Sepertinya kepengen makan setiap hari :)

P/S: Kalian pernah merasakan apa itu nikmat rezeki? Jika ya, nikmatilah, rasakanlah, hargailah serta syukurilah ia senantiasa...


These are the places where I always hang out.

Monday, December 12, 2011

P/S:  'Jalan-jalan Cari Makan' is one of an enjoyable activities.


Is life complicated?

Friday, December 09, 2011
Hey hello peeps.

I'm about to talk nicely with all of you. Is life so complicated? Somebody says life is complicated  Life is complicated, sometimes, but not always.

Life turns complicated when your work isn't going to be perfect as you expect, there's may be wrong with yourself, many problems come toward you, don't get enough money to support your family members who're always being in a poor condition, your lover falls sick, and many more excuses and reason  hidden why the human life is being complicated.

However, you must face with it patiently to make everything perfect even though you know everything can't be perfect if life of yours is complicated right now.

Usually, those who're patient in facing such this complicated life, they will be succeed in everything they do. :')

Anyhow, to avoid life more complicated, we must maintain physical and mental things like:

(1) Smile always.

(2) The strength, patience, and courage.

(3) The trust and confidence.

(4) Be open minded.

(5) Always accept the suggestions, opinions and criticism.

Like me, sometimes feel myself very stupid if not able to complete my life properly. But, I know that destiny isn't dependent on the life of a people, but it surely depends on the one and only, God. 

Doa penentu segalanya...

P/S: Life is always walking around us, on the Earth Planet. Take it and deal with it.

arts and culture

Story Book: 366 Cerita Rakyat Nusantara.

Monday, December 05, 2011
Hi readers.

I'm sure many of you like to read different types of books as reading is one of your beneficial hobbies too. Seriously, since i was childhood i love to read any books which was always bought by my parents. And believe it or not, most of my books are still in my hand, but the rest have been losing to everywhere else! ;)

And until now i'm still interested in reading, especially books that tells the stories of the world, scientific and the book i love the most is...

366 Cerita Rakyat Nusantara.

Some definitions of 366 Cerita Rakyat Nusantara. 

Di tengah arus budaya global dan arus informasi yang semakin deras menerpa melalui televisi -yang kini juga bertambah banyak stasiun pemancarnya-, terbitanya kumpulan cerita rakyat Nusantara ini merupakan sebuah peristiwa yang menarik. Buku 366 Cerita Rakyat Nusantara ini memiliki keunikan, karena jumlah cerita di dalamnya. Apabila setiap hari satu cerita rakyat dibacakan, maka buku ini baru akan selesai dibaca setelah satu tahun. Dengan demikian, buku ini akan sangat bermanfaat bagi para orangtua yang suak sekali mendongeng untuk anak-cucunya, bagi mereka yang profesinya adalah mendongeng, bagi para guru yang ingin mendongeng untuk murid-muridnya, serta bagi para peneliti cerita rakyat Indonesia yang tidak memmiliki banyak waktu untuk mengumpulkan cerita-cerira rakyat itu sendiri.

Dengan membaca dan mendengarkan kembali cerita-cerita rakyat, berbagai nilai budaya yang terkandung di dalamnya akan dapat diketahui, dan digunakan sebagai pembimbing perilaku dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, manaklan diperlukan. Penerbitan ratusan cerita rakayt ini akan memungkinkan orang mengenali kembali khazanah pengetahuan nenek-moyang, kearifan nenek-moyang, ajaran-ajaran nenek moyang, plus imajinasi nenek moyang kitat entang kehidupan di masa lampau, yang mungkin masih tetap relevan dengan kehidupan di masa sekarang. Pendeknya, membaca buku ini bagaikan menjalani sebuah tamasya kebudayaan yang melampaui batas-batas ruang dan waktu, yang akan menumbuhkan kesadaran multikultural pada pembacanya.

Have you read all those definitions? Well, reading this book is a very great one! In addition, there are many lessons we can learn from time to time, today, yesterday or maybe tomorrow! The stories in the book above regularly tells everyone makes mistakes and they learn from it. It's also related to the ancient stories, ethnicity, tradition and culture and lifestyle of old people of Indonesia. So, what's wrong if we read it for a while as well as improve ourselves as far as possible. But i don't think this is available in market of Malaysia..

Hello my friends. I love this book and i love to read this book :) Many kinds of stories i can read in this book :)

P/S: I love this book as well as i do highly appreciate this giving from salah seorang kenalan keluarga kami yang berada di Indonesia. Memandangkan beliau merupakan Pendiri dan Pemangku Balai Kajian dan Pengembangan Budaya Melayu (BKPBM), Yogyakarta, Indonesia & Penanggung Jawab/Penggagas 366 Cerita Rakyat Nusantara, so, he has been very kind of him to give this special book to us. For more, you can view the website of Adicita Karya Nusa.


The Birthday Party of Princess Solfie Salsabilla's.

Friday, December 02, 2011
Hey hello peeps.

On 1st December, we were very happy and excited for has been celebrating the birthday of our youngest sister's in our family, named, Princess Solfie Salsabilla.

So, now i want to show you some photos that were taken during the birthday party on yesterday!

"Happy Birthday again and again to my dearest Baby Abby. May you be as what you like to be, barbie right?"

P/S: I love to have such a lovely little sister like her! Ya tebya lublu, princess :')



Monday, November 28, 2011
Hi ladies and gentlemen.

You know what? I'm truly addict to own the perfumes lately as collecting perfumes is one of my hobbies too. For sure, this is so normal for me as a teenage girl who loves to collect such a many sweet smell of perfumes. 

Sebelumnya, what's your favourite perfumes, people? I know you guys must have your own collections of perfumes and to those who're called human being is much more like to collect these all.

Men and women will have their own taste in selecting perfumes, and no doubt that sometimes men and women are very choosy in choosing too. That might be the second thing. What's important, the choice of perfume should be given priority. 

Seriously, i'm a bit choosy in choosing the perfume. Whenever i make the decision to buy it, i'll make sure that it will be the greatest choice of mine. 

Choose wisely so as not to regret in the becoming day because of a lot of money to be spent for the fragrance. And one more thing, you should make sure that the fragrance is smell sweet to yourselves.

What we know, there're many brands of perfumes sold in the mall, the perfume shop, the body shop and etc. And that's where we can see a wide variety of perfumes such as Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Dior, J.lo, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Prada..And the rest are




Dan macam-macam ada.

Perfume has a variety of colors and different odors..

Mostly, the perfumes bottles atrract the perfumes lovers. Please believe me once. Oleh kerna terdapat banyak botol perfumes yang cantik lagi unik, botol-botol perfumes kekadang dijadikan suatu barangan hiasan rumah. Then, it will be looked nice. Perfect in The House!

Ada macam-macam bau. Bau harum, manis, keras dan tajam..

What's the best choice of yours?

Perfumes that we love is sometimes affect the life, behavior, and soul..

P/S: Spray perfume is a comfort to all those who called human being to always pleasant smell when surrounded by the family, closest friends and anybody who're always besides us!

Awal Muharram

Awal Muharram 1433H.

Saturday, November 26, 2011
Hi readers.

Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram 1433H.

"Permulaan hidup adalah mengenal dunia dan isi alam, pastinya kita tercari-cari di mana keberadaan Tuhan Hakiki. Mengutus doa dan kekeramatan sempena penghijrahan Awal Muharram 1433H."

Come people, bersama kita hayati lirik lagu Awal Muharram dengan penuh keinsafan dan kesyukuran..

Awal Muharram detik permulaan

Perkiraan tahun Islam Hijrah
Perpindahan nabi dan umat Islam
Dari Kota Mekah ke Kota Madinah
Atas keyakinan dan iman yang teguh
Kaum Muhajirin dan Ansar bersatu
Rela berkorban harta dan nyawa
Demi menegakkan Islam tercinta

Hijrah itu pengorbanan

Hijrah itu perjuangan

Hijrah itu persaudaraan
Hijrah membentuk perpaduan

Oleh itu mari semua
Kita sambut Maal Hijrah
Tingkatkan semangat
Tegakkan syiar Islam

Untuk sepanjang zaman (3X)

P/S: All begins with prayer :') Go HERE if you gotta check more about 'Awal Muharram atau Maal Hijrah'. Let's us migrate to a better one!


Rule 50#: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Thursday, November 24, 2011
Hey people.

It's very easy to moan, to complain, to criticize. It's much harder to always find something nice to say about a situation or a person. But think of it now as a huge challenge. Saying something nice is hard because our natural inclination is to moan. When a friend asks how you're getting on with your boss, the things they do that really annoy you usually spring to mind before the upsides...

No matter how horrid someone is, there's always something about that that's good. Your job is to find that good bit and highlight it, speak about it, draw attention to it. Same with a situation that seems troublesome.

When asked your opinion of someone, something, somewhere, you need to find something good to say, something flattering and positive. There's ample evidence that being positive has many benefits but the most noticeable is that people with gravitate towards you and not even know why. That positive air about you is attractive. People like being around those who are upbeat, positive, happy and confident. 

" If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."  Yap? Emmm.

We need to bite our tongue more and say good things more often!
Obviously, if you're only going to say good things, then this cuts out our back-bitting, gossiping, slagging off, telling tales, being rude about people, complaining (you're allowed to point our defects or problems but in a constructive way). And that could leave you with a big gap to fill!

Before opening your mouth, try-just for a week-to find something good to say. It's one of those things that will amaze you to how it improves your life, but don't take my word for it-just try it. And if all else fails, and you really can't think of anything positive to say at all, then don't say anything at all!

The Rules of Life by Richard Templar.

P/S: It means we should remain silent for a moment from talking too much? Or the more we talked, the more we hurt the hearts of others? If so, what's the best solution to resolve such this case?

moral values

#12 Wordless Wednesday: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

P/S: The becoming blog post i'll share with you entitled " If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." It's all about the Rule 50 which is interesting to be read by all of us!


Panorama Negeri Cik Siti Wan Kembang.

Sunday, November 20, 2011
Hi lovelies.

As you already know from the beginning, apart from telling current issue stories in my blog, i also told some stories of my life and what i do in my daily life and this time i'm willing to show some interesting photos during my return in Kelantan Darul Naim for celebrating Raya Haji last time. As i'm Kelantanese too, so, it's not wrong to show to everybody else (especially to my friends in Indonesia and also in Australia) about the uniqueness and the sceneries of 'Bumi Kelantan'.

Negeri Kelantan Darul Naim

P/S: Yuk together visit Kelantan!

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