I'm New Bloggie.

Sunday, January 30, 2011
Hello people. I'm new bloggie. Just starting to write my expression, my feelings, my heart, my babbling, my struggling, my laughing just like lol or sometimes, my null. Null of what? Null of feeling. For this moment. No no no, i'm not gonna show my bad babbling here cuz this is my first post. 

It should be happy, like the balloons flying on the air. Air air air. Love you guys. Don't be shy to follow me, as i'm welcoming you to follow me, i'll serve you tea, chocolate cake, or maybe i'll post many more good posting here. Maybe i can suggest you the best songs from America, Australia, Austria, an many more euro songs. Why not Malay song? Becuz i just wanna feel that i'm european. WTF of me to say that? Oh, it's rough. I pretty love to listen to pop rock music, sometimes mellow mood like Melly Goeslow's songs and for the malay song, i love and really love, one and only SITI NURHALIZA ever.

So babe? Are u waiting for my next post?  Be patient baby, my baby, ur baby. I'm kinda of jokers, love to make anybody laughing until it will be lol and the people will say, OMG! Believe it or not? I'm the tallest compared to my another sisters. Proud then. People, don't feel bored to read this entry, cuz u know, i never being a bloggie and this is my first writing on my blog. I'm so jealous. Jealous to my sister for spending her time lots to her blog, reading somebody's blogs and another matter about blog! I wanna do that too, i wanna do the same, we are not twins, but i'm really fall in love to write to my blog. To any people who really expert in blog, please show me the right path. lol. How could i say that? Becuz, i don't know anything how to make my blog cheerful.

Forgot to introduce, I'm Rtp Farra Arisha. Called me Arisha but sometimes my friends called me Farra. Farra? Whatever, as long as it sounds good. Sounds familiar? Yes, i'm Rtp Faranis Shafifi, the owner of FIFIEY LYCHEE MARATION's Blog. Yehha, envy. I wanna blog too, i wanna show off to her. pssstttt, people, don't tell her that i have blog until she reaches to my blog herself!.

Look. Same right? No, no i'm not the copycat. I'm her sister, we have the blood relation. So, there is no weird to think that we have exactly same face:) It's my fun to tease her. Bye bye people, i need to go to sleep, wanna go upstairs, close the door, take my blanket and close my eyes and dream of.......To be continued.

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