If you are going to be a friend, be a good friend! But she's my good friend ever:)

Friday, February 25, 2011

FRIENDS? What do you know about the true and actual meaning of FRIENDS? Friends are friends, true and good friends, friends are partners and so much more. But the friends are divided into two groups, true firend or friends who are so hypocrite? Try to look around you, how many true firends around you. But it's not too easy for us to know whether he/she bad or good.

Sometimes, we don'tknow what's in our hearts, hearts can say, but our mouth can't speak of things pertaining to people as it can cause misunderstanding!

Nat Benkova. That was her name. Her name is like an eminent artist! LOL:D She's my friend who came from Slovakia. We've been chums almost a year ago and we became very close and until now we're called as a true friend.. She's a good girl, have good manners. FYI, she's also a model. No wonder she's quite pretty:)

Being a real friend is a tremendous responsbility. We have to be loyal, honest (but not too honest), sincere, reliable, dependable, open, responsive, welcoming and gracious. We also have to be forgiving at times, be prepared to offer help, support and sympathy. But at the same time we don't want to be taken advantage of nor have wool pulled over our eyes!

They're my true friends, not clones of me- They do things differently. And this is what we've to do. What do we've to do? Well in an ideal world the same. If we fail to do any of this, we'll still carry on being our friend, being forgiving, being supportive and being THERE!

We're there when they (friends) are going through it and not just there for good times. We'll be there when they need us in the early hours, the dark eyes, the times of trouble and stress! We'll be there to hold their hand, let them cry on our shoulder, and make them endless cups of tea?:) And we''ll tell them to cheer up, not too worry, stop being such a fool, whatever it takes to get them up and at it again...

Someone once said that a real and good friend is someone we can be having a conversation with as they get on a plane, we don't see them for about 2 years and when they arrive back they carry on the conversation as they get off the plane like a moment hadn't passed!

That's exactly how it's between good friend. 


Sorry. I'm not well...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hey people. Assalamualaikum and good evening:)

Eeeeeerrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!. Well, well, well... Seriously, i was too much tired and feel so exhausting in this week. But i take my great opportunity to write and share something with you guys on my blog. I feel getting weak lately, don't know why. Maybe i was too tired because of my activities, my works around the school. And maybe because of i always 'begadang' until late of night! WTH with me! But come on Arisha, it can't be difficult at all. Do pray for my healthy guys if you wanna see me happy for a long time:)

Today, i was having my class until 12.00 p.m. Lucky, i still got the energy to LEARN and LISTEN. Thank God cause giving me the strength:) I plan to sleep early tonight and i wanna get an enough rest until i get back my full energy (like power rangers) Proverb once said 'PLANS HAVE TO BE REALISTIC, DREAMS DON'T...Oh, so lonely. This is what i feel now. OMG! Is there something wrong with me! No, no, no. I must calm my mind first. My mind's mess right now. Bye-bye!




Tuesday, February 15, 2011

 Today, all Muslims all over the world celebrating MAULIDUR RASUL.
This historic day is celebrated to remind the Prophet Muhammad and the story of the struggle in the form of Islam, religion and races, to commemorate the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad in everyday life, the spirit of Prophet Muhammad in defending Islam as a religion, and to strengthen relationships between Muslims.

I hope we're blessed by GOD:)


SubhanaAllah, Allahuakbar, Alhamdulillah.

Best regards,



It's OK to feel big emotions?

Monday, February 14, 2011
Hye and hye people. How're you? I do hope you guys are so fine as well and always in a healthy pink:))

It's OK to feel big emotions? This is the question, so what's your opinion on this question?
I'm sure you're as clever and intelligent people who can answer for these questions and can give the correct answer on this question! Is YES or NO?

Well, we're human beings and we've emotions. This is all quite natural for me. It's quite natural to feel big things deeply and it's OK to let it all show. We don't have to e ashamed of our feelings. It's OK to cry. But sitting on our feelings isn't a good idea!

It's OK to feel angry when someone really hacks you off! It's OK to feel huge sadness and grief when we lose a loved one! It;s OK to feel tremendous joy! It's OK to be scared, anxious, excited and all others!

Short notes:

Happy reading and I hope my writing is just now to bring benefits to you guys!


Keep Talking:)

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Yep, gotta keep talking... When there's trouble afoot it's talking that will get us out of it! When we're going through bad patches, it's talking it out taht will see us through. When we're optimistic and excited, it's talking that will help out partners share it:)

If we aren't talking, there's something wrong! If we aren't talking, what're we doing after that? Just doing nothing? *WONDERING! Talking helps us understand, listen, share, communicate and etc.

Talking helps resolve problems, silence only amplifies them

Talking is healthy, productive, companionable, friendly, loving, kind, fun and more, more and more. Silences can be boring, unhelpful, destructive and threatening!

So people, you must always speak in any situation cause it may solve all the matters that you face!!! Insha-Allah


He is my my love, my life, my sweetheart, my brother!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to my lovely brother, Happy birthday to you:)

Ok. I'm sure you already can guess what i want to tell. Am i right? Now we start the storytelling friends. Oops, not us, but i'll only tell a story about ......

As i know, my brother's birthday is on today . So i want to wish him HAPPY 22TH BIRTHDAY for my most beloved brother! Actually a lot of bitter memories and a lot of fond memories of our brothers and sisters, from oldest to youngest. We live together and sometimes separately for bringing ourselves. Never easy to assume guys! Separate means to be separated because the flow of life that bring us apart. Because of works, or just something like that and like this... Do you really understand what i mean? Yeah yeah yeah...

Huh, remembered the memory of the past, the age kids. He often sent and took me to school. Very sweet and so funny right? And i'l remember those memories until the end of life. * Sorry, i'd used scheme words. He is a figure of an independent, friendly, and sometimes become so fierce. He'll be fierce when there's someone who hurt him. Like a normal human being, i'm sure you would get angry if there are few people who do evil and hurt to someone without any reason?  TRY YOUR BEST TO THINK!

 We're siblings, we're sisters and brothers!

Back to the story...

 FYI, he's 22 years old now. Still young, anyone who's interested with him? LOL. He has a permanent career. He's a marketing manager in BUTXERFLYZ PLANET BOUTIQUE. Anyone who're so interested in fashion, the latest accessories for both women and men, can visit the website MEGADIWARNA INTERNATIONAL TRADING (MEGADIWARNA Intertrade)

To end this short speech, i hereby wish to express an excerpt from my own poetry...Hear and understand clearly the words yeah.

There he was... Tengku Putra Mohd Hussin...

Not too tall, and not too short, light skin, nice hair, sweet!

Friendly, caring, independent and some much more.

My love, my life, my brother, my sweetheart.

Those are only a few things that you are to me.

You've taught me thing all a person like you could, so thank you brother.

You've always believed in me (i'm so confidence right?).

You help me with so many things, and now it's time to repay you.

No matter what you need i'm here. Like i said you're the love of my life and no one can change that!

I'll love you till my dying day so it's all good and great!!! 

There's nothing else to say

I hope you continue to succeed and move forward and never ever turn back.

I always pray and hope your happiness is always accompanied:)
Grasp you in my prayers!



Come on people, suggest me WHAT SHOULD I DO TODAY!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Assalamualaikum and good morning people. What should i do today? Come on, suggest me an idea WHAT SHOULD I DO TODAY!!!
Mood: I was too bored!
I don't have any activity to do on this day and at this time. And i'll return to daily routines on Monday next week. I'll be busy, and i'll be rare updating my blog

Grilled chicken. I really liked it. But it contains a lot of fat.   

Huh? what? You suggest me to eat? I always did it! Almost everyday i eat. My stomach filled with a lot of food. Hahahaha. But i always take food that's nutritious and most importantly, it's delicious and tasty! Stop forcing me to eat! But I really want to eat grilled chicken. Does anyone who wants to treat on me? Wkwkwkwk!

Short notes:   
I love you people. I'll do blogwalking soon. A little busy with my tasks! o missing me ya.



Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Salam and hye readers. We meet again on Wednesday evening. Now, the story i gonna tell you today is a very good movie and a lot of moral values that can be learned. This is
This film also shows the story of friendship, stories of the government and royal family, the meaning of true friends, help each others. And of course great for family watching!

Get ready for a hilarious an heartwarming royal reality check in Princee Protection Program, the new smash-hit Disney Channel Movie starring Selena Gomez (Wizards Of Waverly Place) and Demi Lovato (Sonny With a Chance)! Plus, this is so called ROYAL B.F.F. This movie features an insider's look at the realities and responbilities of being a real-life princess, and lets listen in as real-life best friends Selena and Demi dish about their lives on and off the set!

The worlds of royalty and roughing it collide when the lovely Rosalinda (Lovato) enters the Princee Protection Program and moves in with her new "cousin" Carter (Gomez), a total tomboy. In an unexpected role reversal... "Rosie" learns how to act like everyday girl and Carter finds her own inner princess! Once they discover what they've in common, they prove that best friends are really FOREVER:)

Have you watched this movie before? I'm sure that many of the girls who are very interested in this film....:)



TAGGED BY FIFIEY LYCHEE MARATION. Happy to answer various types of quetions:)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011
Hye friends. Today i'll answer a few questions asked by KAK PIE@ Fifiey Lychee Maration. Should be answered sincerely, thoughtful answers and confidence.If God willing, will become a reality.
So, what are we waiting for, let's begin to answer the questions listed below:)


  • Apa benda yang paling penting dalam hidup korang?
What is important? Cooperation? LOL. For me, everything's important. Furthermore, my own family, without them, i might suffer alone without anyone I care about. In addition, i also loved my property i've now, no matter what the thing though and i will keep until the end of life!

  • Benda terakhir yang korang beli guna duit korang?
      Last night i bought some fruits;)

      • Di manakah tempat korang akan langsungkan perkahwinan korang dan apakah temanya nanti?
          Sorry, i'm still a teenager who's not supposed to answer this yet.

          • Adakah korang sedang bercinta sekarang?
            I was a teenager, doesn't need to be in love and just be friends only if necessary in order to foster friendship among people. FULL STOP!

            • Berapa lama korang akan mencintai kekasih korang?
              Forever i will love him with all my heart!

              • Novel/buku/majalah terakhir yang dibeli?
                The last time i withdraw money is to buy the magazine Fantasy Holder. A Japan Comic.I don't know it's available in Malaysia or not.

                • Apakah nama penuh korang?
                    My full name is Raja Tengku Putri Farra Arisha.

                    • Antara mak dan ayah, mana korang lebih mesra?
                      For me, i was familiar with both. and as a girl they usually closer to the mother isn't? but i'm not the type like that. My parents are the backbone of the family, so why not we are familiar with both

                      • Namakan orang yang betul-betul korang nak dalam hidup korang?
                          I really want to meet all of u, the bloggers!

                          • Adakah korang basuh baju korang sendiri?
                            If i feel lazy to wash the clothes/fabric, i asked the maid to wash and if i've free time i'll wash my own clothes using washing machine

                            • Dimanakah tempat yang betul-betul korang nak pergi?
                                One of contry i will explore is Mecca. I believe i can go there as soon as possible, to perform Umrah or Haj. Perhaps, God hear my prayer.

                                • 5 lagu yang paling suka dan selalu dengar ?
                                    Opick- Yang Maha Melihat
                                    Westlife- Close Your Eyes
                                    String- Honey Bunny Sweety
                                    Gita Gutawa- Parasit
                                    Melly Goeslaw ft. Baim- Catatanku

                                    • 5 blogger yang korang nak tag?
                                      Kak Ella
                                      Kak Vita
                                      My DUMB BLOG

                                      THE END


                                      Twit about PEACE.

                                      Sunday, February 06, 2011
                                      Hi people.

                                      I like places that can make me feel very calm. I really like the peaceful, quiet and comfortable environment. I'm sure you like what i like. LOL. Normally, at the mall, at the Sunday market many visitors come to buy things needs and requirements, especially on weekends. Automatically, both places will be filled with many visitors and will be chaotic at that time. It's normal because we can't forbid anyone to not do so because it's a public place. There's no prohibition. Sometimes I never thought, why the public as i was described above it becomes crowded as well? Swordfish logical question isn't it? This is an old-fashioned thinking. Fine,i better stop talking the old-fashioned idea. This situation makes me more impatient and restless. Let's me story about the incidents happened to me on last two years. I was stepping on those slippers. This incident makes me ashamed. I politely apologized. Sis, i'm so sorry. I didn't intentionally (while making the face with a polite expression) But it would be wonderful if the public place is just for my own person. (speaking with a tone of pride aaahahaha! A quiet place can make me feel calm and no interference from the surroundings. After this i plan to go to many great destinations that can make me calm, secure, peaceful, healthy and able to make me smile all the time ;)


                                      Begin with BISMILLAH, End with ALHAMDULILLAH:)

                                      Saturday, February 05, 2011

                                      Again and again, me and sisters came back from Jakarta to Kota Bharu, Kelantan on last three days because of to celebrate the Chinese New Year together with friends and relatives.Thus we were on holiday. Alhamdulillah, we had safe journey, but extremely tired. Out of the blue, our family spent us with one of my traditional favourite food. Yummy yummy;) That was satay! I ate lots (eat like a wolf. LOL) until my stomach was damn full although i was having headache on that moment:( We really enjoyed and i was really happy as happy as a king.

                                      Do we looked so chubby? Have to admit it as well:P

                                      Happy reading to everybody;)


                                      I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!

                                      Thursday, February 03, 2011

                                      Salam and hye everybody. Now is evening and i use my great opportunity to write something on my blog to make everybody more cheerful to visit and read my story, my babbling, my sigh and so on!

                                      As usual i will tell u about me or anything related to myself. At this time, i want to tell how the love between brother and sister standing in the family. For me, this is very important for strengthening relationships among siblings. I am very thankful to my brothers and sisters who are very caring, kind, and help each other:) Now i gonna to tell you guys about my beloved younger sister named RTP SOLFIE SALSABILLA which is very close with me.


                                      Some of her friends called her 'SOLFIE' but our family called her as 'ABBY'. She is sometimes naughty and sometimes kind with me. Upppsss, not to me only, but to evrybody:D Can be said she was a very talkative girl. Wowowoooo! She been liked many of her friends and so with us because she has a really funny character so that others may laugh when see its and everyone will LOL. Sometime i've been fighting with Abby, like a dog with cat (secrets has been revealed, Oops). I realize i shouldn't have to be as childish right? I think fight with the kids is the most stupid action! So it should be noted to the people, don't fight with the kids because of the small problems!

                                      Back to the story, Abby and me are sisters. We really love each other. Are we look alike? Yes, we're look alike because we're siblings @ sisters. Abby will follow me anywhere i go such as to the mall, restaurant and so on and so do i. On weekends we usually play together, eat together (it must be sure because we're great food lovers!). I often tell the stories of fairy tales at night before she sleeps (as she always asks me to do that:P). You can see how close i'm with Abby and i wanna this to continue until the end of life...

                                      FYI, Abby loves pizza as much she loves me:D

                                      Affection existing between both of us *Scheme words LOL

                                       TThanks for those who're always read my story ok. I really appreciate it. That's all for now. I'll write many more stories if got to much leisure time bebeh:) 
                                      See you soon on the next post!

                                      arts and culture

                                      GONG XI FA CAI @ HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR

                                      Wednesday, February 02, 2011

                                      Hello friends. This time we meet in the new session. A new day and a new spirit make me more excited to write my own favourite blogs. Yeahaaa. Before starting the topics to be discussed, you all are in good condition? I mean, how are you all? I do really hope all of you are so fine, so good and so great! I was also in good condition and healthy always:D Babe, before i'm going to tell you more about this, may i ask you lots of quetions? Do you already enjoy lunch? If yes, what do you eat just now? Or you are busy with more important things? If yes, you can settle your important jobs first. What are you doing now? If you're doing nothing, you better read my story on this blog!:)  

                                      Do you can see the title that i wrote at the top?
                                      As we know, Chinese New Year is the most important Chinese festival to celebrate the new year. Chinese New Year symbolizes the beginning, the starting point in the fate and life. As usual, before the day of the new year begins, relatives far away will come back together. The houses are decorated with orange as a symbol of best luck, flowers and orange trees. Chinese New Year is celebrated with cake baskets. Variety of traditional food served on Chinese New Year. Young people @ teenagers will be visiting the elderly and receive ang pau money in a red envelope to symbolize good fortune, which is given by the families of those who are still unmarried. Apart from that, the dragon or lion dance parade will be held, with floats, accompanied by the sound of drums. Surely it'll be fun and fun right? Fifteen days after the Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year celebration is ended with Chap Goh May. Ok, remember not only the Chinese New Year celebrated by Chinese all over the world, but also celebrated by the people of Korea, Vietnam, and many more are affected by China in terms of cultural and religious. And the most important is the Chinese New Year tradition is a great way to reconcile, forgetting all grudges, and sincerely wish peace and happiness for everyone. It would be wonderful if i could join and celebrate this too. LOL:D

                                      Here I gonna make a special greeting to anyone who is celebrating the Chinese new year celebrations on the Year of the Rabbit 2011.

                                      GONG XI FA CAI and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!

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