Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hello friends. This time we meet in the new session. A new day and a new spirit make me more excited to write my own favourite blogs. Yeahaaa. Before starting the topics to be discussed, you all are in good condition? I mean, how are you all? I do really hope all of you are so fine, so good and so great! I was also in good condition and healthy always:D Babe, before i'm going to tell you more about this, may i ask you lots of quetions? Do you already enjoy lunch? If yes, what do you eat just now? Or you are busy with more important things? If yes, you can settle your important jobs first. What are you doing now? If you're doing nothing, you better read my story on this blog!:)  

Do you can see the title that i wrote at the top?
As we know, Chinese New Year is the most important Chinese festival to celebrate the new year. Chinese New Year symbolizes the beginning, the starting point in the fate and life. As usual, before the day of the new year begins, relatives far away will come back together. The houses are decorated with orange as a symbol of best luck, flowers and orange trees. Chinese New Year is celebrated with cake baskets. Variety of traditional food served on Chinese New Year. Young people @ teenagers will be visiting the elderly and receive ang pau money in a red envelope to symbolize good fortune, which is given by the families of those who are still unmarried. Apart from that, the dragon or lion dance parade will be held, with floats, accompanied by the sound of drums. Surely it'll be fun and fun right? Fifteen days after the Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year celebration is ended with Chap Goh May. Ok, remember not only the Chinese New Year celebrated by Chinese all over the world, but also celebrated by the people of Korea, Vietnam, and many more are affected by China in terms of cultural and religious. And the most important is the Chinese New Year tradition is a great way to reconcile, forgetting all grudges, and sincerely wish peace and happiness for everyone. It would be wonderful if i could join and celebrate this too. LOL:D

Here I gonna make a special greeting to anyone who is celebrating the Chinese new year celebrations on the Year of the Rabbit 2011.


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