He is my my love, my life, my sweetheart, my brother!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to my lovely brother, Happy birthday to you:)

Ok. I'm sure you already can guess what i want to tell. Am i right? Now we start the storytelling friends. Oops, not us, but i'll only tell a story about ......

As i know, my brother's birthday is on today . So i want to wish him HAPPY 22TH BIRTHDAY for my most beloved brother! Actually a lot of bitter memories and a lot of fond memories of our brothers and sisters, from oldest to youngest. We live together and sometimes separately for bringing ourselves. Never easy to assume guys! Separate means to be separated because the flow of life that bring us apart. Because of works, or just something like that and like this... Do you really understand what i mean? Yeah yeah yeah...

Huh, remembered the memory of the past, the age kids. He often sent and took me to school. Very sweet and so funny right? And i'l remember those memories until the end of life. * Sorry, i'd used scheme words. He is a figure of an independent, friendly, and sometimes become so fierce. He'll be fierce when there's someone who hurt him. Like a normal human being, i'm sure you would get angry if there are few people who do evil and hurt to someone without any reason?  TRY YOUR BEST TO THINK!

 We're siblings, we're sisters and brothers!

Back to the story...

 FYI, he's 22 years old now. Still young, anyone who's interested with him? LOL. He has a permanent career. He's a marketing manager in BUTXERFLYZ PLANET BOUTIQUE. Anyone who're so interested in fashion, the latest accessories for both women and men, can visit the website MEGADIWARNA INTERNATIONAL TRADING (MEGADIWARNA Intertrade)

To end this short speech, i hereby wish to express an excerpt from my own poetry...Hear and understand clearly the words yeah.

There he was... Tengku Putra Mohd Hussin...

Not too tall, and not too short, light skin, nice hair, sweet!

Friendly, caring, independent and some much more.

My love, my life, my brother, my sweetheart.

Those are only a few things that you are to me.

You've taught me thing all a person like you could, so thank you brother.

You've always believed in me (i'm so confidence right?).

You help me with so many things, and now it's time to repay you.

No matter what you need i'm here. Like i said you're the love of my life and no one can change that!

I'll love you till my dying day so it's all good and great!!! 

There's nothing else to say

I hope you continue to succeed and move forward and never ever turn back.

I always pray and hope your happiness is always accompanied:)
Grasp you in my prayers!


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  1. selamat ulangtahun ya buat kakamu ra. kalian sekeluarga mirip bgt ya semuaa --" hebat

  2. iy, thanks bgd diayu:) pastilaah seiras karena kami kan kaka beradik!


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