Thursday, February 03, 2011

Salam and hye everybody. Now is evening and i use my great opportunity to write something on my blog to make everybody more cheerful to visit and read my story, my babbling, my sigh and so on!

As usual i will tell u about me or anything related to myself. At this time, i want to tell how the love between brother and sister standing in the family. For me, this is very important for strengthening relationships among siblings. I am very thankful to my brothers and sisters who are very caring, kind, and help each other:) Now i gonna to tell you guys about my beloved younger sister named RTP SOLFIE SALSABILLA which is very close with me.


Some of her friends called her 'SOLFIE' but our family called her as 'ABBY'. She is sometimes naughty and sometimes kind with me. Upppsss, not to me only, but to evrybody:D Can be said she was a very talkative girl. Wowowoooo! She been liked many of her friends and so with us because she has a really funny character so that others may laugh when see its and everyone will LOL. Sometime i've been fighting with Abby, like a dog with cat (secrets has been revealed, Oops). I realize i shouldn't have to be as childish right? I think fight with the kids is the most stupid action! So it should be noted to the people, don't fight with the kids because of the small problems!

Back to the story, Abby and me are sisters. We really love each other. Are we look alike? Yes, we're look alike because we're siblings @ sisters. Abby will follow me anywhere i go such as to the mall, restaurant and so on and so do i. On weekends we usually play together, eat together (it must be sure because we're great food lovers!). I often tell the stories of fairy tales at night before she sleeps (as she always asks me to do that:P). You can see how close i'm with Abby and i wanna this to continue until the end of life...

FYI, Abby loves pizza as much she loves me:D

Affection existing between both of us *Scheme words LOL

 TThanks for those who're always read my story ok. I really appreciate it. That's all for now. I'll write many more stories if got to much leisure time bebeh:) 
See you soon on the next post!

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  1. so sweet, both of you looks so beautiful!

    great to have a sister ya? I only have brothers here, hehe...

  2. Sis vita, glad to meet you here. btw, thanks. yes, i'm really great to have sisters and brothers like them=)


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