If you are going to be a friend, be a good friend! But she's my good friend ever:)

Friday, February 25, 2011

FRIENDS? What do you know about the true and actual meaning of FRIENDS? Friends are friends, true and good friends, friends are partners and so much more. But the friends are divided into two groups, true firend or friends who are so hypocrite? Try to look around you, how many true firends around you. But it's not too easy for us to know whether he/she bad or good.

Sometimes, we don'tknow what's in our hearts, hearts can say, but our mouth can't speak of things pertaining to people as it can cause misunderstanding!

Nat Benkova. That was her name. Her name is like an eminent artist! LOL:D She's my friend who came from Slovakia. We've been chums almost a year ago and we became very close and until now we're called as a true friend.. She's a good girl, have good manners. FYI, she's also a model. No wonder she's quite pretty:)

Being a real friend is a tremendous responsbility. We have to be loyal, honest (but not too honest), sincere, reliable, dependable, open, responsive, welcoming and gracious. We also have to be forgiving at times, be prepared to offer help, support and sympathy. But at the same time we don't want to be taken advantage of nor have wool pulled over our eyes!

They're my true friends, not clones of me- They do things differently. And this is what we've to do. What do we've to do? Well in an ideal world the same. If we fail to do any of this, we'll still carry on being our friend, being forgiving, being supportive and being THERE!

We're there when they (friends) are going through it and not just there for good times. We'll be there when they need us in the early hours, the dark eyes, the times of trouble and stress! We'll be there to hold their hand, let them cry on our shoulder, and make them endless cups of tea?:) And we''ll tell them to cheer up, not too worry, stop being such a fool, whatever it takes to get them up and at it again...

Someone once said that a real and good friend is someone we can be having a conversation with as they get on a plane, we don't see them for about 2 years and when they arrive back they carry on the conversation as they get off the plane like a moment hadn't passed!

That's exactly how it's between good friend. 

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