It's OK to feel big emotions?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hye and hye people. How're you? I do hope you guys are so fine as well and always in a healthy pink:))

It's OK to feel big emotions? This is the question, so what's your opinion on this question?
I'm sure you're as clever and intelligent people who can answer for these questions and can give the correct answer on this question! Is YES or NO?

Well, we're human beings and we've emotions. This is all quite natural for me. It's quite natural to feel big things deeply and it's OK to let it all show. We don't have to e ashamed of our feelings. It's OK to cry. But sitting on our feelings isn't a good idea!

It's OK to feel angry when someone really hacks you off! It's OK to feel huge sadness and grief when we lose a loved one! It;s OK to feel tremendous joy! It's OK to be scared, anxious, excited and all others!

Short notes:

Happy reading and I hope my writing is just now to bring benefits to you guys!

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  1. blogwlking
    happy valentine's Day <3

  2. dias, tks bgd for visting my blog ok. do keep in touch:)


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