Keep Talking:)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yep, gotta keep talking... When there's trouble afoot it's talking that will get us out of it! When we're going through bad patches, it's talking it out taht will see us through. When we're optimistic and excited, it's talking that will help out partners share it:)

If we aren't talking, there's something wrong! If we aren't talking, what're we doing after that? Just doing nothing? *WONDERING! Talking helps us understand, listen, share, communicate and etc.

Talking helps resolve problems, silence only amplifies them

Talking is healthy, productive, companionable, friendly, loving, kind, fun and more, more and more. Silences can be boring, unhelpful, destructive and threatening!

So people, you must always speak in any situation cause it may solve all the matters that you face!!! Insha-Allah

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  1. intinya komunikasi, biar ga salah paham..yakan yakan ;)

  2. ya iyalah, masa iya-iya dong. hehe. yes, that's true. biar ga ada salah paham.. justeru strengthening our friendship:)


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