Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Salam and hye readers. We meet again on Wednesday evening. Now, the story i gonna tell you today is a very good movie and a lot of moral values that can be learned. This is
This film also shows the story of friendship, stories of the government and royal family, the meaning of true friends, help each others. And of course great for family watching!

Get ready for a hilarious an heartwarming royal reality check in Princee Protection Program, the new smash-hit Disney Channel Movie starring Selena Gomez (Wizards Of Waverly Place) and Demi Lovato (Sonny With a Chance)! Plus, this is so called ROYAL B.F.F. This movie features an insider's look at the realities and responbilities of being a real-life princess, and lets listen in as real-life best friends Selena and Demi dish about their lives on and off the set!

The worlds of royalty and roughing it collide when the lovely Rosalinda (Lovato) enters the Princee Protection Program and moves in with her new "cousin" Carter (Gomez), a total tomboy. In an unexpected role reversal... "Rosie" learns how to act like everyday girl and Carter finds her own inner princess! Once they discover what they've in common, they prove that best friends are really FOREVER:)

Have you watched this movie before? I'm sure that many of the girls who are very interested in this film....:)


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