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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hye friends. Today i'll answer a few questions asked by KAK PIE@ Fifiey Lychee Maration. Should be answered sincerely, thoughtful answers and confidence.If God willing, will become a reality.
So, what are we waiting for, let's begin to answer the questions listed below:)


  • Apa benda yang paling penting dalam hidup korang?
What is important? Cooperation? LOL. For me, everything's important. Furthermore, my own family, without them, i might suffer alone without anyone I care about. In addition, i also loved my property i've now, no matter what the thing though and i will keep until the end of life!

  • Benda terakhir yang korang beli guna duit korang?
      Last night i bought some fruits;)

      • Di manakah tempat korang akan langsungkan perkahwinan korang dan apakah temanya nanti?
          Sorry, i'm still a teenager who's not supposed to answer this yet.

          • Adakah korang sedang bercinta sekarang?
            I was a teenager, doesn't need to be in love and just be friends only if necessary in order to foster friendship among people. FULL STOP!

            • Berapa lama korang akan mencintai kekasih korang?
              Forever i will love him with all my heart!

              • Novel/buku/majalah terakhir yang dibeli?
                The last time i withdraw money is to buy the magazine Fantasy Holder. A Japan Comic.I don't know it's available in Malaysia or not.

                • Apakah nama penuh korang?
                    My full name is Raja Tengku Putri Farra Arisha.

                    • Antara mak dan ayah, mana korang lebih mesra?
                      For me, i was familiar with both. and as a girl they usually closer to the mother isn't? but i'm not the type like that. My parents are the backbone of the family, so why not we are familiar with both

                      • Namakan orang yang betul-betul korang nak dalam hidup korang?
                          I really want to meet all of u, the bloggers!

                          • Adakah korang basuh baju korang sendiri?
                            If i feel lazy to wash the clothes/fabric, i asked the maid to wash and if i've free time i'll wash my own clothes using washing machine

                            • Dimanakah tempat yang betul-betul korang nak pergi?
                                One of contry i will explore is Mecca. I believe i can go there as soon as possible, to perform Umrah or Haj. Perhaps, God hear my prayer.

                                • 5 lagu yang paling suka dan selalu dengar ?
                                    Opick- Yang Maha Melihat
                                    Westlife- Close Your Eyes
                                    String- Honey Bunny Sweety
                                    Gita Gutawa- Parasit
                                    Melly Goeslaw ft. Baim- Catatanku

                                    • 5 blogger yang korang nak tag?
                                      Kak Ella
                                      Kak Vita
                                      My DUMB BLOG

                                      THE END

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                                      1. hmmm..i'm find out ur little secret here..hehe

                                      2. Huh? what?If you already know, just quietly and keep it secret. shhhh=) hehe.


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