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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Hi people.

I like places that can make me feel very calm. I really like the peaceful, quiet and comfortable environment. I'm sure you like what i like. LOL. Normally, at the mall, at the Sunday market many visitors come to buy things needs and requirements, especially on weekends. Automatically, both places will be filled with many visitors and will be chaotic at that time. It's normal because we can't forbid anyone to not do so because it's a public place. There's no prohibition. Sometimes I never thought, why the public as i was described above it becomes crowded as well? Swordfish logical question isn't it? This is an old-fashioned thinking. Fine,i better stop talking the old-fashioned idea. This situation makes me more impatient and restless. Let's me story about the incidents happened to me on last two years. I was stepping on those slippers. This incident makes me ashamed. I politely apologized. Sis, i'm so sorry. I didn't intentionally (while making the face with a polite expression) But it would be wonderful if the public place is just for my own person. (speaking with a tone of pride aaahahaha! A quiet place can make me feel calm and no interference from the surroundings. After this i plan to go to many great destinations that can make me calm, secure, peaceful, healthy and able to make me smile all the time ;)

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