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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hello girls, hello boys:)

We meet again in new session, new day, new activities, new weather, new feeling, new nag! Oh sorry, it's just speaking in jest! It's gonna be so much fun making facetiousness. No need to be serious with me because i'm friendly teenage girl as you knew me before.

What am i going to share with you is... It was about ...No, i shouldn't tell you directly because there was a hint of my words there!



Have you ever tasted bakmi or kwetiaw? Wah, it can be considered in a daily menu of mine almost everyday besides rice. Origin these food was brought by traders from the Chinese to Indonesia. Setelah sampai di Indonesia, makanan ini terus diadaptasikan dengan menggunakan indonesian spices and finally produce a new kind of noodles such as Java noodles! So fellow, don't wait to eat such these food because it was so tasty and smells delicious.

Bakso oh bakmi oh bakmi oh bakso, why're you so tasty huh? SSSlrrPp sampai ke hujungnya!

Bakso? Eating bakso di siang hari di saat hujan turun memang seru, kan? This food came from China. Begitu sampai ke Indonesia, the basic ingredients of bakso was changed to daging sapi. But don't worry bakso halal untuk dimakan:)


When taking about batik, everyone will know what was that. Not only in Indonesia, even in everywhere. If in Indonesia, Jogja is a popular spot with batik fashion. The craftsmen in Lasem, Central Java, also can produce Batik Lasem. FYI, Batik Lasem is a cultural heritage of the Chinese. If visiting Indonesia, you can see how was Batik Lasem actually.
Batik Lasem is a high quality product and don't forget to buy it as the souvenir to your friends or relatives! I'm pretty sure they'll like it much much more!


Never heard about Potehi Puppet? This art is actually similar to a puppet show 

(wooden puppet). But the story that is displayed comes from the Chinese folk Lagenda. Actually, kebiasaannya it was played on religious ceremony. Uniknya, baik penonton ataupun dalangnya ternyata banyak pribumi.Chinese culture (Tionghoa) with the culture of Indonesia was came in various fields.This can happen because since the first, Chinese people have come to wander in the various provincy of Indonesia.

Look! I'd told you so many beneficial knowledges. Keep in your mind!


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  1. kalo ko jadi chef..aku nak makan ko masak..ehehe

  2. wkwkwk.tentu boleh..tapi takut masakan kita tak sama taste dgn orang lain. setakat bakso, bakmi or anything else tuh boleh nak belanja tapi harus mai indon dulu laah!


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