When A 15 Years Old Girl gonna be a fashionista :)) Ckckck.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hello and good evening to my lovelyyy bloggers. Well, the holidayyy is starting and automatically my mouth said 'Aseeekkkk Deh'. And i'll be continued my study on the next month. My tests so fine, so good and the results was very nice too. Sykur, Alhamdulillah. So here i'm gonna spend my good and leisure time doing something that i like to do, go here, go there, walking here, walking there, ronda-ronda di kotaraya and so on jikalau masa tidak mencemburui Arisha. :P And yessss, teman-teman sekalian, the holiday's starting and what you're gonna do? Plan first, and then can make it as a reality.

Ce teka, ce teka 'And this is called modern language, perhaps' what i'm gonna storyyy to you guys right now? If you can, you're the greatest person ever. MUHAHAHA! Let me give the hint first, it's about girl@lady@woman. Mostlyyy, nowadays, girls love to make theirselves look so neat and pretty as well, and so with me laah, and i'm superbbb liar if i said no, okay. itu adalah lumrah seorang perempuan. Well, ignore the words awhile......'THINK POSITIVELY' :))



 The blouse is black and white in colour, it's just look alike zebra theme. And my bun was made by Sis Lia. Cantik bukan. Plus, i put brownish belt to make the style look so WOOOOWWWW! And what's your opinion, bloggers? That's your opinion, not mine :))

The hibiscus floral skirt is really suit to be matched with floral blouse and the result was good as you look above. I wore big white flower scarf on my head and that made me so comfortable when i was wearing it and so with the black wedges :)) 

When a 15 years old girl's starting to be a fashionista. Do i've a talent? Well, only me can decide it. Berpakaian ala-ala Arabian Dress bercampur kemelayuan. The brownish yellow baju kebaya is damn cool when the brownish scarf used on my head. Plus the gold purple bracelet and Gucci gold watch as the suite and nice accessories!

Brownish blue batik, chain are made of wood, GUCCI  gold watch, CHANNEL handbag. The simple one ever, not crowded with glitters or something lippp lappp lippp lappp okayyy! :)

LOL :D This is a picture once i'd join the art and traditional festival which was organized from JIS. Superbbb, bombastic and bravoooooo! Yeah, the make up was quite thick and everybodyyy wouldn't easyyy to know me. :P Surely bulu mata palsu digunakan bagi menambahkan seri pada kedua-dua belah mata, eyeshadowww, eyelinerrr, bright pink lipstick,  and the most important, memancungkan lagi hidung yang sudah penyetttt! KIHKIHKIH!

So, you'd know some of mine, and  how about you? Don't you mind to share your stories about fashion and something related to that? Sharing is Caring is Loving lohhh! 

P/S: Celoteh saya sememangnya begitu. So, jangan suka, jangan ketawa, hanya tersenyum manis berlesung pipit pabila membaca. Happy holidayyy guys. With love, RTP FARRA ARISHA



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Assalamualaikum teman-teman. We see again on the new day, new chapter. I feel really peace todayyy cause i'd just finished my test last time. Yeahaaa!

Oh yeah, have you hear the song i post above? It's really touching right? 

It's short post from me cause i don't really feel wanna creating good words cause my mind can't think wiselyy at this time :P

You guys gonna know more about the story and the song of DALAM MIHRAB CINTA? 

Enjoy listening, watching, and understanding the video :))

Peace no war :)) 

Thanks for reading my entry. Till then. Bye-bye. Yok!

*Great in  mood


CNY 2011.

Monday, May 23, 2011

CNY Pictures. Let's check it together, bebeh!

SMILING all the time, senyuman itu sedekah bukan :))

There she is. She's such a lovelyyy and friendlyyy girl. Hoping could see you again and again, sister in Korea one fine day! Lebiuuu! MMUUUAHHHH! 

We was both wearing colourful outfits which was bought in Yogyakarta, Indonesia last time. It's so super duper comfortable when we was wearing.  Oops, don't you noticed something in the photo above? It's red and looked veryyy nice. So sweet of us :P Heee!

Olololo, everybody looks at Abby. She's always posing so good, so well, like her sister. hihihi :)) She got great talent to be a model cilik right? 

Look people! Those are the pictures edited by FIFIEY LYCHEE MARATION. This is my outfit, Brownish Blue Batik and some of accessories i wore during the event. Hmm, is that quite matching and cool? 

I spent this past event in Kota Bharu, Kelantan for the gathering on Chinese New Year last 3 months ago. The weather was a bit hottt during my visit but it doesn't stopped us to have such a great time with people around. Enjoy the meals and have fun then. The meals are veryyy delicious as well, including Nasi Berani, although i don't really like Nasi Berani. Hahahaha!
Having a bit too much fun and ate to much tastyyy meals on the event untill we noticed our stomaches were damn full. Fuhh, kenyang sangat-sangat! After that, baru boleh berfoto beramai-ramai. Well, it must be a MUST okay. NOTED! 

Thanks readers for reading my great post at this time. Till then. Bye-bye. Yok! :))

gery chocolatos


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Aloha people. See you again here with the new episode, introducing of my favourite snack. It is Gery Chocolatos. How was it? Of course it tastes good. Gery Chocolatos is a new invention from Gery Wafer Stick with a bigger stick wafer and more solid chocolate cream. The blending of the stick wafer and chocolate cream offers distinctive delicacy and satisfaction, that can’t be found in other common stick wafer. The combination of wafer stick and chocolate is a mixture of flavors and premiere quality. "Gery Chocolatos, mama mia lezatos". Chocolatos comes in 3 different flavour: Chocolate, Choco Mocha & Choconut.

What are you waiting for? Come and try it for yourself, if not, you'll feel so left behind for not tasting it.

 The way Nikita said, "Papa, aku mau Chocolatos". So sweet of her, cute like a baby. Can imagine of her spoil, sweet voice ? Watch that video yup! Search it on youtube:) You'll find it!!:)

P/S:Happy Saturday. Enjoy your day well with great activities. MUUAAAAAAAAHHHH:*


Loyal Friend and Visitor Award. So, thank you, KK GLEN!

Monday, May 16, 2011
Say HOLLA to all my lovely peeps and readers :))

What's happening in May 2011? What's your awesome plan in May 2011? Ah, ignore those matters awhile yeah!

I love the wheather today, i love the way i'm writting, i love the dishes i'd ate today, i love the way i'm connecting with my friends including you, bloggers, i love the way you read my entry. Okay, fine. Stop nagging. xxxxx

Award. I got an award from my Indonesian's friends, MY DUMB-BLOG. He was giving me such a lovely award and this was my second times writting a post related to the award. So thank you. We've to appreciate any single good things that everybody gave to us. And this is the way how i appreciate the award. Tehee =)

What's actually LOYAL? Loyal is faith? And faith is? Lho pikirlaah sendiri. Cuapek sudah mikirinnya! Okay, fine. Stop nagging again. xxxx. You got your own mind, you can think it wisely :)

So, what're you waiting for? Just be my loyal friends, visitors, peeps, readers and so on.Till then dudes. Bye-bye. Thank you for reading my entry. Yok ^^


KB MALL. It's time to have fun :))

Saturday, May 14, 2011
Selamat berkunjung ke blog RTP FARRA ARISHA kepada para pemirsa yang amat dicintai sekalian...

I bet Kelantanesse people will know where i'd been in the photo above. Am i right? Yeah, for about a few months saya tidak berkunjung ke KB MALL. Rindu rasanya :'D After we walked around, we decided to find a few food corners and at last we choosed to eat in FOOD COURT CORNER which is located in last floor. I just ordered chicken rice, mushroom soup and. Butt he mushroom soup is doesn't taste good......*Sincerely words*

Abby and her plate of chicken chop. Abby, how does it tastes? Good or bad? Maybe good, maybe bad. hahaha. Like abby said 'Makan je laah kak ca, best ke tak best ke, itu kan rezeki'. Abby's words as a matured people talked....
Sincerely wishes: Abby, you should control of your body ya sayang, kan tak lama lagi you'll be a cute and glamour model and artist. :))

That was Sis Lia. I thought she was a food lover too, like me and my whole family :))
It means kita saling kompak kan, Kk Lia...

So, are you guys ready to get captured by me??? Tenyummmmmmm :) :) :) :)

We enjoyed the day very well. Thanks everybody for merrying my day. Hoping to get a great gathering again with my caring and loving sisters & brothers! :)) And thanks for reading my stories at this time. Bye-bye. Yok! 

Short notes:
 Awaiting for the appearance of my sister and brother ^^


Hye People, it's not late to wish me, happy 15th belated birthdayyy:')

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to farra arisha,
Happy birthday to me:)
-Let's sing together guys:') OMG i'm 15 already? Time passes so fast and i left my childhood time with smile remembering the memories.

Here i am:) Tadaaaa, the birthday girl is here. So, guys, any present for me??? It's enough with the pray and support for my success, studies, and health to be in very best condition.

They are my besties, my sweet lollipopsssss, my sweetheartsss, my darlingsss, my honeysss(could it qualifiy in oxford as honeysssss as plural?) lol;D the best sisters and brother evaahhhhhh:* Kissssseesss.Wait. Before i forgot, there's another sister and brother of mine were not exist on my birthday party. Two of them were quite busy, outstation here and there. sob sobsssssss:'( But nevermind, i'm still happy because they deliver wishing by phone and facebook and they promised me to come back with the present alongggggggg. Yahoooo mama miaaaaaaaaaa:)

Liking this cake most:* Yummy. Just wanna it again and again! Try it yeahhhhh, here come to me and i'll..guess what??????

Sister-in-law-to-be:)) Just feel to sing direnjis-renjis dipilis, ditepungi lah tawar, hai beras kunyit ditabur, disiram si air mawar.:) Ouhh, i don't have the good voice. hmmm:( Sis Lia, u should pay for artist to sing u the best songs on your wedding later or sooner:p

1,2,3 action! Everybody take position like eminent artist;) WOWWWWWWWW!

Lovely and adorable sisters who's inspiring me lots either in career, studies and fashion:)

Black and white always work together. Nice theme combination. Let's party people!

Finally, my birthday party's event ended smootlhy. And i'm so much happy at the moment. Thanks for cheering my day, guys! You're damn cool, bebeh. ^^

Short notes:

And here i wanna wish Happy Mother's Day to my beloved mummy :) Wishing her always in a pink of health, succesful in works and anything that related to her!



Tuesday, May 03, 2011
Assalamualaikum and Hello to all my beloved friends.

Yehoo! You guys should see the new headers of mine edited by Sis WawaPretty cool and she's damn creative :)

Here i gonna share with you. I think this is an interesting activity. In my opinion, it also can develop our talents and creativity of ours! :)

Last time, i've read a post from a blog. I read it one by one, i read it carefully, i read it without leaving a word. You want to know why i do so? Cause i'm really interested wtih the contents written by her. What are the things written by her?  If you want to know, you can see for yourself with your naked eye what had been written by her!

Maybe now you've seen what is written and what the contents that i've told you before. So, the header above was edited by her according to my taste!  If you're interested of her edits, you may make reservations to the blog's owner, Sis Wawa :) 

And the most important, i love the new header of my blog. Thanks so much 
to Sis Wawa :)

Okay, that's all for now. Gonna get ready to go jogging with my lovely sister, Abby. I miss my another two sisters, Fifiey and Putri. Hoping to see both of them soon :'D Bye-bye. Thanks for reading my story. Yok!


Cough, Activities, Thirsty, Indonesian Drama's Lover.

Sunday, May 01, 2011
Assalamualaikum and Hi lovely readers, friendly commentars and loyal followers :)

I feel i was just dreaming, but it was real, no dream, no fantasy and this is what i feel right now and i can feel it now! Cough, dizziness made me feel very weak to do something useful! I was very bored when in a situation like this, but no one can change the situation. Everyday, i do the same. Completing tasks, eat and drink, rest well, and the most importantly TAKE MEDICINE! Every time, every day, every second i can hear the noise of my cough. This is because the cough, cough and COUGH! Is only that i need to tell you about the cough.

First, what's your activities today??? For today, i just wanna rest at home and just do my own activities such as makan-makan, mengemil cokelat (it a MUST) although i still got cough, but it's fine. Jalan-jalan melihat kotaraya (lebih seru jikalau menaiki angkutan) (but if someone coughs shouldn't be exposed to dust and dirt!) Wanna feel free like everybody, wanna scream aloud, wanna ran as fast as possible, wanna get everything i want, and the last one wanna be magnanimous! :) The last statement wasn't related at all. 

 Hey girls, hey boys. Lately, i often thirsty. Within ten minutes, i always thirsty and have to go to the kitchen and take some cold water (i knew i was cough but i take it too ,no wonder if the cough isn't gone yet!) :P I was thirsty again! Anybody can take me a glass of water? Please please please? Hey, don't be too lazyyy like 'BAWANG MERAH'

Sometime, i feel very bored! When bored, i'll always watch Sinetron Indonesia. Every time, a new drama series arrives, i'll not to miss the chance to watch it. I admit i was an Indonesian Drama@Film lover and how about you guys? Bawang Putih Bawang Merah, Putri yang Ditukar, Cinta dan Anugerah, Safa dan Marwah, Bayu Cinta Luna and etc. I'd watched those drama so many times. And sometimes i felt i was acting in the drama too! Talking about the Indonesian Drama@Film, who's your favourite hero and heroine? Nikita Willy, Marshanda, Baim Wong, Dea Imut, Alyssa Soebandono, Rizky Aditya, Rionaldo Stockhorst?  So people, let's share our story together!

*Last year photo

 Arisha, Zidane & Abby. Tenggarong, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan.
Is missing Zidane right now.
Gonna meet, kiss and hug him.
TsSsk TsSskk :'D

My hands was very tired to get typing anymore . So i wanted to go first, wanna make some revision for tomorrow's lessons! Friends, i really appreciate your comments and all those compliments. See you next time. Bye-bye. Thank you for reading my story :) Yok!

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