CNY 2011.

Monday, May 23, 2011

CNY Pictures. Let's check it together, bebeh!

SMILING all the time, senyuman itu sedekah bukan :))

There she is. She's such a lovelyyy and friendlyyy girl. Hoping could see you again and again, sister in Korea one fine day! Lebiuuu! MMUUUAHHHH! 

We was both wearing colourful outfits which was bought in Yogyakarta, Indonesia last time. It's so super duper comfortable when we was wearing.  Oops, don't you noticed something in the photo above? It's red and looked veryyy nice. So sweet of us :P Heee!

Olololo, everybody looks at Abby. She's always posing so good, so well, like her sister. hihihi :)) She got great talent to be a model cilik right? 

Look people! Those are the pictures edited by FIFIEY LYCHEE MARATION. This is my outfit, Brownish Blue Batik and some of accessories i wore during the event. Hmm, is that quite matching and cool? 

I spent this past event in Kota Bharu, Kelantan for the gathering on Chinese New Year last 3 months ago. The weather was a bit hottt during my visit but it doesn't stopped us to have such a great time with people around. Enjoy the meals and have fun then. The meals are veryyy delicious as well, including Nasi Berani, although i don't really like Nasi Berani. Hahahaha!
Having a bit too much fun and ate to much tastyyy meals on the event untill we noticed our stomaches were damn full. Fuhh, kenyang sangat-sangat! After that, baru boleh berfoto beramai-ramai. Well, it must be a MUST okay. NOTED! 

Thanks readers for reading my great post at this time. Till then. Bye-bye. Yok! :))

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  1. sangat cantik :)
    sibling kamu semua so gorjes dear ~

  2. nice dress nice pose...i likeee...

  3. wah g sambut CNY eh..nice2..:)dapat eratkan hubungan..

  4. Sis RP: Your praising are so sweet as candyyy too. hee :))

    Sis HMY: Big thanks cutieeee! ^^

    SR: Yepp, tak salah bukan kita pegii celebrate , sekadar makan2 and chit chat segala macam! and so true with your words! :))

  5. wah lawa la pic ni..

    orng dalm pic pun lawa jugak :D

  6. serius cantik sgt awak ni !! and 1 more...really heart that batik top of yours..gojes!!

  7. A: Owh mksh sgt2 :)) this is an older entryyy actually, tp baru buat je.

    Sis Liza: Thanks lots sweety. oh you love that batik? kat sini pelbagai jenis batik, yg lebih cantik dr tuu pun byk! mari laah shopping2 kat Indonesia. :)) berbaloii tau hehe.

  8. wahhh... teman dari indonesia ya? cantik... gambar2 nya pun sweet...=)

  9. Guys, you're so cool. :))
    Thanks for those praising!

  10. nice pic... thanks for dropping at my site =)

  11. dem!! mmg comel lah kamu...seyes! rasa nk pcit2 tarik2 ja pp..hehe

  12. Graciassss everyone. will you give any ideas@suggestions what the new entryyy shall i write after this?

  13. dear, abby so cute ..geram jugak tengok dia tu,macam nak cubit2 je pipinya....

  14. Sis ML: And so with you, honeyyy!

    Meawww: Meh la jenguk kita katt sini klo nak cubit pipi dia. muahaha :P

  15. all the 3 stooges mmg comell..hee

  16. Hi! I love your sense of style! Especially how you mix the colours (black & white blouse + skirt). And the high bun is cool!

  17. suka sama kamu punya baju batik darling :)


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