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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Assalamualaikum and Hi lovely readers, friendly commentars and loyal followers :)

I feel i was just dreaming, but it was real, no dream, no fantasy and this is what i feel right now and i can feel it now! Cough, dizziness made me feel very weak to do something useful! I was very bored when in a situation like this, but no one can change the situation. Everyday, i do the same. Completing tasks, eat and drink, rest well, and the most importantly TAKE MEDICINE! Every time, every day, every second i can hear the noise of my cough. This is because the cough, cough and COUGH! Is only that i need to tell you about the cough.

First, what's your activities today??? For today, i just wanna rest at home and just do my own activities such as makan-makan, mengemil cokelat (it a MUST) although i still got cough, but it's fine. Jalan-jalan melihat kotaraya (lebih seru jikalau menaiki angkutan) (but if someone coughs shouldn't be exposed to dust and dirt!) Wanna feel free like everybody, wanna scream aloud, wanna ran as fast as possible, wanna get everything i want, and the last one wanna be magnanimous! :) The last statement wasn't related at all. 

 Hey girls, hey boys. Lately, i often thirsty. Within ten minutes, i always thirsty and have to go to the kitchen and take some cold water (i knew i was cough but i take it too ,no wonder if the cough isn't gone yet!) :P I was thirsty again! Anybody can take me a glass of water? Please please please? Hey, don't be too lazyyy like 'BAWANG MERAH'

Sometime, i feel very bored! When bored, i'll always watch Sinetron Indonesia. Every time, a new drama series arrives, i'll not to miss the chance to watch it. I admit i was an Indonesian Drama@Film lover and how about you guys? Bawang Putih Bawang Merah, Putri yang Ditukar, Cinta dan Anugerah, Safa dan Marwah, Bayu Cinta Luna and etc. I'd watched those drama so many times. And sometimes i felt i was acting in the drama too! Talking about the Indonesian Drama@Film, who's your favourite hero and heroine? Nikita Willy, Marshanda, Baim Wong, Dea Imut, Alyssa Soebandono, Rizky Aditya, Rionaldo Stockhorst?  So people, let's share our story together!

*Last year photo

 Arisha, Zidane & Abby. Tenggarong, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan.
Is missing Zidane right now.
Gonna meet, kiss and hug him.
TsSsk TsSskk :'D

My hands was very tired to get typing anymore . So i wanted to go first, wanna make some revision for tomorrow's lessons! Friends, i really appreciate your comments and all those compliments. See you next time. Bye-bye. Thank you for reading my story :) Yok!

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  1. Salam.moshi moshi.visit here^^ nice blog.
    Feel free to read my new entry @ frommetoyou~

  2. hye babe. drink a lot of water because the wheather now are not so good. good luck for your lessons. ;)

  3. hihiii...nice 2 visit here...friend from malaysia..;) keep in touch ye

  4. holla everybody. it's gonna be so much happy if i could know all of you in a real world. xxx. so thank you for the concern, sister. and do keep in touch with me too yeahhh! :)

  5. hehe, love watching sinetron too even rasa sangat sebal dengan watak jahat. =)


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