Loyal Friend and Visitor Award. So, thank you, KK GLEN!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Say HOLLA to all my lovely peeps and readers :))

What's happening in May 2011? What's your awesome plan in May 2011? Ah, ignore those matters awhile yeah!

I love the wheather today, i love the way i'm writting, i love the dishes i'd ate today, i love the way i'm connecting with my friends including you, bloggers, i love the way you read my entry. Okay, fine. Stop nagging. xxxxx

Award. I got an award from my Indonesian's friends, MY DUMB-BLOG. He was giving me such a lovely award and this was my second times writting a post related to the award. So thank you. We've to appreciate any single good things that everybody gave to us. And this is the way how i appreciate the award. Tehee =)

What's actually LOYAL? Loyal is faith? And faith is? Lho pikirlaah sendiri. Cuapek sudah mikirinnya! Okay, fine. Stop nagging again. xxxx. You got your own mind, you can think it wisely :)

So, what're you waiting for? Just be my loyal friends, visitors, peeps, readers and so on.Till then dudes. Bye-bye. Thank you for reading my entry. Yok ^^

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  1. petng tadi hujan la..tak best..

  2. wewittt..u r so sweet ok! deserve it... have a wonderful day dear...

  3. SR: Aaah untung sgt dpt award. kinda proud laah kan..kan..

    A: Hujan rahmat kali. sometimes, hujan tak best sbb susah nak bergerak and doing something kat luar.

    Sis Hanis MY: as sweet as lollipop? hee. u too, enjoy your days there!

    SA: The award was totally great. i'll always be in peace forever and ever. xoxoxo. PEACE!

  4. bestnya dapat award!! hehehe

    salam perkenalan :)

  5. Yeayyy, dapat award dr Indonesia. hehehe.

    Lam kenal kembali ya sister ^^


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