Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Assalamualaikum and Hello to all my beloved friends.

Yehoo! You guys should see the new headers of mine edited by Sis WawaPretty cool and she's damn creative :)

Here i gonna share with you. I think this is an interesting activity. In my opinion, it also can develop our talents and creativity of ours! :)

Last time, i've read a post from a blog. I read it one by one, i read it carefully, i read it without leaving a word. You want to know why i do so? Cause i'm really interested wtih the contents written by her. What are the things written by her?  If you want to know, you can see for yourself with your naked eye what had been written by her!

Maybe now you've seen what is written and what the contents that i've told you before. So, the header above was edited by her according to my taste!  If you're interested of her edits, you may make reservations to the blog's owner, Sis Wawa :) 

And the most important, i love the new header of my blog. Thanks so much 
to Sis Wawa :)

Okay, that's all for now. Gonna get ready to go jogging with my lovely sister, Abby. I miss my another two sisters, Fifiey and Putri. Hoping to see both of them soon :'D Bye-bye. Thanks for reading my story. Yok!

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  1. salam..cantik la header arisha .sukee!! pandai org yang buat tu :D

  2. Salam back K.Sya. yep, i love it too. She's so creative in editting right? Nanti K.sya boleh laah suruh dia editkan header for you. hihi. but your header pun quite cute and sweet!

  3. nice header! and thank you for your lovely comment

  4. Thanks for the respond. and i do like your header too! yes, you're so welcome. your blog is damn cool, just like you! :D


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