When A 15 Years Old Girl gonna be a fashionista :)) Ckckck.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hello and good evening to my lovelyyy bloggers. Well, the holidayyy is starting and automatically my mouth said 'Aseeekkkk Deh'. And i'll be continued my study on the next month. My tests so fine, so good and the results was very nice too. Sykur, Alhamdulillah. So here i'm gonna spend my good and leisure time doing something that i like to do, go here, go there, walking here, walking there, ronda-ronda di kotaraya and so on jikalau masa tidak mencemburui Arisha. :P And yessss, teman-teman sekalian, the holiday's starting and what you're gonna do? Plan first, and then can make it as a reality.

Ce teka, ce teka 'And this is called modern language, perhaps' what i'm gonna storyyy to you guys right now? If you can, you're the greatest person ever. MUHAHAHA! Let me give the hint first, it's about girl@lady@woman. Mostlyyy, nowadays, girls love to make theirselves look so neat and pretty as well, and so with me laah, and i'm superbbb liar if i said no, okay. itu adalah lumrah seorang perempuan. Well, ignore the words awhile......'THINK POSITIVELY' :))



 The blouse is black and white in colour, it's just look alike zebra theme. And my bun was made by Sis Lia. Cantik bukan. Plus, i put brownish belt to make the style look so WOOOOWWWW! And what's your opinion, bloggers? That's your opinion, not mine :))

The hibiscus floral skirt is really suit to be matched with floral blouse and the result was good as you look above. I wore big white flower scarf on my head and that made me so comfortable when i was wearing it and so with the black wedges :)) 

When a 15 years old girl's starting to be a fashionista. Do i've a talent? Well, only me can decide it. Berpakaian ala-ala Arabian Dress bercampur kemelayuan. The brownish yellow baju kebaya is damn cool when the brownish scarf used on my head. Plus the gold purple bracelet and Gucci gold watch as the suite and nice accessories!

Brownish blue batik, chain are made of wood, GUCCI  gold watch, CHANNEL handbag. The simple one ever, not crowded with glitters or something lippp lappp lippp lappp okayyy! :)

LOL :D This is a picture once i'd join the art and traditional festival which was organized from JIS. Superbbb, bombastic and bravoooooo! Yeah, the make up was quite thick and everybodyyy wouldn't easyyy to know me. :P Surely bulu mata palsu digunakan bagi menambahkan seri pada kedua-dua belah mata, eyeshadowww, eyelinerrr, bright pink lipstick,  and the most important, memancungkan lagi hidung yang sudah penyetttt! KIHKIHKIH!

So, you'd know some of mine, and  how about you? Don't you mind to share your stories about fashion and something related to that? Sharing is Caring is Loving lohhh! 

P/S: Celoteh saya sememangnya begitu. So, jangan suka, jangan ketawa, hanya tersenyum manis berlesung pipit pabila membaca. Happy holidayyy guys. With love, RTP FARRA ARISHA

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  1. beautiful + pretty !

    i like all way u match up all the clothes that u wear :)

  2. awak tak nampak mcm 15 lah. serius. xtipu.
    tapi saya suka awak. sebab awak cantik. n i jeles oke :)

  3. 15 ke? serius... matang! Wahhh,,,

  4. wow! u should do modelling la Arrisha...

  5. Seriousssly, i'm 15.

    Well, all those compliments are so good. thanksss everybody :)

  6. Love it....very nice!! U look so pretty!;-)

  7. u pakai apa pun ttp nampak chantik ;)

  8. A: Okay, i'll.

    Sis Aweyn: And you too, i love to see your curly hair, so cute :))

    Sis Aniswany: Toceyyhhh, toceyyhhh, sist.

    Sis SK: It's suit to me, that's why i wore those :) thank you.

    SA: Graciasssssss! =)

    Sis AH: Hehe, ado2 sajoo laah kk nii. btw, thanksss!

  9. woah 15teen already,great laah!!

  10. hye dear. or what should i call u? haha^^
    thx for drop by my blog. appreciated. r u malay? indonesian?
    nway, yr parents should proud of u. y're pretty n smart s well. keep it up too! ~_^

  11. 15?? serius?? unbeliavable.. !! cantik!

  12. AA: Yezzaaa, i'm 15 alreadyyy. So the mind have to be matured like the age too :))

    Sis Ct: Hi back. yes, just call me Arisha if you don't mind. no bigge deal :) actually, i'm mixed, malaysian+indonesian. no wonder i can speak both languages, sist!

    Sis SH: So, just believe me :) terima kasehhh :)

    Sis LR: Woahhhh :))

  13. gorgeous babe! jom join kontes saya.. tengok dekat sidebar blog ya <3


  14. 15 tahun ? really? u look matured dear !

  15. MH: Hello, i'm a girl! :)

    Sis E: I'll join if i got more leisure time :) thanks.

    Sis QDA and A: Aaaah, my people around told me like you said too. :)

  16. Holiday? Wah hapy hols dearie! Jz blogin til da hols stop! Hehrehr~

  17. hahaa.~ u so seet laa .. just like ur sister.. :) kelakar gitu.. i like.. win

  18. LZ & S: Thanks for both of you :)

    Sis MC: Ha ah masih muda. kenapa?

    Z: What's the funny? haha. wondering. :P

  19. wahhhhhhhh do you really 15 ?? u look matured lah :D

  20. farra, awak ni malaysian ke indonesian eh? kompius jap..hehee

  21. Sis FA: Thanks honeyyy,,,

    Sis TK: Matured laah sgt. hehe. Thanks.

    Sis FMTY: I'm mixed laah, hehe. That's why Arisha boleh berbahasa Indon plus Malay :)

  22. wahhh. pandainya mix and match. kena betul.

    eh, ni adik fifiey kann? korang ni cantik2 taw tak. :p

  23. minat jadi model la ni... GUD LUCK for that! Adik ni baru 15 erk??? Study elok2... Salam perkenalan... ^_^

  24. Beautiful darling...
    i really like to see u wear the hibiscus floral skirt that u matched with floral blouse. u look so sweet dear. :)

  25. Hanie suke pic no.2..sweet...


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