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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Look, kanak-kanak riang di atas ini pun bisa mengekspresikan perasaan melalui wajahnya apatah lagi saya yang lebih matang pemikiran dari dirinya. You guys boleh?

Hi people and peeps. For a long time i didn't write a long writting lately, no mood for writting but my mood to blogwalking was very good. Surely you are weird with my statement, but it's real. And now i was received an award from a Malaysian Blogger, Bro Abu as a great blogwalker. Anyway, it's not late to wish many thanks to you bro for listing my name too in your post! See, and now i admit i was addicted to blog and i thought i'm  going to make some renovations on my blog soon if i'm not busy with my tasks. Well guys, you should waiting for my new blog coming! First of all, are you all fine? And how's your daily life? And what's the popular news is going on right now? Tell me, share with me people! If not, i'll not befriend with you. Now, i don't have any ideas for writting, so friends please help me to get the me any ideas? OMG, i lost my idea. WTH with me? I could smile and cheer alone in front of my lappy, look alike a crazyyy girl. Hmm, what happened to me actually! Please, the stress come again and again and i should refreshing all the time. Please, calm me. But i feel so glad because i got my beloved family, relatives and my besties to sharing something about me.

My activities was surely great at this weekend and i could more focus on my study. FYI, i'd been join dancing and musical class and i'm pretty happy because those are my interests that i should learned to gain beneficial knowledges. Yebedallllll bedooooooo! Anything about mine, i'll share those stories on my blog, Okay, fine, set, deal!

What about my health? I was feel very good lately and no more coughing, flu and fever. Usually those disease will come if i feel so tired and don't get enough rest. If i was sick, all things will become more difficult to be settled. So, i got a very nice health and i use all my power and energy to do something and all work will be fully finished faster than before. And my wishes to you people, keep maintain and take care of your health! PEACE!

Food, what's the new recipes nowadays? I found a blog and it was about food and you guys should visit her website if you wanna know her tasty recipes by her and thumbs up to her recipes. *Bikin ngilerr aja deh, ckckck. Like i said before, sharing is caring is loving. So any recipes i could learned from any proffesional chef? Or it can be any bloggers be a volunteer  to cook my fav food cause i'm super duper food lover. *Ini cewek suka amat mikirin perihal makanan, pantesan endutttt. Now, i always crave malay cuisine like nasi kerabu, nasi lemak, nasi minyak, laksa penang and so much more food. Aduh, saya kempunan. Almost everytime i eat nasi padang, nasi ayam penyet, bakso & bakmi and the famous indon cuisine...Sometimes i want to change my appetite, makan masakan barat ke, masakan jepang ke, masakan arab ke. It could be so much mesmerizing! May i???

Now, i'd create my twitter account and anybody who gonna follow me, just CLICK HERE and press FOLLOW button on my twitter profile. Look. the simple way to follow me. Is this a promoting? No i bet. I'm just gonna add my contacts in virtual world. This is what we called friendship. I know i'm a late person to create twitter account but at least i could do the same as the people does. Am i right! So, let's tweet with me together :) Ayo-ayo gabungan sama Arisha di laman TWITTER! And you could follow me on FORMSPRING too, RTP FARRA ARISHA ON FORMSPRING. One more thing, big thanks to any bloggers who'd adding me on Facebook and i do hoping we could close up our friendship all the time. Friendship will be so sweet if we're befriends with the ANGELS, but nor with the BEASTS!

Ok, that's all i could sharing with you. Any infos, any news i told you more and more after this. No worries, be happy and keep on blogging! :)

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  1. waaa seronok2 masuk kelas menari
    wee~ joget2 jom! :P

  2. wah blaja dancing lck

  3. dh tgk resepi2 kat website tu..
    mmg menyelerakanlah.. ;)

  4. adicted sgt ehhh..
    kita geng..
    nnti dah renovate blog
    bagi tahu..
    nk tgk ape yg berubah..

  5. hehehe..apik tak pandai wat ekspresi camtu

  6. seronok la..aku pena tengok orng ikut klas mnari gak..seronok je tngok..heheh

  7. Follow twitter! Jom tweet tweet

  8. Sis Adwa: Hee, come on, let's dance together. :))

    SR: Bolehlaah klo nak join skali, itupun klo sudi. :D

    Sis Lily: Kann. mengidam pulak Arisha tengok dishes2 tu.

    FBB: Truly addicted laah. klo nak renovate pun, just renovate yg mana patut and tak mau taruh byk widgets :)

    AP: Benar, acu try buat :D

    BIC: My little sister's always acting like that. haha.

    SZ: Ayooo :)

    A: It's so much fun tauuu, kita tgk pun dah syioook habes kann..

    SA: I'd followed u on twitter, jum tweet2. hehe!

  9. waaa amik kelas muzik ... bljar alat muzik ape ??

    p/s : baru dpt on9, lme xdtg sini.. thnks sudi singgah blog zacky :) always smile ...

  10. Arisha akak cayang..
    terima kasih .. muahsss..
    kalau dkt kan best.. boleh akak masak tuk arisha kan kan.. kita makan sama2... :)

  11. congratulation dear...
    i'm happy 4 u....
    n work n try harder 4 ur study :)
    miss u ...

  12. soooo cute dat little girl.. idea yeah? same with me just write whatever come into your mine lah..hehe...

    keep the good health..if not, u are not able to blogwalking right? hehe..

    okeh..take a good care of urself...

    have a nice day!~ =)

  13. wah..mesti pandai menari ni....comel adik farra

  14. terjah sini.. tgl trace :D

  15. bestnye masuk kelas menari!!! :B

  16. kelas menari? nnti bleh ajar sy.. =..=" hikhik...

  17. memang lama tak singgah sini

    kamu mmg hebat
    sure pandai menari kamu pernah join mana2 pertandingan.. kan?

  18. cantik rambut....dari matured face kepada baby face. look nice

  19. wahh..pndai menari n main muzik..hebat lorh...

  20. Dancing is my hobbies too, no wonder i love to dance. hihi :))
    let's dance together with us if u wanna too.

    Belajar musik pun best and we can learn more about musics. that's really fantastic and bombastic!

    Thanks for wishing me luck :)

    And the respond was so good too, gracias people!

  21. Thank you for information!

  22. awww pic kat ats tu comel.sape 2??

  23. jum la join contest! syok...hehe


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