Kids Are Beautiful- We can't change a Bad Kid but we can change Bad Behaviour.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hi sweet people. Happy Saturday to all of you.

Kids are beautiful. Why i say so? Yes, it's fact. What we see is true. Kids are the most beautiful God's creation. What's in the child was very beautiful to see! What they do during the day, may be naughty, may be bad behaviour, but they remain good.

There are no bad children. The only reason the behaviour is bad is because they're exploring the world and learning where the boundries are. That's all. They've to make mistakes in order to find out what's what. It's only natural and quite normal. For you, what's the truly definition of kids? Can you take a little time to define it? Hmmmmm!

A lovely baby girl above named Baby Khyra (she's one of my family angkat di Kelantan, but unluckily she'll move to a new house in Kuantan before Raya) :( Indeed, she got beautiful smile, beautiful big round eyes. Plus, she looks very smart and cute when she wears Baju Kurung. I can see her loveliness :o Oh darling, i love you!

Whatever happens, kids are kids. The same goes any other behaviour that's out of the ordinary. There're no clumsy kids, only clumsy behaviour. They're no stupid kids, only stupid conduct. They're no spiteful kids, only spiteful acts. There're no selfish kids, only selfish actions. Agree with me? Yes, you should agree ;)

CHAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKK! Here is Baby Khyra!! :**

What had happened to a kid nowadays shouldn't be happened actually.It's awfully to say to the kids, 'You are a bad kid'. It sets something up in their mind that's hard to shift. Better to say, 'You've done a naughty thing', or 'You've been naughty'. This they can do something about. But if you tell them they're bad, there's nothing they can do about and it affects them!

Even Baby Khyra buat muka ketat, she looks IMUT as well ;)

The things that often Baby Khyra does

1. She doesn't often cry. Most of the kids cry anytime and everytime. But she's not like that. Good girl!!

2. She loves and laughs when she sees us hold anything stuff of kids such as lego, barbie doll and many more. Maybe dia excited sangat tengok benda-benda yang colourful.

3. Senyum sokmo. Can you imagine how cute her smile!! SUPER DUPER CUTE, babe!!

4. She sits quietly, but once we ask her to play something with us, she behave with her own action. Anak kecil yang sungguh aktif. She's kinda friendly with everybody. First time we met, she looked very joyful played with me (well, as i'm a kid lover too, of course i treat her like my own child) MY OWN CHILD??? Hahahaha :P

5. Lastly, she likes to be captured. Why is say so? Everytime kami bergambar dengan dia, she'll control her eyes to get ready looking to the camera. (whoahhh, salute dengan baby Khyra. i never find yet a baby yang suka pandang kamera bila bergambar. She's not the typical of that)!

P/S: Love, loves, LOVING the kids. Don't let them live in precarious. Sayangilah dan jagalah permata hati kalian!! <3
Selamat Berpuasa Day Thirteen.

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  1. muka tak berdosa lagi kan.ehehe

  2. haruslahhh sokong...
    bab farid kalau nk kawen pun
    salah satu sebab besar..
    nak dapat anak lahh kn..
    ley main cak cak..
    hahahaha =p
    nice entry laaaa

  3. JIJI Yu: Iya, putih, suci, gebu lagi ;)

    FBB: Hadoiii, alasan nak main chakkkkk chakkkk plak dah!! hahahaha ;) tengkiyuuu!

  4. clumsy kids is so cute la hehe..

  5. Abu: But most of the cute kids are very clumsy!! :P

  6. budak2 mmg sb blum buat dosa lg..tu muka berseri2 baby ni mmg comel sgt2..gram nk cubit pipi dia tu..hehe

  7. alolo..comelnye..
    Baguslah X kuat nangis..klu Qis plak..stiap hari nk nangis..kadang2 mummynye pun ikut nangis juga bila Qis X nk diam.. :D

  8. love this entry...:)
    arisha kelihatan matang dalam berbicara...:)

  9. ololo..geram nye..gile comel..cubit kan sikit pipi dy :D

  10. tiba-tiba jadi rindu ke anak buah,haha

  11. geram dgn budak2...rasa nak culik je...haha

  12. Sis Amy: Yup, she's really cute as you see in the picture :) nak cubit pipi? anak orang tu!! ;)

    Sis Lily: Hahaha. dia nangis sbb apa plak tu?

    Sis Sha: Thank you. this my writting style. hehe :)

    Sis Anum: Yes, she's :))

    Sis MK: Byk lagi aksi comel dia sebenarnya..dia lucu plus comel!

    SR: Indeed, she's just cute like her mummy ;)

    SM: Tak berani Arisha cubit pipi anak orang. marah kat ibu dia. hahahaha :P

    Penaberkala: Anak buah umur berapa tahun? mesti syiookkkk kan main dgn diorg ;)

    Bro Edy: Amboi, nak culik terus!! tak boleh klo tanpa izin. hikhik.

  13. jgn ajar dengan tgn... ajar ngan tanggungjawab. :)

  14. OMG!!! Khyra is super duper cute!!.

    tak sabar plak nak kawin.
    cute!.suka tengok gambar dia!!.

  15. hihi tengokk pon tahu comeii . perangai pon comeyy ^^

  16. budi bahasa dan amalan yg jadi ikutan nanti...

  17. saya suka budak, tapi budak mesti tak suka sayA..

  18. If you face to face with her, you can see how cute is her!! i don't know how to say..she's very very very lovely sweety pretty girl ever i'd met ;) hhe..

  19. boleh dijodohkan dgn Mifz nih..haha

  20. Heee sama kecil, sama padan kot. muahaha. dua2 sweet ;)

  21. OH MY that girl is super cute! Geram sangat tengok. Hehehehe.

    I love kids too! :D

  22. Cutenyerr budak ni..

  23. Sis Izatie and Sis Nazira: Yes, she really is!!! rasa nak cium2, peluk2 slalu..hhe.

  24. send my regards to that lovely baby! Comel!

  25. yup.lindungi lah merka yg kecil. jarkan ke jln yg benar

    S a l a m r a m a d h a n~
    Jum hayati di sini (^o^)
    something about HEADER???

  26. huhu..sangat la comel kan..i like budak kcik..


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