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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Asslamualaikum people. To those bloggers who’d followed me while i used my last url http://puterianggerikrimba.blogspot, please do unfollow my blog , then follow me back if you wanna get my latest posting/features/entry in your dashboard. If not, you’ll not get any stories of mine although you’d followed me because i changed to the new url blog, Once you don’t understand, do ask me back. Thanks for all the compliments!

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  1. dah pandai wat stick post.. :)

  2. I bet it's hard to do. but once i learn, i can do it by myself. thanks for helping me last time!!

  3. how do u change ur url? i didnt know u can do dat haha

  4. anda seorang yg pemarah?

  5. Bro Aiman: Are you really sure you don't know? how could!! :)

    L: Later, i comment on your post. thanks!

    Abu: Wokeyyyh! ;)

  6. aiseh.patot la lama tak masuk Arisha punya blog.Tukar URL rupanya.

  7. Hello farra...i'm here...blogwalking..keep in touch..=)

  8. Sis Amy: Tengkiyuuu a lot sis ;)

    Sis Syasya: Okeyyyh!!

    Sis Tieykah: Haaa. perasan pun..i didn't expect it'll be like this after changed the url..menyesal kot ;')

    CE: Hello back keep in touch too!!

    Encik Dosh: I think tak sesuai guna url tuu..that's why i change it to the new one..tapi masalahnya all my followers can't see my stories in their dashboard!! so regret...hurrmmmm :'(

  9. which one still in use ni...
    sori la sy pending sket bab2 ni..hihi

  10. FBB: Ooops, Arisha ada kerjaya baru lagi ke? :P

    Zulhilmi: pun tak expert sgt about blogspot..

  11. laaa..patutla blog arisha tak update2 kt bloglist saya..heran jgk sebenarnya, ingtkan arisha busy ke nmpk arisha ada drop comment kt blog lain..then sy click kt bloglist saya, tiba2 google cakap blog tu has been removed..rupanya arisha tukar url huhu..ok2 jap lg update url yg latest k :)

  12. area manenye umah engko weyh..aku tau kat baung je


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