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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Hi lovies.

I don't know why i feel very down DOWN these 2, 3 days. I don't will say that i don't befriend and don't get friends with others cause in a real life, i got lots of lovely friends at school and so at home. Plus my blogger friends are also my loyal friends. They made my life cheers with their presence.They're my truly best friends. My life will becoming very lonely without you, people! :')

But, the lonely situation comes from where? Hidup di dalam kota metropolitan, tapi tetap sahaja sunyi. Books, lappy and internet and some those junk food peneman setia di kala sunyi if i'm not go anywhere on that lonely time.

Only me myself can face that? Or maybe only me can imagine and face what i do face right now? Perhaps! Only God knows what's true feeling.

The saddest moments will be forgotten for awhile if enjoy the best scenery.

Many people said live in a lovely situation is fun, but i don't really agree with that cause through my experience, once i live in such that situation, i can feel how bored to stay and keep staying in that uncool lonely life! Hidup seperti tidak bermakna jikalau terus-terusan berada di dalam kesunyian. What not if we do some enjoyable things awhile? Then, nikmat hidup baru boleh dinimati dan dirasai! :)

Mama, Abah and my eldest sister were at London in the middle of 2010.

In my opinion, travelling is the best leisure activities when we feel lonely, silent and bored with the surrounding around us. Even though travelling will burn our money sepantas kilat, but at least, we get fun and we feel enjoy with the moments. That's enough fun for me.

How i wish i could go where the place of Mama, Abah and Kk Putri were been. I can cool down myself there, migrate to a new different place that i've never been in such that beautiful place, wanna get a new experience cause i can take my past experiences and mistakes as my lessons to be more kind good girl. I wanna everything and anything about mine will be changed very soon! But i know it might not be changed as fast as the lightning :/ It takes times and it needs sacrifice. Sanggup ke aku berkorban apa sahaja buat diri sendiri? Of course! I'm sure i can do what i'm gonna do. Insha-Allah!

Entahlah, i feel the lonely situation can't go away from us. More we go away from that situation, more it comes approach us. 

P/S: As we all know, you and me maybe feel so lonely at this time, but at the same time, the PMR Candidates will not feel like we feel right now. Because they'd sit for PMR Examination in this week and that's mean they'll be accompanied by those easy and hard questions from many subjects and papers. I wish you all the best and do your best. (i know i'm one of PMR Candidates, but i don't sit for that examination because the learning system of my school in Indonesia is totally different with Malaysia) (my school examination is be called as International Baccalaureate Examination)  (i do keep study hard for the next exam that'll be held on next month) (do pray for me too yeah) Harap Maklum teman-teman.

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  1. oh. so, you an Indonesian? or, a Malaysian residing in Indonesia?

  2. hopefully bdak2 pmr okay la , haha

  3. insyaallah kamu akan sentiasa rasa bahagia jika kamu melihat keluar dan kebawah...ada macam2 di sana....

  4. sama jer perasaan kita..
    sekarang bagai tak mahu jumpa sapa2..
    mahu ada tembok dinding di sekeliling...

    p/s - yeah ! dah ada pop-up comment..!!

  5. babe piccy yg atas skali tu sgt nice it!

  6. saya pun =.=' lonely itu sgt menyeksakan..

  7. leisure aktiviti 1 terapi



  8. gud luck arisha...send my regards to fifiey...

  9. hmm i can feel ur loneliness arisha.. but guess what? if ada rezeki ada masa, n tkdir menentukan, i'll hit jakarta!!! so be there or be square.. i'll cheer up ur day once i get there..hehe

  10. "travelling is the best leisure activities when we feel lonely, silent and bored with the surrounding around us"

    setuju dgn statement ni...hehe

  11. sebenarnya kita kena korek apa yang ada. jangan mengharap ia datang sendiri :)

  12. sedih sedih pon boleh tersenyum lagi . cantik pulak tu mehehe

  13. Sis Ungu: Yes, i'm Malaysian too. but i do currently stay in Jakarta :))

    Sis Fara: I do hope so. insha-Allah!

    Bigdaddyz: There are many thinga that we can see outside or inside. that is so called precious things :')

    Bro Ikhram: Oh how could it be same? suratan dan kebetulan barangkali. hehe.
    iya, sudah pop-up comment. lagi mudah untuk blogger lain menulis komen :)

    Sis Rara: It really is. thanks. much loves, sweety <3

    Sis Zoey: You can feel it too? oh it so annoying (sometimes)!!

    Mr.Syazwan: Seringkali Arisha praktikkan :)

    Sis Amy: Thank you. will do soon. but she's not with me. she's in Singapore :)

    Zuan: You're always get the same situation like me. aaaa, i do feel very glad and happy if you down here. and it'll be my good news to be shared with others!! ;)

    Bro Edy: Sama la dengan orang tu kan. travel memanjang ;) thanks you anyway!

    Naz: Iya, benar skali. jangan sentiasa memberi harapan malah harus over-confident sentiasa :)

    Sis EBMCK: Sedih, tapi sebenarnya tidak lah sedih sangat..hehe.

  14. sis arisha, life has its ups & downs..oke! ;)

  15. dear miss arisha yang lonely,

    kadang2 even though there are so many people who care about us, we still feel lonely inside somehow. please don't feel down. smile. you have a sweet smile. =)

    from: lonely me. haha

  16. jgn sedih2 ye Arissa..senyum2lah selalu mcm dlm gambar tu..sweet jer.. ^_^

  17. tapi kamu ada kami disini sayang..jgn rasa lonely sgt k :)

    nnt kalau sis turun sana..boleh jumpa arisha ajak date bersama boleh?

  18. babe, sometimes mmg kita rasa lonely. sbb not everytime kita akan rasa happy kan.

    but i do agree with u yg travelling bole bwat lonely kita hilang. take care tau babe:))

  19. betul bercuti boleh make our day happy...

  20. hi sis..jgn sedih2 some point of life memang kita akn rasa sedih n tu kejap je..just mainan perasaan :)

  21. jd farra ni malaysian tp stay di Indonesia?

    besa lah feeling2 camtu mmg suka memunculkan dirinya ketika kita xnak ><~

  22. I love travelling too..very relaxing and I will forget all about my work..

  23. eheh sorng lagi tertinggal tu!!!


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