Monday, November 28, 2011
Hi ladies and gentlemen.

You know what? I'm truly addict to own the perfumes lately as collecting perfumes is one of my hobbies too. For sure, this is so normal for me as a teenage girl who loves to collect such a many sweet smell of perfumes. 

Sebelumnya, what's your favourite perfumes, people? I know you guys must have your own collections of perfumes and to those who're called human being is much more like to collect these all.

Men and women will have their own taste in selecting perfumes, and no doubt that sometimes men and women are very choosy in choosing too. That might be the second thing. What's important, the choice of perfume should be given priority. 

Seriously, i'm a bit choosy in choosing the perfume. Whenever i make the decision to buy it, i'll make sure that it will be the greatest choice of mine. 

Choose wisely so as not to regret in the becoming day because of a lot of money to be spent for the fragrance. And one more thing, you should make sure that the fragrance is smell sweet to yourselves.

What we know, there're many brands of perfumes sold in the mall, the perfume shop, the body shop and etc. And that's where we can see a wide variety of perfumes such as Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Dior, J.lo, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Prada..And the rest are




Dan macam-macam ada.

Perfume has a variety of colors and different odors..

Mostly, the perfumes bottles atrract the perfumes lovers. Please believe me once. Oleh kerna terdapat banyak botol perfumes yang cantik lagi unik, botol-botol perfumes kekadang dijadikan suatu barangan hiasan rumah. Then, it will be looked nice. Perfect in The House!

Ada macam-macam bau. Bau harum, manis, keras dan tajam..

What's the best choice of yours?

Perfumes that we love is sometimes affect the life, behavior, and soul..

P/S: Spray perfume is a comfort to all those who called human being to always pleasant smell when surrounded by the family, closest friends and anybody who're always besides us!

Awal Muharram

Awal Muharram 1433H.

Saturday, November 26, 2011
Hi readers.

Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram 1433H.

"Permulaan hidup adalah mengenal dunia dan isi alam, pastinya kita tercari-cari di mana keberadaan Tuhan Hakiki. Mengutus doa dan kekeramatan sempena penghijrahan Awal Muharram 1433H."

Come people, bersama kita hayati lirik lagu Awal Muharram dengan penuh keinsafan dan kesyukuran..

Awal Muharram detik permulaan

Perkiraan tahun Islam Hijrah
Perpindahan nabi dan umat Islam
Dari Kota Mekah ke Kota Madinah
Atas keyakinan dan iman yang teguh
Kaum Muhajirin dan Ansar bersatu
Rela berkorban harta dan nyawa
Demi menegakkan Islam tercinta

Hijrah itu pengorbanan

Hijrah itu perjuangan

Hijrah itu persaudaraan
Hijrah membentuk perpaduan

Oleh itu mari semua
Kita sambut Maal Hijrah
Tingkatkan semangat
Tegakkan syiar Islam

Untuk sepanjang zaman (3X)

P/S: All begins with prayer :') Go HERE if you gotta check more about 'Awal Muharram atau Maal Hijrah'. Let's us migrate to a better one!


Rule 50#: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Thursday, November 24, 2011
Hey people.

It's very easy to moan, to complain, to criticize. It's much harder to always find something nice to say about a situation or a person. But think of it now as a huge challenge. Saying something nice is hard because our natural inclination is to moan. When a friend asks how you're getting on with your boss, the things they do that really annoy you usually spring to mind before the upsides...

No matter how horrid someone is, there's always something about that that's good. Your job is to find that good bit and highlight it, speak about it, draw attention to it. Same with a situation that seems troublesome.

When asked your opinion of someone, something, somewhere, you need to find something good to say, something flattering and positive. There's ample evidence that being positive has many benefits but the most noticeable is that people with gravitate towards you and not even know why. That positive air about you is attractive. People like being around those who are upbeat, positive, happy and confident. 

" If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."  Yap? Emmm.

We need to bite our tongue more and say good things more often!
Obviously, if you're only going to say good things, then this cuts out our back-bitting, gossiping, slagging off, telling tales, being rude about people, complaining (you're allowed to point our defects or problems but in a constructive way). And that could leave you with a big gap to fill!

Before opening your mouth, try-just for a week-to find something good to say. It's one of those things that will amaze you to how it improves your life, but don't take my word for it-just try it. And if all else fails, and you really can't think of anything positive to say at all, then don't say anything at all!

The Rules of Life by Richard Templar.

P/S: It means we should remain silent for a moment from talking too much? Or the more we talked, the more we hurt the hearts of others? If so, what's the best solution to resolve such this case?

moral values

#12 Wordless Wednesday: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

P/S: The becoming blog post i'll share with you entitled " If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." It's all about the Rule 50 which is interesting to be read by all of us!


Panorama Negeri Cik Siti Wan Kembang.

Sunday, November 20, 2011
Hi lovelies.

As you already know from the beginning, apart from telling current issue stories in my blog, i also told some stories of my life and what i do in my daily life and this time i'm willing to show some interesting photos during my return in Kelantan Darul Naim for celebrating Raya Haji last time. As i'm Kelantanese too, so, it's not wrong to show to everybody else (especially to my friends in Indonesia and also in Australia) about the uniqueness and the sceneries of 'Bumi Kelantan'.

Negeri Kelantan Darul Naim

P/S: Yuk together visit Kelantan!


Current Health Issue.

Thursday, November 17, 2011
Hi lovelies.

Nowadays, i heard and i read many people infected with various diseases. All those happen kerna mereka tidak mejaga kesihatan dengan sebaik-baiknya? Is that really true? Maybe semuanya berpunca dari persekitaran yang kotor, kotoran alam yang semakin meningkat day by day? Or they themselves get no initiatives to take good care of their health? Mungkin iya? Emm.

Arisha berfikir apa adanya bahwa kesihatan harus diutamakan especially in our daily life. Once we don't take good care of health, perhaps in one fine day, we really easily to be infected by unexpected disease. Ganas, gerun dan ghairah juga bunyinya. Haa, seriously, when i'm talking about my own health, i do afraid of something. Something that is related to chronic disease. Huh? Muda-muda lagi diserang penyakit kronik? I'm not willing to face such the unexpected condition. That's because i always take care of myself :')

Whatever happens to me, i'll make sure i'll be alright after that :) And, how about you, people? How do you take care of your health? How's they way you take care of your health? How do you take initiatives to avoid from your health getting bad everytime you feel sick? 

Well, everything has changed and so with the condition and situation around us. Kalau sakit, mak bapak bawa pergi klinik untuk berjumpa doktor pakar yang boleh merawat sesiapa sahaja, tidak kira darjat dan golongan. People with a lot of money could fund all medical bills, so no problems with them. But then, what about the people who are sick, but they are very poor and not able to finance all? While those from the people who've chronic disease? Sanggupkah kita melihat seseorang yang dibebani penyakit itu terlantar sakit di rumah dan tidak menjamah ubat sekalipun kerna ketiadaan wang? I'm not willing. Seriously, i'm not willing at all :'(

But don't worry, di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan. There's more solution we've found out to solve the problem like this. Why not mereka gunakan perubatan tradisional dengan cara makan ubatan-ubatan tradisional eventhough we know the energy of ubatan-ubatan tidak mampu untuk menyembuhkan penyakit dalam sekelip mata. But it's okay, we've tried and we've showed our effort to make ourselves feel healthy like usual.

Although Arisha seorang yang tidak berpenyakit, Arisha masih mengamalkan minum air akar kayu which was recommended by some doctors. From youth we must take good care to avoid disease di masa hadapan except it's our life's fate. All disease comes form God, excluding we ourselves must be smart to handle everything relates to that. Do you get it, people?

Before i forget, there're many more ways to take good care of health and hygiene and this is the way i take good care of these two important things in life:

(1) Showering the body at least 3 times in a day. If not, your body's always sweating and get stink.

(2) Everytime you take a bath, you've to make sure you use the bath shower and brush your teeth agar bau diri kamu disenangi teman sekeliling. 

(3) All the outfits (shirts and blouses, jeans, pants, underwears, bras) or anything else must be washed after wearing although you wear it once because once you get out from your home, you'll be exposed by the bad air and pollution. So, it isn't good for your body's health bebeh!

(4) Cut your nails because if you refuse to do so, everybody around you will say you're a very polluter. If you're aiming to keep you nails become long, better batalkan niat itu. 

(5) Before and after eating something, you must wash your hands untuk menghindar dari germs and dust. Don't you feel shy if everybody looking you in a bad way from yours? 

(6) Do eat makanan berkhasiat yang mengandungi kandungan karbohidrat, protein, vitamin, garam mineral and so on. You may eat those kind of food, but you may not eat such fast food and junk food for oftentimes, or not you'll be easily untuk diserang apa-apa penyakit. Tidak gentarkah kamu?

(7) Jangan terlalu kuat minum air es or cold drink. My mommy always advise me to not take too often air sejuk takutnya kembung perut dan mengalami masalah sakit sendi. And believe it or not, i sick for many days gara-gara minum air sejuk berpanjangan tanpa memikirkan kondisi kesihatan. Hiks..hiks..Sadis :'(

(8)  Arisha sering juga mengamalkan minum air akar kayu, jus lobak putih dan air kunyit only 3 days a week. Can you imagine how and what i feel when i drink those drinks? OMGOSH! Bercampur-baur rasanya. It doesn't taste good, but it tastes very bitter and hot!

(9) Tidak sering mendedahkan diri di kawasan asap kelabu yang berkepul-kepul otherwise i'll breathless awhile. And so do with you, people?

(10) Belacan, budu, cencalok, tempoyak, sea food and etc. These are some food yang harus diketepikan supaya tidak mudah mengalami alahan serta gatal-gatal di bahagian tubuh badan! But i do always eat it whenever i feel i want to eat. Arisha sudah melanggar pantang!! Don't punish me, Mommy :'(

What i'm blabbing for is good enough. To avoid disease and if you wish for a good hygiene, you should always maintain those things that i've told you above!

The Definition of Health.

"Health is the level of functional and (or) metabolic efficiency of a living being. In humans, it is the general condition of a person in mind, body and spirit, usually meaning to be free from illness, injury or pain"
Source: Wikipedia.

P/S: I have received a request from a blogger to describe anything about health of mine and anything that relates to health! Now, i've done giving so much conclusion and hypothesis regarding to this! Thanks a lot to Bro Muhammad Saiazuan for requesting!


#11 Wordless Wednesday: Step of The Way of Life.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

P/S: Always move forward and never stepped back if you wish for a bright future!


The Joy Between My Malaysian Friends.

Monday, November 14, 2011
Hi people.

What's up all of you there? How're you doing and how have your world been treating you? And here i'm gonna share something and it relates to my activities around Pantai Bukit Keluang, Besut, Terengganu, Malaysia.

Since all my friends know my presence here, so we had planned to meet and come together after many years didn't met. For sure, we were having a lot of fun during the chat. All sorts of things we've talked. As you know, pabila kaum hawa berjumpa sesama kaumnya, certainly a lot of stories to be shared and most likely it was like gossip! Indeed, we were gossiping about this and that, here and there. 'GOSSIPING' what i mean here is that we shared our stories together including the story of joy and sorrow! :')

I was very happy because i was being fated to meet them again and again. But what's most frustrating is there're many more my friends who didn't get the golden oppurtunity to come here and meet all of us cause of they had the others things to be solved as soon as possible! Oh yeah, i didn't mind that at all, but what do i mind is very nice meeting some of them here, di bumi Peteh Ganu Peteh :D

 Who's beside me? Are we look alike? Somebody tells so. Actually, she's my sweet good friend forever and ever. We are be good friends since we are in the same primary school. In fact. i've faced many experiences and conditions with her :') Suka dan duka hanyalah bersama dia! Last but not least, i love her just like i love my own sister! :*

 This is a special cake from me to all my friends. This is what so called tasty Tiramisu Cake! :)

 I shouldn't do such that pose at all :( Abby, you're always be smart in whatever condition :') Good of you then!

 There're Faris Murshidi and Azri Rosdie in The House. Faris is a friendly guy but sometimes he takes serious in many things. Suddenly he poked me last day. "Farra, kau masih ingat aku tak?" and automatically my mouth said, "Eh, ini Faris kan? Dulu lain, sekarang lain. You're getting bigger!". Everybody changed a lot! But Azri is very cool. There's no changes on himself, except he's taller than the others Azrie i'd met in primary school last 2008! HEHEHEHEHE.

Abby a.k.a my sweet follower. She's always gonna follow me wherever and whenever i go. And thanks for had accompanied, sweety! :) She really made my day!

Nah, amekaw foto Arisha yang lagi jelek. Anak ini yang maunya narsis aja, gemar bikin orang sebel deh! :'( 

Our gathering turned very bad on that day. My expectation was totally wrong. It was really DAMN, DAMN OF IT! What you should know is the sunny day automatically turned to the rainy day. OMGOSH! You know what happened to me? Arisha pulang dalam keadaan basah kuyup dengan pasir pantai yang tidak menyenangkan tika hari hujan! :'( You gotta see more of my photos on that day? Just CLICK HERE!

P/S: My dear friends, i'm so glad to meet all of you and i do really hope someday we can meet again and held the best reunion ever in the best condition! :') Peace no war!

P/S: FYI, half of them are my Malaysian friends! I know you keep waiting to see my Indonesian buddies, but  you've to wait patiently people! :')

moral values


Friday, November 11, 2011
Hi readers.

"Ya Allah, lindungilah hambaMu dalam perlindunganMu. Ya Allah, selamatkanlah hambaMu dari sebarang anasir-anasir jahat serta hasutan syaitan. Ya Allah, bantulah hambaMu ke arah kebaikan tanpa sebarang gangguan kotor. Ya Allah, peliharakanlah sikap-sikap mahmudah dalam diri hambaMu ini"...

Have you ever recited these prayers before? I bet everybody does so.  Now, i know how easy it is to recite the prayer. You only need to open your mouth and recite it. Easy, right? But you must remember, the main intention you pray to God cause to simplify all the obstacles in life, then you can enjoy life in peace and harmony. Although life is full of complexity, but you deserved to pray to God.

In prayer, you may ask forgiveness and peace of the world and the hereafter from God. Besides, you should pray that no more disasters that occurred caused the death of millions of people. Please people, don't abuse the prayer by praying the bad things because the word is a prayer too. Once you recite bad, the bad prayer will come towards you.

You can say the best prayer but let you recite with the sincerity and you will to do it. If you're not willing to do, you better don't at all. Because only good prayer can be blessed by God. 

For example, can you imagine if the criminals or strangers pray the best for their evil mission? Can you? That's proven that prayer which is recited by them are bad prayer. Get it, people? And  maybe they aim for something. They do recite the prayer for destroying the people around. Please be remembered, anybody who goes to recite the bad prayer for someone isn't too good :/ But i often think who i am to be judge in this case? :')

Why it happened like this? This happens because of you  don't have a strong self-confidence. And it can happen if you keep practicing. I do say what i think it's true to say. Probably, bad things come from us and good things come from God. By hook or by crook, you must admit every mistakes you've done. And quick for asking forgiveness from God before its too late. :')

Don't worry my dear, Allah Yang Maha Pengampun to all his servants! Yuk, let all of us praying the best for everything we do. Hopefully, the knowledge that we learn today can be source for anything we gonna do :)

P/S: Before doing something, don't forget to pray for all the work we do blessed by HIM :')


The awesome photos of Eidul Adha!

Thursday, November 10, 2011
Hi people.

First of all, i want to apologize for long disappeared from blogging world in a few days without writing any story. So people i do hope you don't mind to read my post anymore although this is a very simple post! But it's still full of the Eidul Adha photos! ;)

Let's check my Eidul Adha photos out!

A Collection of Eidul Adha Photos.

P/S: I feel what they feel, i know what they know and for sure i'm very happy to see the people that i love happy as well and we share the joy and happiness together! :'D  Hopefully its not too late to wish you guys once again Happy Eidul Adha!


Happy Eid-Ul-Adha.

Saturday, November 05, 2011
Hi people.

Before its too late, here i would like to wish Happy Eid-Ul-Adha to those people who celebrate it. May all of us be blessed by God.

This is what so called 'The Memory of Eid-Ul-Adha 2010' (",)


#10 Wordless Wednesday: My New Hairstyle.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

P/S:  Everyone wants to feel the changes in theirselves, no matter good or best, regardless of changes in mental of physical!

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