The Joy Between My Malaysian Friends.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hi people.

What's up all of you there? How're you doing and how have your world been treating you? And here i'm gonna share something and it relates to my activities around Pantai Bukit Keluang, Besut, Terengganu, Malaysia.

Since all my friends know my presence here, so we had planned to meet and come together after many years didn't met. For sure, we were having a lot of fun during the chat. All sorts of things we've talked. As you know, pabila kaum hawa berjumpa sesama kaumnya, certainly a lot of stories to be shared and most likely it was like gossip! Indeed, we were gossiping about this and that, here and there. 'GOSSIPING' what i mean here is that we shared our stories together including the story of joy and sorrow! :')

I was very happy because i was being fated to meet them again and again. But what's most frustrating is there're many more my friends who didn't get the golden oppurtunity to come here and meet all of us cause of they had the others things to be solved as soon as possible! Oh yeah, i didn't mind that at all, but what do i mind is very nice meeting some of them here, di bumi Peteh Ganu Peteh :D

 Who's beside me? Are we look alike? Somebody tells so. Actually, she's my sweet good friend forever and ever. We are be good friends since we are in the same primary school. In fact. i've faced many experiences and conditions with her :') Suka dan duka hanyalah bersama dia! Last but not least, i love her just like i love my own sister! :*

 This is a special cake from me to all my friends. This is what so called tasty Tiramisu Cake! :)

 I shouldn't do such that pose at all :( Abby, you're always be smart in whatever condition :') Good of you then!

 There're Faris Murshidi and Azri Rosdie in The House. Faris is a friendly guy but sometimes he takes serious in many things. Suddenly he poked me last day. "Farra, kau masih ingat aku tak?" and automatically my mouth said, "Eh, ini Faris kan? Dulu lain, sekarang lain. You're getting bigger!". Everybody changed a lot! But Azri is very cool. There's no changes on himself, except he's taller than the others Azrie i'd met in primary school last 2008! HEHEHEHEHE.

Abby a.k.a my sweet follower. She's always gonna follow me wherever and whenever i go. And thanks for had accompanied, sweety! :) She really made my day!

Nah, amekaw foto Arisha yang lagi jelek. Anak ini yang maunya narsis aja, gemar bikin orang sebel deh! :'( 

Our gathering turned very bad on that day. My expectation was totally wrong. It was really DAMN, DAMN OF IT! What you should know is the sunny day automatically turned to the rainy day. OMGOSH! You know what happened to me? Arisha pulang dalam keadaan basah kuyup dengan pasir pantai yang tidak menyenangkan tika hari hujan! :'( You gotta see more of my photos on that day? Just CLICK HERE!

P/S: My dear friends, i'm so glad to meet all of you and i do really hope someday we can meet again and held the best reunion ever in the best condition! :') Peace no war!

P/S: FYI, half of them are my Malaysian friends! I know you keep waiting to see my Indonesian buddies, but  you've to wait patiently people! :')

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  1. wahhhhh risha! patut la macam kat malaysia tempat ni,hehe.....

  2. wah best nye..
    tringin nak makan tiramisu cake.=(

  3. assalamualaikum..

    trime kasih berkunjung dan hantar komen di blog saya..

    saya sgt menghargainya...

    semoga berkunjung semula ya..

    salam perkenalan

  4. u look beautiful in tudung :)

    n btw,i've been there. pantai bukit keluang. beautiful scenery there

  5. sedapnye kek tiramisu tu..
    Sama muka Arissa dengan kawan Arissa tu..Dua2 cute.. ^_^

  6. look u so happy meet come visit me in japan...*______*

  7. seronok kan bila dapat jumpa member lama..hehe..comel adik..macam kakak dia..heheh

    by the way, wan selalu ke pantai tu.
    dekat ngan rumah.

  8. Wet gathering....

    cool apa...?!


  9. what a good times u got there.. it was a rainy days? arghhh

  10. gossipping mmg best!! hahaha....

  11. kamu asal Indonesia? menetap di mana?

  12. kesiannya hujan..takpe nanti buat lagi ok?

  13. weehihihihi tgh becuti ye.. sayang kamu tak ke KL. kalau tak bole kite jumpa kan.kan.kan.

  14. Atok: Yes, i'm :)

    Asrul: Hihi :'D

    Mocik Onie: Of course. it looks familiar and it's been in Malaysia. klo di Jakarta lain pula lokasinya. i'll show you later on blog! hehe.

    Kim Heerul: It's really fun. tiramisu cake is so much great ;)

    Sahromnasrudin: Wassalam. terima kasih kerna membalas kunjungan. have a good day there!!

    Sis Aweyn: Thanks a lot anyway. Bukit Keluang Beach has its own peace~

    Sis MIJ: Thanks Sis! :)

    Sis Lily: Memang sedap. you should try it :) ha'aah, serupa tapi tidak sama! :))

    Sis Lady: Will be visiting you faster in Japan (only in dreaming) hihihi.

    Wan: Adik memang persis kakaknya. thanks wan. rumah Wan di area Besut juga kah? if i go there once again, i'll let you know and we can meet up there.

    Uncle Gedek: Wet is very uncool, Uncle. i wish i could meet them in a very comfortable situation, but not like this :'(

    Zuan: For sure, i was very happy meeting some of my beloved friends after for almost a few years i didn't meet them! no sigh in the deepest heart :'P

    Sis Wahida: You love this too? ckckckckc.

    Sis Msred: I'm half Indonesian actually, and now i'm currently staying in Jakarta..sekarang pula masih berada di Kelantan as i'm a Kelantanese too! :)

    Sis Zoey: No biggie deal. i'll make sure i can meet them again :'D

    Sis Hanie: If i be around KL, i'll call you as soon as possible and we can meet very soon while hanging out together!

  15. yeah. Gossip. permpuan kalau berjumpa begitulah. itu yg merapatkan kita. hehe :)

  16. huwaaaaa
    dapat gathering adalah suatu pekare paling beshh
    ohhh ganuuu
    dah lame x gi saneeee

  17. wah3...happynya...

    nak kek tiramisu tu.....baru ja makan tapi nak lagi..ehheeh

  18. Kelantanese..yeaaa finally jumpa org kg.. ;D

  19. Serius susah nak percaya arisha beru umo 15 . nmpak matured la :)

  20. Sweet jugak eh bila bertudung. Macam muda remaja sangat pulak. :D

  21. masih di sini?
    bila mahu ketemu nih ?

  22. comel arisya! geram! nk cubit pipi sket bule? hihi

  23. sangat manissss... kenangan terindah...

  24. seronok gila buat reunion!
    lama dah tak jmpe kawan2!

    follow blog nieyh!

  25. So wonderful that you all got to meet up and I hope you guys get to do it again, sorry the rain was a bit of a spoiler, but wonderful memories still created :)

  26. bilo tgk orang buat gathering nih..papa mifz pun teringin nak buat jumpo kwn2 sekolah dulu...

  27. haha~~dalam ni komen box ni rupanya banyak kawan2 saya~~salam kenal farra~

  28. Sis Ezan: Yours is so true :')

    Sis Aimie: This is great, just like you told me earlier..come there then if you gonna go there..hehe.

    Sis Ila: Kempuhunan kek itu lagi kah? go to the cake shop and but it now! :)

    Sis Ainsyah: You're Kelantanese too? great meeting you here overall :'D

    Sis Fathiah: Indeed, it's hard to believe, but you've to believe it :) hihihi.

    Sis BDB: Makaseh ;)

    Bro Khairul: Maybe besok, lusa, tulat? hehe. ada kesempatan, kita boleh berjumpa :) where're you staying?

    Bro Epol: Thanks btw. Arisha seorang anak remaja yang masih tergolong di bawah usia 19 years old :')

    Sis Fatin: We're gathering! :)

    Cikgu Gen2merah: Thank so much. i do appreciate all your words!

    Bro Eazy: I'll be flying to your place sooner or later. :D but then, i'm totally in rush to get back to Jakarta again! :'O

    Sis Adwa: Oucchhh, you hurt me awhile then..hehe.

    Pondok Usang: It is. it really is! :))

    Bro Hizami: Mama marah mandi hujan. ckckck. no, i'm not falling in love at bathing of rain :'D

    Lelaki Ini: Seronok sangat :')) thanks kerna sudah follo Arisha!!

    Sis Leigh Viner: You're so right, honey. but for me rain makes me feel so not in mood at that time :'(

    Papa Mifz: If then, contact them back and make such a good plan! :)

    Bro Bujal: LOL, iyakah? what a coincidence!! :) salam kenal kembali!!

  29. i'm terengganu people too, at marang. hehe XD

  30. KAMU SAMA KAWAN KAMU NAMPAAK SEPERTI ADIK BERADIK.. Muka sama.. kamu caantik lah :-)

  31. bestnya ada gathering macam tu. oh by the way, comel arisha bertudung. =)

  32. Wahhhh bestnyaaa gathering ! :')

  33. wow pandai buat tiramisu.
    kongsi la resepi ;)

  34. mke dgn kwn sama je la..:)reunion dlm hujan eh?mmg mantap..memori bwh hujan.hehe

  35. salam kenal...
    kenapa x jemput sy sekali?

  36. comelnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa awak..seronok kan dpt jumpa kengkawan lama macam ni...

    oh rindu nak reunion

  37. letaklah ribut atau apa pun, bila ada gathering macam tu, segalanya akan tetap menarik. :)

  38. gambar yg first tu seiras betul..ingat adik beradik..hehe

    kalo sudi jom la join segmen:

  39. Heyy, thank you for dropping by at my blog. I like ur writing :).
    Yeah, it's a really good feeling to gather back with old friends :)

  40. youre adorable!



  41. The sweetest entry from u. Happy seeing ur happy w ur friends hehe

  42. kamu manis sekali bila pakai tudung..yerla muka kamu ada iras best fren kamu tu..


  44. Salam kenal farra. Terima kasih atas komen kamu.

    Iyer lah...muka sama sebijik. Maca kembar ☺☺

    Jom baca:

    Wordless Wednesday #8: Hobi Saya....


  45. nampak seiras je muka korang berdua..comel! :D

  46. babe, it is nice that u have several malaysian friends. :) and i am glad that u have so much fun!

  47. wahhh,..bestnyer dapat makan2..hehe..apik da lama tak jumpa kawan lama

  48. ehh seronok apa bole main hujan... :)

  49. u n your friend looks alike lahh. && could not agree more, u look cute wearing tudung. hehe ;)

    seems you have such a blast day with your malaysian friends :)

  50. ehhhh comelnye 15 taun ke?? adeh!!!

  51. pergh,bestnya kat perantauan,jumpe kawan2 ea.. ^_^.v.. Err,kek tu cukup ke?? macam tak cukup je.. Aki leh blasah sorang tu.. :-p


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