A writing to the end of the year.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hi girls and boys.

How are you? What you do now? Do you have eaten or not? How's  your day today? Have you think that we'll enter a new year again? And it's about a day more to enter the date of 1st January 2012! Wow, the time flies so very fast and i didn't realize that i'll be turn 9 + 7 years old for this becoming new year! 

'What you give, you get back.' I've got back all what i've given over the year! So, now, i freely have to be more thankful and grateful as i've been given so much precious in this beautiful world! Thank you so very much, God :') 

My thought is just to 'one and only' wish of mine. I'm gonna be the happiest person ever even though i know i couldn't be as all i can be, wish and do! Should be reminded that no one can make us happy as well as ourselves because feelings and emotions can't be deceived and only you yourself can know it. It's all related to feelings, emotions, expression and actions! Don't make life becomes more complicated with what you've done all this time! Let's change towards a better and proper life (timely). 

Gambar Hiasan

What i feel now is more blessed to be alive, living in peace and harmony and have never felt that I was most sad. I want to make sure the new year will come in a several hours to change the  things (bad or may be worst inside of me myself).

I want a change. A change which can make everyone around me proud of it. In addition, i appreciate all the changes that are all around. I'll give back to those who have done good to me. I would love the times and the coming days in my life. All i love is i love the most! 

No worries, i'll keep my promises to fulfill all the wishes and dreams. This is me and this is real.

Gambar Hiasan.

What i'm concerned in this world is a hope and appreciation. Most likely our hopes may be the same. For example, all the people expect to live well despite the lack in selves, wanted to do something quickly so that everything ended very quickly as well, but what, we just plan and God determines everything and etc...

That's the hope of human. All people want comfort, luxury and convenience in their daily lives. I should note, the equipment, the needs and demands are already set when we have yet to be in this blessed world.

Semuanya sudah dirancang, diatur, dan disempurnakan sebaik mungkin (kehidupan hakiki manusia).

Last but not least, I can only wish may all the works will be going smoothly, all things are made ​​easier and the coming new year can bring a lot of inspiration and tolerance to all of you. Chillabebeh!

P/S: Can't sleep well, fever, so very bad headache! This is my condition and situation now. I expect this isn't a very happy day to celebrate the end of 2011 :'( Have a very happy and blessed new year 2012 in advance, lovelies!

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  1. cute gambar hiasan..heheh heppy new year farra!!

  2. ya..idop perlukan perubahan..

    selamat tahun baru dear..;)

  3. Happy New Year Farra! Wish all the best... :D

  4. Moga Azam akan tercapai..^^

    Happy New year Arissa..^^

  5. yah,time flies so damn fast..
    each n every of us hope things gonna
    be better n great for the coming years..

    good bye bad memories & here u stay good ones~

    we pray for your good health..
    sleep well dear~

  6. Happy New Yearrrrr! :)

    Get well soon btw, hihi

  7. i wish u will be happy always

  8. Happy new year!
    Smoga apa yg diazamkan untuk tahun 2012 menjadi kenyataan. Amin :)

  9. dugaan malam tahon baru..
    same like me.
    got fever on new year .

  10. I Wish all ur dreams will come true in this 2012.. good luck! :)

    MySuaraBlog: Drama 2012 Kini Bermula..

  11. pretty arisha.may 2012 bring us more happiness and success ya. arisha umur sudah masuk 16 kan ?? :D

  12. selamat menyambut tahun baru..moga segala azam tercapai. :D

  13. apa apa pun selamat tahun baru.. semoga tahun 2012 akan lebih bagus dari tahun2 sebelumnya..

  14. setiap perjalanan hidup kiter sudah tertulis apa pun cabaran moga tabah ekkk....hope u dah lega sakit kepala tue...TC dear

  15. happy new year! have a great one! =)

  16. i wanna be happier too this year than the previous year :)

    happy new year sis!

  17. welcome 2012.

    hopefully 2012 will bring new smile for us. :)

  18. happy new year..ceria2 selalu yer..;)

  19. Happy new year dear.... Changes is good, should be good.... Hope we all can be better tomorow...

  20. no wonderlah muka macam fifiey.she is ur sis huh?heh~

    selamat tahun baru.. :)

  21. selamat tahun baru ya
    semoga tahun ini tercapai segala yg diazamkan... :)

  22. headache? oh cuaca sgt xmenntu .. =)
    take care okay =)

    muke sis comel la.. bulat2 jgk.. heheh

  23. happy new year farra! may this 2012 give you more laughter, happier, and gain more experiance ;)


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