Traditional Food: Dodol is one of Malay Popular Traditional Food.

Sunday, October 30, 2011
Hi peeps.

Today, i will introduce a kind of traditional food which liked by everybody especially di kalangan orang tua. Bahkan, anak-anak kecil pun menggemarinya loh. It tastes sweet and it gets a lot of flavour. I bet so many people like this, but the rest don't :'( 

Emm, the traditional food what i mean just now is called 'Dodol'. Don't you know what kind of dodol i'll show you? This dodol is made in Garut, Jawa Barat (JABAR), Indonesia and it tastes really different compared the others dodol i've been eat. Kalian harus mencobanya. Belum coba, belum tahu bagaimana rasanya :')

Beginilah rupanya Dodol PICNIC. Ia terdapat aneka rasa dodol seperti yang dinyatakan di dalam gambar.

I've tasted all the flavours of dodol. Those are marvelous and mesmerizing. Why do i say so? It is because it really is. 

Dodol Rasa Coklat

 It tastes fine plus good and i can feel how sweet the dodol rasa coklat. 

Dodol Rasa Durian

This is dodol flavour that i do love so much. Rasanya manis plus ada rasa durian. Almost every day Arisha mengemil dodol ini. Hehe. Habisnya enak sih!

Dodol Rasa Strawberry

I don't really like strawberry flavour cause i do really so :'( Entahlah, rasanya manis berkala, cuma rasa manis stroberi yang Arisha tidak suka.

Dodol Rasa Cocopandan

 It tastes quite good. Rasa cocopandan yang sangat mesmerizing. 

Dodol Rasa Jahe+Madu

Oh no, i will never like jahe flavour. Anyhow, old people pasti menyukainya. Oh iya, mahu tahu apa itu jahe? Jahe is actually halia. Yes, ia mempunyai rasa halia. It doesn't tastes good biarpun manis dicampur honey :/

Dodol Rasa Wijen

Yay!! Inilah rasa dodol yang saya gemari, iaitu dodol rasa wijen. Believe or not, in an hour, i can spend my time while eating dodol rasa wijen. HIKHIKHIK. And actually, wijen in Bahasa Malaysia ialah bijan :)

FYI, dodol is one of my favourite food as i'm a dodol lover since i was child.  I'll buy dodol whenever i feel i've to eat it in whatever condition sekalipun :D

P/S: Anybody who loves dodol, i reccomend you to buy this whenever you travel to Indonesia sooner or later. You'll not feel regret if you do so. Dodolnya sedia untuk dimakan langsung bila-bila masa dan dimana sahaja. Enak, sedap, manis! 

"Rasa dan citarasa membuatkan kita merasa ianya enak untuk dimakan bersama!"

moral values

#4 Spontaneous Thursday: Karma.

Thursday, October 27, 2011
Good karma will come if ever do good to people and bad karma will come if ever do evil. So, choose the best path for yourselves!


#9 Wordless Wednesday: Is Missing Him.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

P/S: Kerinduan akan abang tercinta nun jauh di Sarawak :')


Poems: Those Eyes.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'Can you peer through those eyes?
The radiance must be blinding.
As I gaze into them I’ve come to understand
what the ancients must have felt,
looking up toward the shimmering night sky.
All the mysteries and wonders of life
are clearly reflected, as is the light.
And even if I’d never be sure
just what chemicals kindle a stars faithful burn.
I would still spend every night
dreaming up poems about your eyes'

P/S: I love to read poems and i wish i could be a great poet one fine day :') You gotta see the other lovely poems? Just click HERE! You'll be very interested to see and to read those poems :)


I do highly appreciate only for those who'are appreciating me.

Sunday, October 16, 2011
Hi girls and boys.

Hiks, my parents often tell me that i need to appreciate anybody around me, who they're, what their attitudes, i need to do so and i've to do so mahu ataupun tidak. Lagipula, ianya kerjaan gampang sih. So, for me it's truly gampang. 

Perintah mak bapak, semua orang harus menurutinya and no objection regarding any case. Once you denying to them, maka jadilah anak derhaka. Emm, nobody wannabe such that person right?

Whatever happens to myself, Arisha selalu mengadu kepada Mama dan Abah cause they're shoulders to cry on other than my siblings. Seringkali i saw many people around me don't know how to appreciate somebody around them. When i give advice to them to not to do so, they keep staring at me while put on smiley faces. I just wanna share the good advice with everybody around me too. Arisha berpegang pada prinsip, 'Sharing Is Caring'. If you can't take mine as very positive thing, so you better don't :)

Kalau Arisha seorang yang tidak berperikemanusiaan, tiada guna Arisha lakukan ini semua. It's wasting my precious time untuk menasihatkan orang segala macam. Sengal.

In my impression...

They seem don't know anything about the appreciation.

They seem don't know how to appreciate anybody around them.

They seem blind at appreciating.

They seem very know nothing about the good lessons.

What is that actually, fellow? Huh?

I'm never gonna be bad girl towards the person who know me, who always help me, who always secure me in whatever conditions. I never! I do always appreciate them. And so many more ways i do to appreciate them. But why they can't do like i do to everybody else! This isn't my games or yours. These are the lessons that we can share, learn and know together. Sambil menyelam minum air, apa salahnya :)

I'm very, very hoping i can be the best adviser to all of you, including my family, relatives, friends.

Guys, try to think this, jikalau tidak menghargai sesama kita, adakah kita juga akan dihormati seiring dengan penghargaan silly yang kita beri? Tidak logik sama sekali.

A thousand times you don't appreciate us, a million times people don't respect you.

Berbuat baik  berpada-pada, berbuat jahat jangan sekali.

P/S: Sekadar menyuarakan pendapat. Say 'YES' if you agree with my statement. Thank you!



Friday, October 14, 2011
Hi bloggers.

This time i've been called to participate another contest regarding 'SENYUMAN PALSU & SENYUMAN IKHLAS' (SISPA). And FYI, the contest is organized by a very friendly guy named DANIEL ADIE.

(Senyum Ikhlas Senyum Palsu)

Taaaaaaadddaaaaaaa. Below is my photo that gonna be contested. 

"Senyumnya harus ikhlas donk, klo gag pasti keliatan jelek"

Beside that, the contestants may have to complete the slogan above..

'Terkadang, senyuman palsu terukir apabila......................'
(Tidak melebihi 25 patah perkataan)

Rtp Farra Arisha
"Terkadang senyuman palsu terukir apabila diri menutup pilu kerana pelangi sudah tidak kembali menjelma sedangkan kita menunggu penuh makna lelah".

I've fullfilled the terms and conditions of this contest. So, let's the judges make the best decision :)

FERRERO ROCHER! It is my best favourite chocolate ever!!!

Ayuh, semuanya gabung and join the contest together. Who knows you're one of a lucky person to get Ferrero Rocher Chocolate, Angry Bird Doll beserta wang tunai berjumlah RM 70, RM 60 and RM 50. Nilai mata wang yang paling tinggi hanyalah untuk pemenang pertama sahaja :) Take note, people!

If you're interested to get joining of this contest, don't hesitate to join. You may look for the terms and conditions HERE.

Ooopsss, i think i've to tag this contest to two bloggers:

P/S: Since i've been a blogger, i feel i do really like to join any interesting contest organized by any blogger. Believe it or not, i get so much fun when joining such these contests :')


#8 Wordless Wednesday: A Childhood Memory.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

P/S: Like mother, like daughter :)


Please pay full attention to your customers.

Monday, October 10, 2011
Hi ladies and gentlemen.

First of all, 
"Dear honor server, you're assigned as server kepada semua pelanggan kamu yang megunjungi shopping mall, supermarket or kedai runcit. So, anybody please pay full attention to your customers and any questions asked by them."

Susah sangat ke mahu menyempurnakan kerja dengan betul? Susah sangat ke melayan pelanggan? Susah sangat ke to pay full attention to your customers?

The case is happened once i been in bla bla bla (the place can't be mentioned untuk mengelakkan kesalafahaman). What i'm not satisfied is its server management. 

I've asked something to them regarding the product, but can you imagine, they just see my face, explain sepatah dua kata and a very short details about it. Hello! Hello once gain buat misses yang cantik jelita, i ask you about the product, but i don't ask you to see my face. Within five minutes, i go away fromm there sambil memamparkan sikap amarah Arisha. OMGOSH. I do shock with my attitude on that time. Maafkan sajalah. Siapa yang tidak marah? Siapa yang tidak emo tika itu? Everybody will show their anger when this happen to theirselves and so with me :/

Come on, that is a very simple easy work to be done. Tugas kamu hanyalah melayan pelanggan ketika pelanggan menanyakan sesuatu akan produk atau barangan yang ingin dibeli. That's all. Bukannya tahu gossiping, blabbing and complaining sahaja. Tiada gunanya kerja kalau makan gaji buta. Huh!

There are many more thoughts of mine regarding the case. Perhaps mereka terlalu letih melayan kerenah pelanggan lain di hari itu. Second,  sikap dan perangai asli mereka adalah seperti itu. Third, they deliberate to do that to me. What their reasons, those aren't the true reasons. For what you working if you give those unbelieveable reasons. And whatever happens, their services are not so good :( 

Arisha tidak menginginkan diri bersikap kejam terhadap seluruh isi alam. That's why i do always be calm and keep calming myself in whatever situations, so the karma will not finding me sooner or later. Besides, my parents often reminds me to always do the good actions only and behave like a matured person. 

My anger on that day hanya untuk seketika sahaja. After that, i act like normal happy-go-lucky person. Yay!

P/S: My one and only advice is, the servers, please pay full attention to your customers. Then, you and the managements will be liked by everybody. Please believe me!


CURRENT ISSUE: The world's criminal is getting increase day by day.

Saturday, October 08, 2011
Hi stalkers and readers.

Nowadays, i read so many more disgusting cases happen in this world. It's so disgusting cases do by disgusting wrongdoer! They're damn cruel doing the disgusting actions. SIGH. I so sorry to say, it really is!

Rogol anak dara orang, rompak sana sini, bunuh warga emas, campak bayi dalam longkang. This is so WTH. You do these seem you get no other works to do anymore. The other people also live in a hard life, tapi mengapa mereka boleh mencari pekerjaan yang halal? Ayuh, we live in a world. Susah senang bersama. Mencari kebaikan bersama. Make our lives become easier

I do always feel hate to those who're always betraying the people. Orang lain hidup merana dan menderita oleh kerna kau bersikap kejam terhadap manusia lain? Sungguh tidak adil.

I'm sadly saying that i'm so sad and upset whenever i read these cases in the newspaper or the online news :( Mereka yang melakukannnya seumpama tiada pegangan hidup dalam diri. Ibarat menyebarkan aib sendiri kepada dunia. Please be ashamed with your disgusting actions. PLEASE!

Ke mana hilangnya sikap perikemanusiaan kalian? 

Di mana hilangnya maruah kalian sebagai makhluk ciptaan Allah?

Apakah tiada pekerjaan yang lebih sempurna untuk dilakukan daripada berkecimpung dalam lembah dosa?

Tegakah kalian memperlakukan perbuatan keji terhadap orang yang tidak bersalah?

Tidakkah kalian menaruh rasa belas kasihan terhadap mangsa-mangsa pengkhianatan manusia kejam?

Please la. Kita sesama manusia harus bersikap adil dan saksama. 

Please be imagined if you're in the same boats with the victims of human betrayal?

Sedih, kecewa, menyesal, takut, geram, marah dan amarah? Menangisi akan apa yang telah berlaku? Only they know what they feel. Bercampur-baur emosi dengan kondisi yang tidak menyenangkan. Gara-gara pengkhianatan manusia kejam, mereka menjadi mangsa? Sungguh tidak adil.

There are no more ways to stop them from doing the bad disgusting actions melainkan berdoa dan bertawakal. Everybody can live in calm and peace life if there are no more world's criminal.

P/S: In you opinion, when is the time they make the best transformations for theirselves? Kapankah mereka akan berubah? Ataukah mungkin mereka tidak boleh berubah buat selama-lamanya? Mungkinkah juga mereka boleh berubah jikalau berdamping dengan orang-orang baik? 

A child who isn't guilty. Ampunkan dia :')

Once upon a time, you was born as a child person. You're good and kind enough. Tidak punya banyak ragam serta sentiasa berkelakuan baik. But then, when you was going adult, you'd totally change. Sentiasa meluangkan masa dengan melakukuan perbuatan jenayah, merancang misi dan visi yang kotor serta jijik. Ohh shame of yourselves. This is always happen, not sometimes.

P/S to my readers: Pada tika itu, kamu berada dalam kondisi yang sangat suci dan murni, bahkan tidak ada sedikitpun benda kotor dan jijik di tubuhmu. Pabila menginjak umurnya, kamu bertindak ganas dan tidak disenangi oleh ramai orang. Maka dengan itu, berubahlah kamu, berubah agar sentiasa disenangi oleh semua orang.

P/S: Please be remembered one more time, before you (world's criminal) doing something, you better pray for the best for yourself. You shouldn't give the best prayers for your bad missions. Let' see in the future, karma bakalan datang menghukum. All the bad things will be coming towards you if you keep doing those bad actions. And i do keep giving the best prayers ever for you :') Mudah-mudahan kalian menyedari akan perbuatan hina itu serta insaf dan terus-terusan follow the good path. Insya-Allah!



Thursday, October 06, 2011

There is a place where i study and learn, i do something beneficial things, i do befriend with other students and i do learn something new to be shared with anybody! All the good knowledges i do share with my friends. Everything i know about these and those, i do let my friends know about it too. Whenever i go to the good places, i do ask my friends to go together with me, so that we can keep studying and learning at the same place and somehow, every examinations we sit, we surely get the best results. 


#7 Wordless Wednesday: Perempuan Gemar Makan.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

P/S:  Any actions and feelings come from the heart.


Days to make changes.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011
Hi lovies.

I don't know why i feel very down DOWN these 2, 3 days. I don't will say that i don't befriend and don't get friends with others cause in a real life, i got lots of lovely friends at school and so at home. Plus my blogger friends are also my loyal friends. They made my life cheers with their presence.They're my truly best friends. My life will becoming very lonely without you, people! :')

But, the lonely situation comes from where? Hidup di dalam kota metropolitan, tapi tetap sahaja sunyi. Books, lappy and internet and some those junk food peneman setia di kala sunyi if i'm not go anywhere on that lonely time.

Only me myself can face that? Or maybe only me can imagine and face what i do face right now? Perhaps! Only God knows what's true feeling.

The saddest moments will be forgotten for awhile if enjoy the best scenery.

Many people said live in a lovely situation is fun, but i don't really agree with that cause through my experience, once i live in such that situation, i can feel how bored to stay and keep staying in that uncool lonely life! Hidup seperti tidak bermakna jikalau terus-terusan berada di dalam kesunyian. What not if we do some enjoyable things awhile? Then, nikmat hidup baru boleh dinimati dan dirasai! :)

Mama, Abah and my eldest sister were at London in the middle of 2010.

In my opinion, travelling is the best leisure activities when we feel lonely, silent and bored with the surrounding around us. Even though travelling will burn our money sepantas kilat, but at least, we get fun and we feel enjoy with the moments. That's enough fun for me.

How i wish i could go where the place of Mama, Abah and Kk Putri were been. I can cool down myself there, migrate to a new different place that i've never been in such that beautiful place, wanna get a new experience cause i can take my past experiences and mistakes as my lessons to be more kind good girl. I wanna everything and anything about mine will be changed very soon! But i know it might not be changed as fast as the lightning :/ It takes times and it needs sacrifice. Sanggup ke aku berkorban apa sahaja buat diri sendiri? Of course! I'm sure i can do what i'm gonna do. Insha-Allah!

Entahlah, i feel the lonely situation can't go away from us. More we go away from that situation, more it comes approach us. 

P/S: As we all know, you and me maybe feel so lonely at this time, but at the same time, the PMR Candidates will not feel like we feel right now. Because they'd sit for PMR Examination in this week and that's mean they'll be accompanied by those easy and hard questions from many subjects and papers. I wish you all the best and do your best. (i know i'm one of PMR Candidates, but i don't sit for that examination because the learning system of my school in Indonesia is totally different with Malaysia) (my school examination is be called as International Baccalaureate Examination)  (i do keep study hard for the next exam that'll be held on next month) (do pray for me too yeah) Harap Maklum teman-teman.


Wajah tua, muda pada usia?

Saturday, October 01, 2011
Hi ladies and gentlemen.

Adakah benar imago (wajah) mencerminkan dan menggambarkan usia diri seseorang? Mungkin iya. Ramai juga yang expect the statement is only propaganda semata-mata.

Sometimes, i do agree and sometimes i don't at all. But then, mungkin ada sesetengah golongan yang mempercayai dan bersependapat dengan kenyataan itu. Let them keep their perceptions.

Nowadays,  there're many people who get matured face. We can see how mature they are through their outfit, intercommunication, conversation and etc. For example, i just had meet with a beautiful indonesian lady when i was been in MOI on last Friday. I do expect her age is around the 25's on, but then my expectations are totally wrong when i asked her back regarding her age. She said she was 19 years old! OMGOSH! What a shock answer from her, right? So, the age gap between me and that girl are only 3 years old. Fortunately, she's a girl, not  a boy. Andaikan dia lelaki, dirinya bakalan ada dalam genggaman Arisha. Hiks ;)

Anak gaul Jakarteh dilihat sangat matured pada luaran, tapi pada usianya mereka masih muda. I got so many friends from many countries and i knew this case will be happening to some of them. 

I think people do expect that myself and my image doesn't show my actual age.

And i can feel how old i am when i read few times about all the compliments at  #2 Spontaneous Thursday: Usia's entry. All the commentators' compliments sangat sempoi tapi jawapan yang di kasi semuanya salah. Hayo, tebak lagi! 

Last but not least, indeed the genetic and descendant affects sifat, usia dan wajah.

The matter i face right now is, kelihatannya wajah tua, tapi usia masih muda (i think you guys should change the word of tua to matured) (huaaaa, i will become unhappy if people couldn't stop calling me orang tua) Pantasan jiwa Arisha tiada ke arah anak-anak remaja yang berusia 18 tahun kebawah. Is this so called inner conflict seperti Sis Namee katakan pada entri berkaitan inner conflict kelmarin? This is so true :O

Atapun diri Arisha sahaja yang punya feeling seperti itu?
I think i better migrate to a new life, new day, new experience because October is welcoming me to its month :')

P/S: Judgemant kalian regarding this case bagaimana pula? 

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