Hippie Gone Mad Giveaway by Cindy Karmoko.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012
Hello lovelies...

It has been raining all day and night long. I love rainy days, but yeah... This weather has been blocking me from doing anything i want plus i don't like it when i've to run through it, trying to not get wet and then my feet usually get wet since i'm prone to stepping in big muddy puddles. But at the good side of it that they give me a reason to stay at home if i don't have to go anywhere, be alone, stare at the pouring rain and feel the coldness. I find it to be a very relaxing and calming and at the same time creates a fresh and invigorating air.

Since i'm at home without doing anything, except spending some bonding time together with the sisters. Well, i've finally decided to join Hippie Gone Mad Giveaway which is organized by an Indonesian blogger friend of mine named Cindy Karmoko. The giveaway is so excited that i seriously have intention to join for the first time this year. 

So what exactly Hippie Gone Mad Giveaway is about? Generally speaking, Hippie Gone Mad Giveaway is an awesome giveaway for bloggers to join together to grab a Veiled Beanie - DIY via Hippie Gone Mad and a pair of IngriDahl 3D Sunnies that are very highly demanded for younger generation at this very special celebration, Merry Christmas for you yourselves or as a gift for someone else. 

As far as i know, the veiled beanie is credited to German fashion designer, Jil Sander who designed these for her Spring 2012 runway (during Milan Fashion Week). When i first started seeing Cindy Karmoko rocking it out, i think what's not to love about it? In my opinion...

(1) This veiled beanie is cute, unusual and versatile, it's must-have perfect mix of urban streetwear hat, far more suitable for younger generation.

(2) It's quite different with other hats because it would make everyone (including me) look sophisticated but never over-dressed.

(3) It does suit my style (chic, casual and feminine) plus this attention-grabbing is easy to put on and still make a huge impact on my style.

What about the 3D Sunnies? I've always been a fan of sunglasses forever. I'm the kind of person who likes to buy a pair everywhere i go, especially a unique look. For me, this 3D Sunnies has such a cool design which i've rarely met before and it's completely useful and helpful for me, especially when i feel really annoyed with the public 3D Sunnies. By wearing it, I may look and feel fabulous when watching 3D movies in the cinema. So why not?

Here are two things of my favorite fashion stuffs i've been dreaming of recently. Perhaps, growing up in Fashion City makes it a bit more familiar, and it certainly makes it a little more approachable. I've loved fashion and just so you know, it has always been my childhood dream. But i don't take fashion too seriously and often try to have fun with it. It's no wonder i'd loved to join in this giveaway!


Here's the author of Hippie Gone Mad.

What an adorable, chic way to rock a veiled beanie with 3D Sunnies! I love this so much. So, so much.


Being a Grown-Up-Tween-Girl.

Monday, December 03, 2012
Hello lovelies...

The passage of time seems more real to me as the people in my life hit their milestones. It seems there's no remarkable difference between one age and the next. But celebrating the big days of the people i've known all of my or their lives make the difference clearer. I can even remember who we each were at the last milestone and how much we've changed since.

Last December 1st, my beautiful little sister, Abby celebrated her 10th birthday. Like, "woah". Weren't we just kids playing pink retro kitchen set every day (well, almost) our parents had buy for us? Pretending that the wind and rainfall ruined the sand castles at seaside to justify the utter chaos within? Eating cheezels off our pinkie fingers while watching TV?

Of course, at the same time, that feels like ages ago. Because it was, and because so much happens in life between childhood and the moments you reflect it on. For some, the path from youth to adulthood goes exactly as planned, fulfilling dreams every step of the way. For a lot of us, it's rare to end up where we thought we were going. Sometimes that diversion is filled with love and joy, sometimes it's filled with obstacles. But it's the path that teaches us the lesson that shape who we are.

Now Abby is a grown-up-tween-girl as well. Throughout her life, she has been Miss Sporty Girl, Miss Fashion Queen, Little Miss Perfectionist and a ton of others and she has worn different color of make-up even she's not a teen and not yet an adult. *make a surprised face* So what babyhhh?

Life of a tween isn't as easy as you might think. I was one not that long. I think the best things about being a tween is that your mom and dad take you way more seriously plus you get treated like an adult (more maturely) with some of the advantages of being grown up but still don't have as many responsibilities. Frankly speaking, it brings you to explore new things while you're young, and that's so good to be capable of learning at young age things that you like about yourselves!

BUT THE WORST THINGS IS PROBABLY FRIENDSHIP PROBLEMS, MORE DRAMAS AND RUMORS AT SCHOOL, HAVING TO DEAL WITH JEALOUSY (i speak from LOADS OF EXPERIENCE!), AND TWEENS FIRST EXPERIENCE P-U-B-E-R-T-Y! Yeah, it's a horrible, awkward phase to go through, but it's something all tweens go through with grace and lots of spunk.

Now that i'm a couple years out of my tweens, i can look back objectively and remember clearly all those feelings and worries that were on my mind before...


High Five Jewelry Kurung Collection 2012 and its brand label.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Hello lovelies...

Now i'm sure at least some people guessing this online shop will have gone far, or at least have heard of, the High Five Jewelry. For whatever reason, it has made such a profound compression on me and my sister, simply because we're both managed this online business successfully at a young age while we don't expect this to happen all this while, happened anyway.

It's actually me and my sister, Fifiey Lychee Maration, who founded this lovely online shop- High Five Jewelry in April 2012. Currently, High Five Jewelry offers all the elements of a female wardrobe, including women's clothing such as Maxi Dress, Caftan & Tunic, Denim & Jeans, Jumpsuit and so on based on FIVE main high quality values; Fabulous, Fashionable, Fancy, Famous, and Feminine.

Seriously, i think i'm entering a groove that i'm very comfortable with. High Five Jewelry has been getting started on producing our own Traditional Wear that we're exactly happy and excited with! For the first time since its founded in April 2012, High Five Jewelry has just released the brand labels, which not so much recently released as nearly a month ago.

Opelio Roses Modern Kurung

Classical Rhea Modern Kurung

Rainbow Mambo Modern Kurung

As High Five Jewelry Kurung Collection 2012 is officially available here for women and girls, now you can get more pleasure and enjoy this collection as much as possible. It must be noted that High Five Jewelry Kurung Collection 2012 not only brings a wide range of options in different eye-catching colors and designs, but it also produces good quality product at prices everyone can afford.

Keep in mind that our products will haven't only marketed in Malaysia, but also in these countries- Indonesia, Singapore, & Brunei, and this is exactly one of our goals in running online business at the moment. For those who're interested in High Five Jewelry Kurung Collection 2012 or any of our adorable collection, please do kindly take a look below pertaining to order procedures!

Order Procedures

P.s. No matter what you think of High Five Jewelry, it's just an online shop that offers you fashion lovers best online business services in finding the latest fashion trends! Keep yourselves in Style with High Five Jewelry and get ready to be absolutely fabulous!


Eid Mubarak 1433H.

Thursday, October 04, 2012
Hello lovelies...

I know i haven't posted anything for a while, but for good reason! As always, i'm really excited to finally come back to blog after spending such blissfully long Eid Mubarak school holidays in Kelantan, Malaysia a few months ago. It's hilarious how before school holidays started i was expecting to be able to make blog posts almost everyday, but that just didn't happen. :(

So, while i was in Kelantan i didn't actually go out much. Actually, the only thing i really did was  just join the Kelantanese Bloggers Gathering in the week before Eid which was organized by Ustaz Jiji Yu and attended by he himself, Hafizin Jamil, Syazwan Che Deraman, Ariff, Nik Fizri, Izatil Aqmar, Nuru Ashi A, Love Patzzi (Hazanis), Mastura, Anis Zahira, Yuyu Atiqa, Fifiey Lychee Maration and myself! It was nice to meet them because we got to know closer each other, and we really enjoyed exchanging of each others personal lives and blogging tips!

First of all, let me make it clear that there're so many things that make me feel good and happy making full Eid preparations, i don't even have the patience to list them all. One of my favourite things to do on the eve of Eid, however, is cook the traditional, delicious Eid dishes with my mom and my sisters. Besides, me and my seven family members also make sure that everything in the house is well kept, and as spotless as possible as planned when Eid comes.

Unlike last year, Eid celebration in this year was rather cheerful as my one and only brother and his beautiful wife came back to Kelantan for celebrating Eid here. As usual, some performed the Eid ul Fitr prayers together while the others was busy preparing dishes at home since many guests would be coming. These are some snapshots taken during the first day of Shawwal.

During the first day of Shawwal, i was wearing batik Pink Crepe Modern Kurung. It was pleasant to wear, soft, light and easy on the skin and elegant in its design that i loved as well, and what made even more adorable was this beautifully adorned with abstract digital printed patterns on the apparel (seriously)!

My little sister was giving away angpao lebaran to one of little boy who came to our house after finishing the Eid ul Fitr prayers. There were many kids who actually came, but only he allowed himself to be willingly captured.

These were all dishes straight from the heart and prepared with tasteful frugality early in the morning. -ketupat, rendang ayam, lontong with sambal tumis ikan bilis, chicken and beef satay, nasi impit kuah kacang and fried macaroni. There were also favored side dishes like mixed fruit pudding and swiss roll cake which filled with butter cream! Everyone would have guessed that satay was the most popular dish for the day. 

Additionally, we've had some of the popular and much-loved Indian sweets apart from the traditional Malay dish. -laddo, jalebi, mesoor and half of them i couldn't even remember exactly what were their names! But the only one i prefered to eat was jalebi (red-orange in color). For someone with a sweet tooth like me, it was worth a try and you'll not regret it!

There were Uncle Dharmadass and Aunt Kamala who came freely, willingly from Klang, Selangor to enliven the spirit of Eid at our house! They were both also brought us the Indian sweets that i mentioned earlier. Oh, how sweet it was to receive anything from them both. May Allah SWT always bless them above with peace, love and happiness.

My parents with the only son in the family and he was the older brother and only brother i ever had! Yeah, last year, my brother who got married first, and i think some of you might have known him already as i've introduced him once in my previous blog post!

Tadaaa!!! This might be our first perfect Eid family potrait together with my sister-in-law. Sure, we never missed out on a chance to do such mini potrait session, and this was also an opportunity where we would all be together in one place, doing our best to fix anything that went wrong last time.

P.s. I've noticed that i seem to be the last one left on the earth who wrote the Eid stories! I hope everyone enjoyed the traditional food, visiting friends and relatives and a few little snapshots in the last few months. 

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Minal Aidzin Walfaidzin 1433 H. Mulai dari angka NOL (kosong) lagi ya.

Friday, August 17, 2012
Asyik, lebaran sebentar lagi tiba. Rasanya baru kemarin kita memasuki bulan Ramadhan dan memulai berpuasa. Hari ini tanpa terasa pula sebentar lagi kita akan memasuki bulan Syawal yang tinggal menghitung hari dan kita umat muslim dunia akan merayakan kemenangan dengan berhari Raya Aidilfitri. Bukan lagi berlari namun waktu sepertinya telah melesat sedemikian cepat.

Lebaran tahun 2012 ini, teman semua pasti sebahagian sudah menyiapkan rencana mudiknya bukan? Pulang kampung agar boleh merayakan lebaran bersama segenap keluarga besar memang menjadi moment yang sangat menyenangkan. Betapa tidak, biasanya pada Hari Raya Aidilfitri sanak saudara berkumpul untuk saling bersilaturahmi, saling maaf memaafkan, nikmati ketupat lebaran, bagi-bagi angpao lebaran, dan lain-lainnya, terasa sempurna rasanya hari lebaran kita.

Hari bermaaf-maafan ini memang sesuatu hal yang dinanti oleh umat muslim dunia dengan berbagai tradisi masing-masing, setelah sebulan penuh berpuasa maka dipuaskanlah makan-makan di hari lebaran. Hal ini akan terasa bagi orang yang full berpuasa sebulan penuh dan akan berbeda bagi orang yang tidak berpuasa, karena dia tidak merasakan kemenangan menahan hawa nafsu sebulan penuh.

Dan lebaran adalah awal kembalinya umat manusia lebih suci lagi, karena kita akan kembali mengumpulkan nilai ibadah kita untuk berjumpa dihari nan suci selanjutnya. Sayup terdengar takbir berkumandang, tanda Ramadhan akan lewa. Ampunan diharap, barokah didapat. Maka tidak salah jika ada orang yang rindu dengan Ramadhan dan sedih ketika berpisah dengan bulan Ramadhan, karena bulan penuh dengan kesempatan taubat telah berlalu, dan Allah memberikan hari kemenangan bagi ummatnya di hari raya nan suci.

Buat semua teman, kerabat, saudara dan tetangga saya yang turut sama menyambut dan merayakannya, dengan tulus dan rendah hati saya dan keluarga mengahaturkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1433 H, mohon kelapangan hati untuk memaafkan segala kesalahan peribadi baik disengaja atau tidak, baik perkataan atau perbuatan. Demikian pula seluruh kekhilafan kalian semua telah terhapus dalam catatan saya.

Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin. Mohon maaf lahir dan batin. Mari mulai lagi lembaran baru ...dimulai dari angka nol lagi ya.

P.s. Bagi yang mau mudik lebaran dan akan menggunakan kenderaan pribadi mahupun kendaraan umum agar hati-hati dan patuhilah peraturan lalu lintas. Jangan "ngebut" di jalan dan kalau mengantuk, istirahatlah sejenak di tempat yang memungkinkan. Selamat mudik, semoga selamat dan lancar sampai ke tempat tujuan.


Please vote for my cousin's artwork on ALFA Canvas Art Competition.

Sunday, June 24, 2012
Hello lovelies...

First off, my cousin, Sister Hxy Yun is one of the contestants on ALFA Canvas Art Competition and she has been selected among the 30 finalists by the jury. A lot of people voting is really the only important component of the competition and is required as much as possible!

So, here i'd like to take this opportunity to ask you to spend a little time for voting my cousin's canvas art by clicking on the picture below and "LIKE" it. Just so you know, the Most Liked Picture will win a surprised reward and will be automatically considered a winner.

It’s my cousin’s, and she put so much effort into this.

In fact, she does love to make a painting and the above canvas painting undoubtedly looks very impressive, aesthetic, and awesome! As such, i do agree she deserves to win this competition.

If you want to vote for other contestants, click HERE. I'm happy though for those who're willing to vote for them all out. Contestants are also free to vote, but are not allowed to vote for themselves. Any help rendered would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation. May God bless you.


#20 Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful, Creative and Inspirational Wedding Invitation Greeting Card by Sister Irine Nadia Marcello.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

P.s. Me and my family have been gladly invited in such special Wedding Ceremony of a Famous Malaysian Blogger, Sister Irine Nadia Marcello  and her partner, in Malacca sooner. 


The Negative Effects of Internet on Students.

Monday, May 28, 2012
Hello lovelies...

Some people believe that the Internet  has a positive impact on students by providing a variety of resources for their studies. However, i strongly disagree with that claim since the internet brings some negative effects on students such as internet addicts and the increased reliance on the internet in regards to homework.

Many students are becoming addicted to the Internet. They spend more and more time playing computer games or just surfing the net without any particular reason. Accordingly, the time they spend on studying is automatically reduces, which in turn causes lower academic achievement. Moreover, some of them go to the extreme, becoming serious internet addicts, and they even refuse to go to school as they cannot escape from the trap of the internet.

The internet also hinders students from doing their homework or assigned tasks on their own. Thanks to the Internet, students can obtain the information they need with a great ease by simply clicking the button.

However, this great accessibility to any kind of information can be abused. For instance, when students are given an assignment, what many of them do is just go on websites or blogs where the seemingly needed information is posted, and drag, copy, and paste it without looking the material thoroughly later. This is called 'plagiarism', and is illegal. Some students even just download the material which someone else has already done and submit it as if it were their own work.

It's clear that the internet has serious detrimental effects on students. For one thing, students are so vulnerable to becoming addicted to the internet. Additionally, they do their homework not with their own efforts but with the entire dependence on internet resources. Thus, young students should use internet with great caution to prevent any harmful effects.

Omg i just found out my little sister had Twitter. To me, to be cheerful, just tweet. Tweet about what you’re passionate about. Then tweet about that stuff and follow other people talking about that stuff. As simple as that. As Twitter is associated with the Internet, then i advise you all to not focus on Twitter 24 hours in which can adversely affect you in every way.

What i worry about is kids nowadays are also not studying their lessons because of internet games and social media sites. It affects their studies. They're also spending hours a day staring at a screen instead of going outside. What's the best way to overcome them?

P/S: This short entry is simply telling the personal opinions of mine related to the negative effects of Internet. So come on-"let us leave the monitor screens and lead a more healthy lifestyle and make a healthy work."


#19 Wordless Wednesday: The Little Mermaid.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

P/S: The photo is taken in 2008, when i was entered Story Telling Competition for the fifth time. Obviously, i loved The Little Mermaid fairy tale since i was little yet.


#7 Spontaneous Thursday: Why do people easily judge others?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I always say i don't easily judge people before i meet them but thinking about it, if you see someone who looks a bit scary, i always cross the street. But the scary looking person could be the nicest person in the world. Also at school, if i see a group of boy students tease someone else (girl students) behind the p.e equipment store, i walk away because i automatically assume that they're rough. From now on, i myself try hard not to judge people.


My Birthday Wish: A More Appreciative World.

Sunday, May 13, 2012
Hello lovelies..

My sweet 16th birthday was last Tuesday, so i finally decided to write something 'special' with some appreciation of my own. A lot has changed in the past year or so, for better and worse. Change has touched every aspect of my life, from family and friends, to where i live and study. It’s been a year of loss, anger, sadness, fear and pain, but it’s also been a year of new beginnings, happiness and love. 

I’ve discovered that life isn’t fair. Bad things happen to good people. Sometimes a lot of bad things happen at once. There will be times when we feel like the whole world is against us, and things can’t possibly get any worse. And then they will. But, the thing is, there’s always someone, somewhere, who's worse off than we're, as hard as that may be to believe. Putting things in perspective is incredibly powerful.

All of this change has caused me to change as well. I’ve learned that we have two choices when it comes to facing life’s obstacles: let them defeat you, or take the opportunity to learn and grow. Although i didn't realize it at the time, the most difficult experiences of the past year have taught me a lot about myself and made me appreciate all that i have.

For quite a while, i wasn’t sure where i wanted to go with the rest of this post. I probably re-wrote it half a dozen times, unsure of what message i wanted to get across. I was going to list all of the people and things that i appreciate, but i believe that appreciation is something that should be part of our everyday lives. It’s not just for special days like birthdays, and it shouldn’t take a tragic event to motivate us to take a step back and be grateful.

If you take nothing else away from the Appreciation Revolution, i hope you realize that life's a precious gift. It's beautiful and fulfilling, frustrating and exciting, but it's also unpredictable. So, make every moment count, and don’t take anything or anyone for granted. Stop making excuses. Say things like ‘thank you,’ ‘I love you,’ ‘I appreciate your hard work,’ and ‘You mean so much to me.’ It's my hope that The Appreciation Revolution will not end when the last post goes up, but will continue to live on through all of you.

When I close my eyes and prepare to blow out the candles on my birthday cake, i won’t just be making a wish. I’ll be taking a moment to appreciate my life, and all of the wonderful, beautiful, people and things that make it all worthwhile.

In case you were wondering…

 I'm officially 16 years old yihuuu

P/S:  Thank you all for the birthday wishes and making my birthday such a special one! I had a wonderful 16th birthday and your sweet comments contributed greatly to my wonderful day.


Pink Cover Rainbow Qurans Come Back With Limited Edition.

Saturday, May 05, 2012
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

I read the Holy Quran everyday, partly to understand some of the things happening in the world, but mainly just because it's immensely instructive. Nobody should surpass you in being intent on it, or more sincere implementing it. Devote at least half an hour everyday to recite the Holy Quran and reading the translation and commentary. Make it as the daily routine in our lives (even a few verses) daily.

As you all know, i'm totally and utterly obsessed with a new obsession Rainbow Quran! Recently, me and my sister started selling this Rainbow Quran after getting many requests from the friends and muslim people who live abroad. Almost every week, we get the orders from the customers! The sale and purchase between us and the customer also always go smoothly.

The main purpose why I am writing this entry because I have some good news that i'd like to share with you all. It's all about the Rainbow Quran! To anyone who has been asking me about it before, please read carefully.

A very beautiful book of Allah, looking most beautiful in rainbow colours! This beautiful Rainbow Quran-small size-without translation will be published again by end of May. I'm requesting you to  make order immediately if you're really interested in purchasing because we've a very limited edition of about 500 copies only for pink cover.

What's more interesting is there're 12 different colours of Rainbow Quran's cover for you to make the best choice, namely; pink, maroon, orange, yellow, dark blue, light blue, brown, dark brown, grey, black and purple.

Here, i advise you to not hesitate to make order starting from today and make payment (if you think you're a serious buyer).

How to order?

Fill the order form, HERE


Email me: or

P/S: Everyone who has been born Muslim have the Holy Quran. To read or not to read.  That's the question.


I think I need a new good camera, but which one is a better choice?

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
Hello lovelies..

Have you ever dreamed of getting what you want? You always have, just so i do! What you should know is that i'm always make sure what i want is fulfilled even if it takes a long time. But sometimes i don't get what i want because of there're some specific reasons (haha). I don't know why i suddenly so disappointed when it comes to that moment! dank

Now i've realized that stop trying to 'get' and focus on a few worthy pursuits, and you may end up everything you want anyway. Stop wanting more, but learn to start wanting more of the right things. It’s okay to want more out of life, but if you’re always looking for more things, you might have a hard time getting them all. Once you do, you’re going to want even more. So, i’ve just decided that i’m going to go ahead and have everything i want from life. I already have everything i need to enjoy the perfect life, all i need to do now is realize it.

At this time, i'm considering piciking up a new camera as i need it to realize my own blessed dreams and desires! My old one sucks, it's a Kodak Easyshare, and the pictures are horrible and it's far from easy to share. Half the time when i try and save a picture to my computer it won't let me. I just want something that makes it easy to save files onto a computer, and takes decent photos, and fairly simple to use. Its battery charger isn't working too!

It's tiny but mighty, believed highly compact and portable! Such characteristics of camera that i've dreamed before. It's actually Nikon 1 J1.

What's so special about the camera is the clever Nikon 1 JI camera thinks fast and acts even faster to let you capture moments in time in exciting  new ways. It can make those moments come alive in a single click using Motion Snapshot! For your information, Nikon 1 J1 is the Nikon's product that sold at very affordable price! So, everyone can purchase such camera at best buy. It's also available in many colours. The Nikon 1 J1 may be small but it's a veritable.

Apart from that, one important thing you need to know is when you want to buy a camera it's very important that you must know the basic things which you must look in camera before purchasing. No matter why you want to purchase camera either for personal or professional use but you must be clear that what kind of photography you would be doing and which features you want in your camera!

To know which camera is suited for your requirements, you need to be familiar with few important features of camera like:

1) Megapixel

2) Zoom

3) ISO

4) Shooting and Sense Mode

5) Autofocus

So, what do you think? Is the Nikon 1 J1 camera good enough for me to bring along while on holiday? Is it really compatible with what i want? Or are there other cameras better than it was? Any suggestions? Please give me advise which is the best brand ever!

P/S: A favorite saying for me at the moment is "You can have anything you want, but not everything".


Alahan makanan.

Thursday, April 26, 2012
Hello lovelies.

Saya rasa semacam mahu berkongsi pengalaman saya ketika menikmati seafood, di mana saya sangat menggemarinya sehingga sekarang. I think the people out there also have the same hobbies and favorites like me, no matter from the young to the elderly, and adults. Because of i love to eat seafood, almost every week Mom goes to the market to buy any seafood that can be cooked at home properly. Obviously, fresh and well-cooked seafood forced me to eat again and again. And that's why i feel like i'm getting fatter day by day!

Suatu ketika dahulu, ketika seusia dengan anak sekolah dasar, saya pernah mengalamai alahan yang sangat teruk di mana pada kulit ada bintik-bintik merah dan kemudian menyebar ke hampir seluruh tubuh. Saya kemudian memberitahu Mama. Kali ini saya benar-benar tahu bahwa penyakit yang saya alami itu adalah penyakit alahan dan pembawakan alergi itu datang dari tabiat saya sendiri hahaha. Lagi sekali saya menyesalinya. 

Hari berganti hari, bulan berganti bulan, dan tahun berganti tahun saya tetap dalam kondisi yang sama although it has been all kinds of ways i used to heal skin allergic diseases but all weren't effective and it showed no positive effects!

I also wonder why it has not healed yet sampailah suatu saat saya makan seafood seperti sediakala dan ikut suka hati walaupun saya tahu saya alah dengannya. Di saat itulah saya terfikir bahwa dengan saya perbuatkan cara yang sebegitu saya telah 'melawan penyakit' dan membuat transformasi di mana akhirnya ia berkesan. You get what i mean? I can feel my body no longer itching. Merasa heran dan aneh? Itulah petanda kuasa dan kebesaran Tuhan semesta alam dan tidak ada seorang pun yang boleh merubahnya. :)

Bagi mereka yang tidak tahu apa itu alahan, Alahan bermkaksud:-

"Alahan merupakan tindakbalas hipersensitiviti badan yang boleh mengakibatkan kesan pada kulit (ruam)/eczema, hidung (resdung)/allergic rhinitis, mata (gatal mata)/allergic conjunctivitis dan tekak (gatal tekak)/allergic pharyngitis. Faktor penyebab berkemungkinan faktor dalaman seperti perubahan suhu dan makanan (protein terutamanya dari makanan laut dan bahan kimia spt bahan perasa, pengawet dan pewarna tiruan). Atau faktor luaran seperti asap, habuk, sabun, dll. Faktor di atas perlulah dielakkan.

Di bawah adalah dua makanan favorit saya. Rasanya yang enak membuatkan saya ingin terus-menerus makan! Hiks

1) Kerang Rebus cicah air asam

Saya suka makan kerang rebus. Biarupun ia 'menggatalkan' tapi sedap. hehehe

2) Butter Prawn

Home cook yummy seafood! Masakan ini Kakak Elia yang masak. It tastes good and i had best and fresh dish ever!

P/S: No wonder if i eat seafood with considerable quantities of which may lead to allergic. heee


#18 Wordless Wednesday: Manchester United vs Liverpool At High Five Jewelry.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P/S: Doesn't it look attractive? Those who're interested, please get in touch with me at 
to get detail information  pertaining to the Football Batik Trend.


Tahniah, kamu sudah makin tua satu tahun.

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Hello lovelies..

Saturday, April 14, 2012.

Kek Sempena Ulang Tahun Kelahiran Abah Ke-54.

My one and only parents..Hero dan heroin saya. hehehe

P/S: It's truly a blessing to have you as a father!


#6 Spontaneous Thursday: Earth Quake

Thursday, April 12, 2012
8.7 quake off Indonesia. Stay safe my sisters and brothers. :') #prayforeveryone


Karya Zahiril Adzim: Kerja Cuba dan Gagal

Saturday, April 07, 2012
Hello lovelies..

Karya Zahiril Adzim.  Nukilan asli..

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Aku susun pecahan-pecahan perjalanan hidup ini elok-elok. Aku padan-padankan dan himpunkan. Gambaran kecil yang berselerak di dalam minda. Macam jigsaw puzzle. Kutip;satu persatu.

Cuba dan gagal. Cuba lagi.

Dan gagal. Bukan gagal terus, tapi bermakna mungkin bukan gambarannya tidak kena. Jadi aku cuba susun gambaran kecil yang lain. Macam jigsaw puzzle. Kena.

Biar ia menjadi satu gambar besar, sebuah potrait yang hebat. Yang gah. Yang dapat aku banggakan. Bukan gambar itu yang akan aku banggakan, tapi melihat kerja-kerja cuba dan gagal yang aku tempoh selama menyiapkan gambaran besar itu.

Usaha. Kecekalan.

Biar lama sedikit kerjanya hari ini, maka akan kukuh ia di hari esok. Insyaallah. Dengan izin Tuhan.

Semoga tidak ada niat-niat zalim di luar yang hampir kepadaku untuk menendang kerja-kerja aku hari ini.

Kalau Tuhan tidak izinkan, maka ia tetap tidak akan jadi.

P/S: Saya suka main jigsaw puzzle; padan, himpun dan gambarkan jutaan gambaran ikut suka hati. Kerja cuba dan gagal? Gagal sekali tidak bermakna kita harus putus asa!



Tuesday, April 03, 2012
Hello lovelies..

The most marvelous idea to ever come out of sheer desire...

1) The Skirt (This is the skirt i'm looking for)

2) Feathered Headband (Big fluffy, flower headband. A hair accessory like a feathered headband is a great way to give your 'do a fancy look)

3) Denim Jeans Dress (Try on this Denim Jeans Dress for a touch of elegance and style)

4) Pandora's Bracelet (I certainly haven't seen any such most precious bracelet. But finally i've found what i want.. It's the beautiful Pandora Charm Bracelet)

 5) The Rainbow Quran (The one and only Rainbow Quran which is only available at Indonesia)

These are the things that me and you (girl) (s) find cute, interesting or charming..

The cutest things in life; cute dresses, floral stuffs, pretty girls, etc..

Wonder where can you get ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL?

Everything is only at HIGH FIVE JEWELRY!!!

Aromtherapy Products

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Hi lovelies..

Cantik alami, kenapa tidak? Selain untuk merawat kesihatan dan kecantikan tubuh, perawatan tubuh alami juga berfungsi sebagai media relaksasi setelah anda lelah beraktivitas sehari penuh. Saya tahu sesetengah orang sangat senang menggunakan rempah mandi, especially to persons who always get tired cause of being surrounded by lots of works. 

Mandi rempah adalah salah satu bentuk perawatan tubuh yang telah dikenal di Indonesia sejak zaman dahulu, sejarah mencatat perkembangan perawatan tubuh dengan mandi rempah telah dilakukan para puteri keraton di kerajaan nusantara pada zaman dahulu, siapa saja yang tidak kenal tentang kecantikan puteri kerajaan jawa pada zaman kerajaan? Kecantikan dan keanggunan mereka begitu tersohor hingga ke kerajaan di seberang, banyak macam perawatan yang digunakan oleh para puteri keraton untuk menjaga kecantikan dan kesehatan kulit mereka, salah satunya adalah dengan mandi rempah.

Mandi rempah mengandung banyak sekali rempah-rempah yang bermanfaat untuk menjaga kesehatan kulit seperti mawar, melati, daun sirih, daun pandan, akar wangi, kunir putih, daun jeruk. Apabila dilihat lebih jauh satu persatu manfaatnya seperti mawar yang mengandung zat antiseptik yang bermanfaat untuk membunuh berbagai kuman, kunir putih yang bermanfaat untuk menjaga kelembutan kulit dan membuat kulit putih dan cerah, serta bahan-bahan lain seperti bunga melati dan akar wangi yang memberikan aroma eksotis yang khas sehingga dapat memberikan efek relaksasi pada saat anda memakainya.

Di bawah adalah alat-alat beserta rempah-rempah yang boleh anda dapatkan dari saya sekiranya berminat..


-Untuk tempat pemanasan Essential Oil.


-Untuk tempat pembakaran Ratus Dedes.


-Untuk pemanas dalam anglo Aroma Terapi.



1)Menghilangkan bau badan.
 2) Memberi nutrisi pada kulit.
3)Menjaga kelembapan kulit.
4)Menyegarkan dan menyehatkan kulit.
5)Menghilangkan lelah dan lesu.

Cara Pemakaian:

Rempah-rempah direbus dengan air  2 liter, setelah mendidih 5 menit, diangkat lalu dicampur dengan air dingin secukupnya. Rempah siap untuk mandi. Untuk mandi rendam, rempah direbus seperti cara pertama, setelah mendidih angkat lalu campurkan dengan air dingin secukupnya, dan gunakan untuk berendam 15-30 minit.



1) Mengharumkan rambut sehabis keramas.
2) Membuat pakaian menjadi harum.
3) Membuat ruangan menjadi segar alami.
4) Untuk 'V' treatment, mengharumkan dan mencegah keputihan.

Cara Pengunaan:

Buat bara api dalam sebuah anglo yang tertutup. Kemudian, bakar ratus secukupnya hingga berasap.



1) Memperlancar peredaran darah di kaki.
2) Menghilangkan letih dan pegal-pegal.
3) Menghilangkan bau kaki.
4) Menyegarkan dan mengharumkan.
5) Mengurangi kaki pecah-pecah.

Cara Pemakaian: 

Satu doh rendaman dengan dengan kira-kira 1 liter air hangat. Lalu, rendam kaki sambil dipijit-pijit.


-Untuk Aroma Terapi, tersedia berbagai wewangian seperti :
 Green Tea, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Sandallwood, Night Queen, Lemon,Rose, Ylang Jassmine, Chempaka, White Musk,dan mash banyak lagi.

Cara Penggunaan:

Titiskan dua sampai tiga titis dalam air panas di dalam cawan anglo dengan lilin di bawahnya. Letakkan di mana anda suka. Wangi Aromatherapy akan menyegarkan juga bagus untuk terapi kesehatan dengan spesialisasi masing-masing essential oilnya.

Tertarik untuk mencoba??
Ingin mendapatkan perasaan yang relaks?
Ingin menjaga kelembutan kulit dan membuat kulit putih dan cerah?

Bagi anda yang mempunyai spa ataupun pusat kecantikan dan ingin mencuba produk yang segar alami ini, bolehlah mendapatkannya dari saya karena saya sendiri menggunakannya dan percaya atau tidak, kesannya lumayan bagus! And its price is so so cheap! Produk ini juga seringkali digunakan oleh calon-calon pengantin yang ingin tampak sihat dan segar ketika pre-wedding ataupun sehari-hari sebelum ikatan perkahwinan dilangsungkan. Girls, it sounds interesting and supergreat right. heee.

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