The Half Scenery: Just where i'd been enjoying for the good refreshing.

Sunday, January 29, 2012
Hi people. Happy Weekend anyway...

P/S: More and more photos (photoshoot session) will be uploaded soon. Just where i'd been enjoying for the good refreshing...


#15 Wordless Wednesday: CNY Angpow.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

P/S: I was visiting a family friend's house for Chinese New Year Celebration. How lucky i was when i've been given a worth ang pow! Thanks to everyone who were been so kind-hearted. 


Food and People Series | Pt.2

Sunday, January 15, 2012
Hi darlings.

Selamat ya :') Praising God a lot karena masih diberi kekuatan, kesempatan, dan peluang untuk menulis serta menyambung cerita yang bersambungan dari entri The Sweet Escape of Thailand's | Pt.1. And this time, i'd like to share something with all of you there and amazingly it's all about food, food which is always been liked by everyone! We love to eat and we're loving to eat many kinds of food, tapi apa yang pasti setiap orang menggemari akan berbeda-beda makanan. 

Terkait lagi soal makanan. What's interesting here is when i could get see beraneka jenis kuih serta makanan yang terhidang sepanjang makan pagi kami sekeluarga di Padang Besar, Thailand (Thai Border) kelmarin. Sounds interesting, right? Tidak jemu memandang dan mencoba those kuih one by one. And like seriously, i'm loving those much. Semuanya terlihat sangat lezat plus sungguh menyelerakan! Well, Siamese food sometimes is always be the best choice of ours :) 

Perkenalkan kuih yang sedang Mama pegang itu dipanggil...Oops, sebelumnya Arisha terlupa akan nama kuih tersebut. Pabila dipegang ia lembik, pabila dimakan ia enak ;) Maklumlah, Arisha tahu menikmati kuih itu saja, bukan namanya! 

Macam-macam jenis pulut ada. Di antaranya ialah pulut serunding daging, pulut sekaya, pulut pisang, and etc. Arisha orangnya yang suka mencoba akan sesuatu makanan, so i've decided to try all those :) Beruntung oiii dapat mencoba semuanya :)

Buah jeruk (Indonesia people called limau as jeruk) sebagai pencuci mulut tambahan :)

From left: Rtp Anis a.k.a my sister, Pak Su Him, Pak Ya and the last one is Tok Wan. The three persons from the right always behaving nice with all of us sepanjang kedatangan kami di tempat mereka! :') I'm the lucky one karena masih dikelilingi dengan orang yang Arisha sayangi :)

We felt very happy and excited when we could feel and enjoy a variety of kuih and food even some of those also sold in own country, but the difference in enjoying those kuih and food here is more and more interesting, as this is the first time we visited here :)

Anyway, a big appreciation and thank you to this loving couple, Pak Su Him dan Mak Su (selaku tuan rumah) for treating us well during our presence there. We were very pleased because they were both relentless serving and willing to spend the time together with us in each place we've visited :') May God bless our wonderful meeting on that few days.

P/S: All are precious and priceless moments.


Dari Dapur Kediaman Rasmi- Memasak 'Masak Asam Ikan Patin.'

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Hi girls and boys.

For the second time gadis pintar memasak coba memasak 'Masak Asam Ikan Patin'

Today i would like to share a new dish which is recommended by my own mom. It takes less time to cook, seriously. Perfect dish to eat with our lovely family! Let's see what the ingredients used to cook this dish and we see what happened to the dish after mixing all the ingredients.

The first picture above is a mixture of serbuk kunyit, a piece of ginger, 2 batang serai, 10 tangkai cili padi, 5 tangkai cili kering, 5 ulas bawang merah dan 3 ulas bawang putih serta air secukupnya. Blend all those ingredients dan begitulah hasilnya. Kuahnya bakalan jadi kekuningan. 

Selepas kuahnya mendidih, kalian perlu campurkan at least 2 batang bunga kantan dan daun kesum untuk menghasilkan aroma bau. 

Don't forget to put salt, sugar and serbuk perasa.

10 minit kemudian baru boleh campurkan beberapa potongan timun dan seekor ikan patin (kerat).

This dish is amazing. Inilah masakan dari Mama dibantu oleh Arisha a.k.a Gadis Pintar Mahu Belajar Memasak ckckckck. May I don't feel awkward to cook such this yummylicious dish after this perhaps :')

P/S: Yabedabedooo~ What i'm sure is this dish has been cooked during the fasting month. Dan ia telihat sangat lezat untuk dinikmati bersama...

historical places

The Sweet Escape of Thailand's | Pt.1

Saturday, January 07, 2012
Hi people.

Probably you could guess where i've been on last few weeks by seeing the photo of the Golden Mermaid statue. Indeed, we've been traveled in several provinces in Thailand. And for your information, this holiday wasn't planned at all as initially we were only joking to go holiday in Thailand. But, suddenly, the holiday became a reality even without properly planned (you don't think that without the properly planning, it doesn't mean we (family) should abandon all the important things of ours like ourselves, luggage, and most importantly, the passport and money). Wkwkwk kalaulah keperluan penting kami sengaja ditinggalkan, apakah boleh kami sampai ke sini, apakah boleh kami melancong menyelinap masuk ke negara orang, dan apakah boleh kami merakam kenangan di segenap tempat? For sure we couldn't have it all...

Let's hear the story from Another Cinderella Story about Percutian di Negara Gajah Putih...

We posed in every place, and therefore we could have a lot of photos during the presence of us in Thailand.

1. Samila Beach, Hat Yai, Songkhla, Thailand.

The history of Samila Beach and the Golden Mermaid: 

It's a well known beach and has long history. With golden mermaid statue sitting on the rocks, it's a symbol of this beach. It made from bronze. There's the tale that the mermaid came from the sea at one of beautiful nights. While she was cleaning her hairs with golden comb on the beach, the young fisherman met her. But his apperance made her frightened and escaped to the sea. The fisherman tried to find out and waiting her back but it was useless. She didn’t come to the beach again. 
The beach locates at the north of Songkhla province lying from Son-On cape and connecting to the area of Samila cape. It's beautiful beach with white sands and has small islands at the background. On the middle of the beach, there's Golden Mermaid to welcome all visitors. Most of travellers visit this beach and they would like to take photo with her. (Source)

2.  Untitled Restaurant.

The criticism of this restaurant's dish:

This restaurant has a very good dish. Pokoknya, nggak sia-sia deh makan di restoran buffet kaya' gini! Asiiik ;) Plus, dengan adanya pelbagai menu dan hidangan, you can order anything dishes that you prefer to eat lots.

2.  Krue Sae Mosque.

The history of Krue Sae Mosque and its incident:

Krue Sae Mosque or Krue Se Mosque (Malay: Masjid Kerisek, Thai: มัสยิดกรือเซะ), is located in Pattani Province, Thailand. It was begun in about 1583, but was never completed because of a power struggle between the sultan of Pattani and his brother. The present structure dates to the 18th century CE and features a mixture of Middle Eastern and European architectural styles. 

On 28 April 2004, during a period of insurgency by Islamic nationalists in the southernmost provinces, 32 suspected guerrillas took shelter in the mosque. After a 7 hour stand-off with Thai military personnel, they were attacked and killed, along with about 80 others. The attack was made in contradiction of orders from the Minister of Defence to end the confrontation peacefully, and has been the subject of an international inquiry, which concluded the military had used excessive force. (Source)

This is just the beginning. There're many more stories that you should wait if you're interested to know anything related to Thailand...

P/S: My dearest Malaysian people, who is descended from Siamese? And i'm pretty sure you know more related to all these places compared to me myself.


#14 Wordless Wednesday: Si Manis Centil.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Edited by: F

P/S: Si Manis Centil. Rtp Solfie Salsabilla main gaya di depan kamera ;)

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