Pink Cover Rainbow Qurans Come Back With Limited Edition.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

I read the Holy Quran everyday, partly to understand some of the things happening in the world, but mainly just because it's immensely instructive. Nobody should surpass you in being intent on it, or more sincere implementing it. Devote at least half an hour everyday to recite the Holy Quran and reading the translation and commentary. Make it as the daily routine in our lives (even a few verses) daily.

As you all know, i'm totally and utterly obsessed with a new obsession Rainbow Quran! Recently, me and my sister started selling this Rainbow Quran after getting many requests from the friends and muslim people who live abroad. Almost every week, we get the orders from the customers! The sale and purchase between us and the customer also always go smoothly.

The main purpose why I am writing this entry because I have some good news that i'd like to share with you all. It's all about the Rainbow Quran! To anyone who has been asking me about it before, please read carefully.

A very beautiful book of Allah, looking most beautiful in rainbow colours! This beautiful Rainbow Quran-small size-without translation will be published again by end of May. I'm requesting you to  make order immediately if you're really interested in purchasing because we've a very limited edition of about 500 copies only for pink cover.

What's more interesting is there're 12 different colours of Rainbow Quran's cover for you to make the best choice, namely; pink, maroon, orange, yellow, dark blue, light blue, brown, dark brown, grey, black and purple.

Here, i advise you to not hesitate to make order starting from today and make payment (if you think you're a serious buyer).

How to order?

Fill the order form, HERE


Email me: or

P/S: Everyone who has been born Muslim have the Holy Quran. To read or not to read.  That's the question.

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  1. sgt2 cantik...!! buat kita lagi semangat untuk menggunakannya...

  2. Salam..mintak jasa baik anda semua yang berkelapangan untuk Vote for in DiGi WWWOW Awards 2012 : Blogger of The Year (VOTE TIAP2 HARI TAU)

    Thanks guys for your helps...really appreciate it! LOVE U lah..:p

  3. lawa qurannye..tpi tlisan cmtu tak brape minat.

  4. Everyone who has been born Muslim have the Holy Quran. To read or not to read. That's the question

    yeaaahhh, setuju hehe :)

  5. subhanallah...
    A very beautiful book of Allah =D

  6. cantik la.....
    never know that , a wonderful things like this exist ..pity me

  7. SubhanaAllah, memang cantik..

    Membuatkan orang bersemangat nak membaca ;)

  8. As salam Rtp Farra Arisha,

    Suka akak tgk holy Quran tu... :)))

    Klau ade quran macam ni wajib rajin membacanya kan :))

  9. lama tak singgah blog farra..harap farra sihat² saja bersama family tercinta :)

  10. Memang cantik! Suka tengok ada yang keluarkan Quran versi warna warni ni. At least dapat tambah minat kita untuk baca ayat² sucu Quran.. ;)

  11. Wow~~~amazing, beautiful and colurful :)

  12. tempoh hari ku ke bandung..
    ingatkan snglah nk dpt kat sne
    tp x jumpa plak =((

  13. cantiknyaaaaa! semangat org nak baca :)

  14. mcm berminat nak dapatkan satu....

  15. sangat cantik.. tapi saya takut selama tempoh penghantaran, al-quran dilangkah atau dibaling-baling~

  16. Arisha sudah maklumkan kepada pihak pengopasan bahwa isinya adalah al-quran. hal lainnya seperti; cara mereka bekerja dan mengendalikannya Arisha kurang pasti. tapi coba Sis fikir, al-quran dari Mekah dan negara lainnya juga dibawa kesana kemari dengan menggunakan kapal kargo, bukan? ya itu berarti cara mereka kendalikannya sama. wallahu'alam

    yang jelas, luruskan niat. doakan saja ya mudah2an mereka boleh bekerja dengan tulus. :)

  17. farra..cantik betul al-quran. hari2 baca quran . hehe.ceria.

  18. Are these still available and do you ship to the uk? And how much are they?

  19. Are you still selling these, do you ship to the uk and how much are they?

    Please email me:

  20. Dear pls se d me an email too? thank u ♥♥


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