Eid Mubarak 1433H.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Hello lovelies...

I know i haven't posted anything for a while, but for good reason! As always, i'm really excited to finally come back to blog after spending such blissfully long Eid Mubarak school holidays in Kelantan, Malaysia a few months ago. It's hilarious how before school holidays started i was expecting to be able to make blog posts almost everyday, but that just didn't happen. :(

So, while i was in Kelantan i didn't actually go out much. Actually, the only thing i really did was  just join the Kelantanese Bloggers Gathering in the week before Eid which was organized by Ustaz Jiji Yu and attended by he himself, Hafizin Jamil, Syazwan Che Deraman, Ariff, Nik Fizri, Izatil Aqmar, Nuru Ashi A, Love Patzzi (Hazanis), Mastura, Anis Zahira, Yuyu Atiqa, Fifiey Lychee Maration and myself! It was nice to meet them because we got to know closer each other, and we really enjoyed exchanging of each others personal lives and blogging tips!

First of all, let me make it clear that there're so many things that make me feel good and happy making full Eid preparations, i don't even have the patience to list them all. One of my favourite things to do on the eve of Eid, however, is cook the traditional, delicious Eid dishes with my mom and my sisters. Besides, me and my seven family members also make sure that everything in the house is well kept, and as spotless as possible as planned when Eid comes.

Unlike last year, Eid celebration in this year was rather cheerful as my one and only brother and his beautiful wife came back to Kelantan for celebrating Eid here. As usual, some performed the Eid ul Fitr prayers together while the others was busy preparing dishes at home since many guests would be coming. These are some snapshots taken during the first day of Shawwal.

During the first day of Shawwal, i was wearing batik Pink Crepe Modern Kurung. It was pleasant to wear, soft, light and easy on the skin and elegant in its design that i loved as well, and what made even more adorable was this beautifully adorned with abstract digital printed patterns on the apparel (seriously)!

My little sister was giving away angpao lebaran to one of little boy who came to our house after finishing the Eid ul Fitr prayers. There were many kids who actually came, but only he allowed himself to be willingly captured.

These were all dishes straight from the heart and prepared with tasteful frugality early in the morning. -ketupat, rendang ayam, lontong with sambal tumis ikan bilis, chicken and beef satay, nasi impit kuah kacang and fried macaroni. There were also favored side dishes like mixed fruit pudding and swiss roll cake which filled with butter cream! Everyone would have guessed that satay was the most popular dish for the day. 

Additionally, we've had some of the popular and much-loved Indian sweets apart from the traditional Malay dish. -laddo, jalebi, mesoor and half of them i couldn't even remember exactly what were their names! But the only one i prefered to eat was jalebi (red-orange in color). For someone with a sweet tooth like me, it was worth a try and you'll not regret it!

There were Uncle Dharmadass and Aunt Kamala who came freely, willingly from Klang, Selangor to enliven the spirit of Eid at our house! They were both also brought us the Indian sweets that i mentioned earlier. Oh, how sweet it was to receive anything from them both. May Allah SWT always bless them above with peace, love and happiness.

My parents with the only son in the family and he was the older brother and only brother i ever had! Yeah, last year, my brother who got married first, and i think some of you might have known him already as i've introduced him once in my previous blog post!

Tadaaa!!! This might be our first perfect Eid family potrait together with my sister-in-law. Sure, we never missed out on a chance to do such mini potrait session, and this was also an opportunity where we would all be together in one place, doing our best to fix anything that went wrong last time.

P.s. I've noticed that i seem to be the last one left on the earth who wrote the Eid stories! I hope everyone enjoyed the traditional food, visiting friends and relatives and a few little snapshots in the last few months. 

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  1. Arisha!

    nice to meet you and fifie masa iftar lepas.
    ada masa dan peluang, kita jumpa lagi ye.maaf wan tak dapat datang.
    busy masa raya.

  2. family awak semuanya comel2... selamat hari raya..hehe

  3. wah dpt kak ipar baru ke.hehehe
    semua muka adik beradik hampir sama....
    great !

  4. great right during eid time...everyone happy and keep it up our tradition.. :-)

  5. arisha dah lama x update blog ka?

  6. Wahhhh! Satay tuu, bestnyaa! Gulp! Best kan dapat kumpul ngan family ramai2 camni? :D

  7. patuttttla, semua keturunan dia cantik cantik! no wonder la awak cantik sangattttttt ;))


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