High Five Jewelry Kurung Collection 2012 and its brand label.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello lovelies...

Now i'm sure at least some people guessing this online shop will have gone far, or at least have heard of, the High Five Jewelry. For whatever reason, it has made such a profound compression on me and my sister, simply because we're both managed this online business successfully at a young age while we don't expect this to happen all this while, happened anyway.

It's actually me and my sister, Fifiey Lychee Maration, who founded this lovely online shop- High Five Jewelry in April 2012. Currently, High Five Jewelry offers all the elements of a female wardrobe, including women's clothing such as Maxi Dress, Caftan & Tunic, Denim & Jeans, Jumpsuit and so on based on FIVE main high quality values; Fabulous, Fashionable, Fancy, Famous, and Feminine.

Seriously, i think i'm entering a groove that i'm very comfortable with. High Five Jewelry has been getting started on producing our own Traditional Wear that we're exactly happy and excited with! For the first time since its founded in April 2012, High Five Jewelry has just released the brand labels, which not so much recently released as nearly a month ago.

Opelio Roses Modern Kurung

Classical Rhea Modern Kurung

Rainbow Mambo Modern Kurung

As High Five Jewelry Kurung Collection 2012 is officially available here for women and girls, now you can get more pleasure and enjoy this collection as much as possible. It must be noted that High Five Jewelry Kurung Collection 2012 not only brings a wide range of options in different eye-catching colors and designs, but it also produces good quality product at prices everyone can afford.

Keep in mind that our products will haven't only marketed in Malaysia, but also in these countries- Indonesia, Singapore, & Brunei, and this is exactly one of our goals in running online business at the moment. For those who're interested in High Five Jewelry Kurung Collection 2012 or any of our adorable collection, please do kindly take a look below pertaining to order procedures!

Order Procedures

P.s. No matter what you think of High Five Jewelry, it's just an online shop that offers you fashion lovers best online business services in finding the latest fashion trends! Keep yourselves in Style with High Five Jewelry and get ready to be absolutely fabulous!

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  1. Farra! It's about time really for a new post...hahaha...

    anyways,saya pun lama jugak tak menyinggah blog farra...

    hope you have the best Ramadhan,ok? :)

  2. semua design & kaler cantik2 la

  3. arishaaaaa lamanya tak updateeee!

    hmm baju2 ni cantik semuanya.suka tengok!

  4. wow..minat gila dengan baju-baju tu. serius cantik dan serius suka jenis chiffon macam tu

  5. cantik2.. selamat hari raya maaf zahir & batin yer dik. wish awal2 takut x sempat

  6. lama tak nampak hupdate.hehehe bisnes pakaian lak ke...hehehehe
    skan beraya
    selamat hr raya

  7. Farra semua baju-baju pun cantik :)

  8. cantik bangett!!!
    Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin utk Arisya sekeluarga ye..take gud care darl :)

    -jue, ajib & aaron-

  9. cantiknya riesha !! masih available ?? :D

  10. baju cantek2 haha....kalaulah ada baju lelaki sekali hehehe!

  11. Lama bangat ngga berkunjung ke sini.. ;D

    Cantik² baju, nama pun bagus HFJ. Semoga bisnisnya berjalan lancar, aamiin.

  12. cantiknyaaa arisha!heee

    nanti ira tgk kat fb ye..hihihi

  13. cantik sangat..
    nampak fresh. hehe salam kenal dear :)


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