Being a Grown-Up-Tween-Girl.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Hello lovelies...

The passage of time seems more real to me as the people in my life hit their milestones. It seems there's no remarkable difference between one age and the next. But celebrating the big days of the people i've known all of my or their lives make the difference clearer. I can even remember who we each were at the last milestone and how much we've changed since.

Last December 1st, my beautiful little sister, Abby celebrated her 10th birthday. Like, "woah". Weren't we just kids playing pink retro kitchen set every day (well, almost) our parents had buy for us? Pretending that the wind and rainfall ruined the sand castles at seaside to justify the utter chaos within? Eating cheezels off our pinkie fingers while watching TV?

Of course, at the same time, that feels like ages ago. Because it was, and because so much happens in life between childhood and the moments you reflect it on. For some, the path from youth to adulthood goes exactly as planned, fulfilling dreams every step of the way. For a lot of us, it's rare to end up where we thought we were going. Sometimes that diversion is filled with love and joy, sometimes it's filled with obstacles. But it's the path that teaches us the lesson that shape who we are.

Now Abby is a grown-up-tween-girl as well. Throughout her life, she has been Miss Sporty Girl, Miss Fashion Queen, Little Miss Perfectionist and a ton of others and she has worn different color of make-up even she's not a teen and not yet an adult. *make a surprised face* So what babyhhh?

Life of a tween isn't as easy as you might think. I was one not that long. I think the best things about being a tween is that your mom and dad take you way more seriously plus you get treated like an adult (more maturely) with some of the advantages of being grown up but still don't have as many responsibilities. Frankly speaking, it brings you to explore new things while you're young, and that's so good to be capable of learning at young age things that you like about yourselves!

BUT THE WORST THINGS IS PROBABLY FRIENDSHIP PROBLEMS, MORE DRAMAS AND RUMORS AT SCHOOL, HAVING TO DEAL WITH JEALOUSY (i speak from LOADS OF EXPERIENCE!), AND TWEENS FIRST EXPERIENCE P-U-B-E-R-T-Y! Yeah, it's a horrible, awkward phase to go through, but it's something all tweens go through with grace and lots of spunk.

Now that i'm a couple years out of my tweens, i can look back objectively and remember clearly all those feelings and worries that were on my mind before...

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  1. makin besar makin banyak yg berubah

  2. somehow, seeing them growing, makes us appreciate them more :')

  3. selamat hari lahir buat adik risha ^__^

  4. Awe....
    Say hello and happy bithday for your lil sis for me..
    - Amira~

  5. Happy birthday to your lil sister :)

  6. happy birthday to your sister!

    memang tak perasan, my sister already married and i still can't believe how fast she had grown :o

  7. seperti kita..
    hidup yg penuh dengan seribu satu kisah
    pelajaran yg terbaik
    sudah tentu usia dan pengalaman diri

  8. happy birthday dear! :)
    cantikkk sangatttt orangnyaaaaa ;))

  9. happy bday, growing is a lifetime process :)

  10. selamat hari jadi untuk adik yang cantik tu.>:P

  11. she's beautiful and seriously know how to put on those make up.
    chemay pun tak reti pakai make up macam tu tauu.
    bila nak reti pun tatau lah,

    btw happy birthday to her.

    *ehem2. tu boleh tu cakap pahang sikit2. geng lah kite! reti cakap sikit2 je. haha :P

  12. Happy belated birthday ABBY. Cantik gambar abby.

  13. semoga Allah panjangkan usianya amiinnn :)

  14. cutenya....hepy besday utk dia...:)

  15. Hpy burfdayyyyy sister!

    this is my 1st time visit ur blog!
    nice n cool

    #nice to know u beb.

  16. Happy birthday to her!

  17. happy birthday to her cute little girl! :)

  18. growing up and becoming more beautiful... :)

  19. happy birthday to cute :)

  20. cantik reben. hihi. happy birthday too :)

  21. dl ms kecil abby comelll sgt skrg dah makin cantik :)

    jd bdk kecil lg seronok dr bdk besar hihihi

    tp tu la lumrah hidup...sekejap je rs ms berlalu..

    tup2 nt dah nak kahwin :D

  22. peeewit! lawa gambar...hehehe :)

  23. hahah..crazy how time flies and people change.
    we are all grown up and begin a new chapter of life.
    btw,happy birthday to your lil sister :)

  24. hoyeah
    slmt hr lahir. even lambat.

  25. nice day :)
    hargailah hari kemaren,
    mimpikanlah hari esok,
    tetapi hiduplah untuk hari ini.
    bagi-bagi motivasinya yaah...

  26. Happy birthday for abby, walaupun dah terlepas.heee, umur makin meningkat dan semakin banyak rencah kehidupan yang akan di lalui. Itu kenangan terindah dalam hidup.


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