Hippie Gone Mad Giveaway by Cindy Karmoko.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hello lovelies...

It has been raining all day and night long. I love rainy days, but yeah... This weather has been blocking me from doing anything i want plus i don't like it when i've to run through it, trying to not get wet and then my feet usually get wet since i'm prone to stepping in big muddy puddles. But at the good side of it that they give me a reason to stay at home if i don't have to go anywhere, be alone, stare at the pouring rain and feel the coldness. I find it to be a very relaxing and calming and at the same time creates a fresh and invigorating air.

Since i'm at home without doing anything, except spending some bonding time together with the sisters. Well, i've finally decided to join Hippie Gone Mad Giveaway which is organized by an Indonesian blogger friend of mine named Cindy Karmoko. The giveaway is so excited that i seriously have intention to join for the first time this year. 

So what exactly Hippie Gone Mad Giveaway is about? Generally speaking, Hippie Gone Mad Giveaway is an awesome giveaway for bloggers to join together to grab a Veiled Beanie - DIY via Hippie Gone Mad and a pair of IngriDahl 3D Sunnies that are very highly demanded for younger generation at this very special celebration, Merry Christmas for you yourselves or as a gift for someone else. 

As far as i know, the veiled beanie is credited to German fashion designer, Jil Sander who designed these for her Spring 2012 runway (during Milan Fashion Week). When i first started seeing Cindy Karmoko rocking it out, i think what's not to love about it? In my opinion...

(1) This veiled beanie is cute, unusual and versatile, it's must-have perfect mix of urban streetwear hat, far more suitable for younger generation.

(2) It's quite different with other hats because it would make everyone (including me) look sophisticated but never over-dressed.

(3) It does suit my style (chic, casual and feminine) plus this attention-grabbing is easy to put on and still make a huge impact on my style.

What about the 3D Sunnies? I've always been a fan of sunglasses forever. I'm the kind of person who likes to buy a pair everywhere i go, especially a unique look. For me, this 3D Sunnies has such a cool design which i've rarely met before and it's completely useful and helpful for me, especially when i feel really annoyed with the public 3D Sunnies. By wearing it, I may look and feel fabulous when watching 3D movies in the cinema. So why not?

Here are two things of my favorite fashion stuffs i've been dreaming of recently. Perhaps, growing up in Fashion City makes it a bit more familiar, and it certainly makes it a little more approachable. I've loved fashion and just so you know, it has always been my childhood dream. But i don't take fashion too seriously and often try to have fun with it. It's no wonder i'd loved to join in this giveaway!


Here's the author of Hippie Gone Mad.

What an adorable, chic way to rock a veiled beanie with 3D Sunnies! I love this so much. So, so much.

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  1. All the besttt for youu dear!!!! ;D

  2. bgs tu mengeratkan silaturrahim antara indon n msia ;)

  3. 3D Sunnies for tengok 3d image ek arisha? hmm didnt know dat, i tak berapa suka pakai coz kinda annoyed wearing it.. huhu mayb tak biasa..

  4. kat tempat nesa pun hujan saje.

    gud luck dear! ;)

  5. Arisha, all the best and good luck. Where do you live in Indonesia? I always travelling there. Tapi selalu ke Bandung dan Medan je. hehee

  6. you can pull that look, seriously! cant wait to see your photo in it!

  7. gudluck ! btw terima kasih singgah di blog saya :D

  8. good luck dear and thanks for dropping by.. :)

  9. happy new year and good luck!

    anyway, join my giveaway, would you? :)
    win idr 50.000 gift vouchers !
    and get all beauty stuffs with half price ❤

  10. Thanks everyone for your beautiful comments and well wishes, they're so greatly appreciated. Now I'm excitedly waiting for the results of the giveaway. :)

    Lots of love.

  11. eh happy new year. semuga semuanya baek baek aja :)

  12. after u get the gaveway...maybe a part of it..u can share with me..hahaha.. JK.. =P

  13. I'm not very power in English but I'd like to read this :)

  14. nice day:)
    saya adalah saya hari ini karena pilihan-pilihan
    yang saya kemarin..

    bagi-bagi motivasi yaa.. :)


  15. Salam ziarah...

    anda telah ditagged disini


  16. Nice blog dear :)

    Selamat berkenalan

    Artikel terkini...Harga Set Bersalin Shaklee


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