Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

Image courtesy of Zalora Malaysia.

Zalora. Who does not know Zalora? What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word Zalora? For the past few years when the online shopping trend has been widespread, Zalora has gotta be one of the leading online fashion stores that fulfills every man and woman's fashion desire in one place. From clothing to shoes, accessories to beauty products and many more, Zalora brings a wide diversity of eminent local and international brands that is sure to grab your attention. Whoever seeks for fashion products, Zalora is the right destination for you to shop till drop I must say.

However, I believe there are a few questions that would have lingered in your mind but the common one must be like "Is the website safe and secure for shopping?". It is no doubt that some people would ask this sort of question because they might be worried due to online shopping frauds that are rampant and obvious on the internet nowadays. Based on my very own experience, NEVER have I dealt any problem with all my purchases all this while. So I could say that it is GUARANTEED SAFE AND SECURED. You would just have to splurge yourselves with the things you wish to buy besides enjoying your shopping experience like free shipping (if stated), discounts and vouchers! 

Recently, Zalora has just launched a Community section of its own digital magazine. I was being invited to be one of the contributors who contributes original articles (my very own ones) comprise of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment. HOW EXCITING!? As I already familiar with Zalora itself and I too love writing and sharing something to people, I said why not? If I could write multiple stories on my blog, then why could not I do the same this time? My ideas and opinions could be formulated and expanded more deeply and precisely in form of writing. Furthermore, everyone could also be compelled to read my articles when they are up to something that I have written earlier.

If before this you have probably read books, novels, etc, this time why not you make a difference by having pleasant articles-read on the internet? Simultaneously, by doing that I am truly sure that it is not only me who gain good, insightful inputs, benefits and knowledges, but so do you readers. While having leisure time at home or anywhere you would be, you are able to freely read my articles and I wish you have a pleasure reading them. I would write at least 1-2 articles in a month, so remember to catch them up okay? I would also get this entry updated everytime I come up with the new ones.  

Some of them are now live on Zalora Malaysia. So with all my heart, I am very pleased to invite you guys to read my articles. Here you go:

Article 1 (October 2015): 

Article 2 (November 2015):

Article 5 (March 2016):
Basic Wardrobe Essentials For Every Woman.

Article 6 (July 2016):
Batik Mak Labu Fashion Trend.

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Monday, October 19, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

The end of October is just around the corner. This means there would be millions of people in multiple countries, particularly in the USA and Canada carve the pumpkins into Jack O'Lanterns, don unique outfits and put different eccentric make-ups on their faces, children go door-to-door, set up for trick-or-treaters, college students bound to the downtown for a night of freaky and spooky festive and so on.

Unlike others, Halloween each year amazingly reminisces me over the moment when I must decide what I should wear in order to represent myself into Halloween character, especially during my participation in Best Halloween Outfit Day. Picking out your Halloween outfit is one thing, deciding what you are gonna dress up as on Halloween it is another thing. In this case, you would be triggered with various different feelings and emotions that you need to have little patience to pass by all these things.

Those of you who have been through this before might know how the process of picking out best Halloween outfit goes. What I really could say is, it makes you think for hours (maybe) as you have to choose either to do closet browsing, DIY or store-bought. Even the outfits would take you in just a few hours, but the confusion of picking out the very best ones is like beyond everything. Here, I am lucky enough that I have ability to hone in on many different types of fashion styles ever since I involved in the fashion industry for quite a few years. So when it comes this, I do not think it becomes my major problem. My concept is just wear what comforts you in and most importantly, it must be anything that goes well with any required theme.

So the day when I was being invited by a crew of the one and only world-renowned Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, specifically in the West Coast regarding my take on Halloween outfit, I felt so undeniably excited. MUCH MORE EXCITED!!!!! It is because I did not think their crew would have come across my simple blog that it sparked my utmost excitement. As this is gonna be my first time ever to come up with the topic that is related to Halloween outfit and some other things, I hope everything that I have been bringing up in myself could inspire others who want an idea of the minimal fashion style, but still want to look fashionably stunning. Now, let us go straight to the point!


Overall, this is what I finally came out with in this year. My whole look is done within twenty minutes only, no more no less. All were Hong Kong store-bought stuffs which are long kept in the wardrobe. :D I put all my efforts and thoughts into something that is all black except for my hair accessory. Because why? It is always interesting to me to know that how familiar black is in this kind of festive fashion style. If the Halloween colour palette you might see today is warm, bright and fun, I mostly tend to go for black instead.            

2. POSE.

I'm not an expert but it is important to strike a pose when you are about to be photographed. For Halloween theme itself, I just think to pose one that mimics of any creature you might think about during Halloween. When I look at this photo, I honestly feel like laughing out loud, but believe in me that you would have definite ideas about whatever scene you are creating alongside the outfit.


With the right make-up, hairstyle and pose, you have to challenge yourself to bring out interesting facial expressions of the characters you are dressed up as. This could be phenomenal if you do it right and live up the way you feel inside. 

Before I forget, all the photos' backgrounds are solely credited to here, the place where I ever wished to accommodate myself long before I write up this entry. The place not only reminds you of the luxurious accommodations with awe-inspiring views, but it has been host to a number of meetings, events, parties, weddings and personalized special occasions of the century. Its interior and architectural building design are lavish that it is no wonder the place has been choices to many people. This year, I heard the annual freaky and frightening Halloween party would be hosted there too! In conjunction with it, I am very sure there would be a lot of exclusive styles with a little west coast flare that would surely perfect for the night.

And now.....Last but not least!

fast food

KFC Fried Chicken.

Monday, October 12, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

I might not be wrong that more than half of the world's populations in many asean countries consume rice as it has been a staple food source for thousands of years. Like me and family, rice would always be listed in our daily serving that is served together with other side dishes. Since mama is a great cook who loves cooking, not even a single day we miss out on taking rice to fill in our easily-get-hungry stomachs, unless there is any special celebration that the menu would be a bit special and might be kinda different with our daily menu.

Somehow, I believe there is time when you do not feel like eating rice in a day or more. It happens either because you are bored with rice or your food appetite changes for a little while. I am saying this because I have that feeling sometimes, but not too often. And yeah guys, I am sure you feel the same! When it comes to this situation, you must be thinking to have something you rarely eat (whether because they are not easily available or for whatever reason you have in your mind), something you cannot find the exact ones in your home, even if you try to cook they do not come up with the same result as you buy in the restaurant or anywhere else. 

So there it is... Fast food is what I am m currently talking about! It is a kind of food that people would always love to go for while their metabolism knows no boundaries! It has been the common thing to talk about among Malaysians and everyone all over the world for ages. As far as you might realize, we are encircled by a lot of fastest-growing fast food restaurant chains each year. These chains' sales have grown at a much faster pace than any other restaurant and remarkably shown their growth in the industry by getting high-demands day by day. 

Wonder where to get the fast food? Drive through the nearby towns or cities and you are bound to see so many kinds of fast food chains everywhere. If you feel lazy to go out, just order them direct from your home because some of fast food chains provide home delivery service as well. From McDonald's to KFC, Pizza Hut to Johnny Rockets, Nando's to Subway, Wendy's and many more that I think it would take more time just to list their names down and describe their meals one by one. But the best possible thing you can do all the time is you just name whatever fast food and our countries might have it all. That is just awesome right?

You must have heard the above mentioned fast food chains names earlier and it would be great to hear which have been your favourites since forever? I could say that I am not a loyal consumer to each and every fast food I consume but being a great tester is really me. Every first-time I go for different fast food, I would make sure that they suit my taste buds. Wait... Do not misjudge me, I am not fussy as you think. Hahaha. I just think it is such a waste if you spend some money for something you do not like and what you unsatisfied with. In case you like it, go ahead with it or if otherwise, find another, this is my opinion.

Photo courtesy of Google.

Among many fast food chains that have been established, there is one that I stick with over nineteen years of my life - KFC. For those who are less knowledgeable about this, it is the world's second largest fast food chain after McDonald's. Its original meal is the tastiest fried chicken pieces. Seasoned with its founder, Colonel Sanders's recipe of 11 secret herbs and spices which no one knows, a fact that it likes to remind people of. Not only that, other than chicken meals such as delicious double downs and wraps, it also offers salads, side dishes such as deep-fried french fries, cheesy wedges, creamy coleslaw, yummylicious desserts and last but not least, one of the most favourable drinks, soft drinks

Photo courtesy of Google.

Despite of all meals I consume at KFC, there is one particular meal which is my forever favourite and could be everyone's favourite too - the extra crispy, crunchy fried chicken pieces that you are ever more likely to eat in your lifetime. The crispiness and crunchiness of those fried chicken I could not resist every time I eat it. The chicken meat is so, very tender that could make you buy the ones in large buckets and you just could not get enough of it! Its form, taste, texture and flavour would linger longer and be there in your mind. Even elderly people like it too!

Those KFC meals are not only famous worldwide and something tons of people crave on a daily basis but they might be your selected picks when you are up for birthdays, small gatherings, little feasts or get-togethers with your families and friends. I do not deny that there are a lot of recipes taste exactly the same as KFC original recipes but so far, I have not tried any yet. Just imagine, if you do the homemade ones, you do not have to eat there, go through the drive-thru or take away but you can have that well-known KFC meals right in your home instead! Homemade meals take a bit more time to prepare but they are hundred thousands times tastier if you use the right recipes, slightly cheaper and you could feel you have done something good and worthwile for yourselves and your families. Nonetheless, just in case you would like to have the "original' taste of KFC, forget about the homemade ones and go for it because the taste is undeniably worth it.

casual style


Friday, September 25, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

Fashion makes me suddenly reminiscing over memories of my childhood days. I was always being spoiled by my mom with lots of fashion stuffs, from head to toe. She likes shopping very much, not only shopping the fashion stuffs but everything inside the house. Until now, she keeps buying me and my siblings fashionable clothing and she even advises us, wear appropriately when you are going out for shopping or taking a stroll around the city, attending an event and even for groceries shopping. From earlier she teaches me what fashion is, what to do with it and how to do it. Apart from my female siblings, she has been my fashion advisor and I do not feel bothered that way.

As far as I am concerned, the fashion scene is always rapidly changing every season and it can be quite difficult to keep on track. Fashion is not a new thing in the world as it is found everywhere and it has shown its existence in all ages. Not only that, fashion often plays important roles for some of them who take fashion seriously in their lives. If you read my previous blog post, I have mentioned that I love fashion so much and I am one of those people who has deep interest in it. As a fashion enthusiast who owns a clothing line business as well, it has been a priority for me to keep up with fashion trends that has frequently talked about by most fashion enthusiasts and fashionistas. 

In fashion, the thing that people too often talking is fashion look ideas. Some of you may feel empowered in it while some others have anxiety in themselves. It is no wonder that it happens because fashion is a form of trial and error as well. So long as you do not feel good or satisfied with fashion you are styling, there is still a chance for you to fix it. Everyone deserves to get the perfect scores of their styles and to know what it feels like to get feeling when you know that a piece of clothing is just right for you. 

Speaking for myself about fashion, I love to find something that is pleasurable to wear. I would choose one that suits my taste. One that makes me feel comfortable and convenient all day and night long. One that boosts confidence in myself especially when confronting people out there. To make sure I love the way that I feel in my best outfits, I work out what I like, what I do not like, what works for me as a whole. With all that, I could feel how amazing the power that fashion gives me throughout my world, the part on the inside. 

I also do not miss to look further and analyze fashion look ideas whenever I get involved into fashion world. Sometimes, you may be bored to see the show-stopping gowns on the red-carpet, lace or swarovski dresses on the dais or at the party. Sometimes, women eye and desire for something casual but still imparts fashionably stylish hue. So the easiest way a woman can look stylish and never fall as a fashion victim is to appear simple with casual outfits. There are various pieces you can pull together to create the perfect casual look. People often think that casual translates to sloppy and that is not the case. With the right pieces, you can turn your simple casual look into something amazing. For the ladies who do not have an idea of how to pull together a nice casual women’s fashion look, check out these casual chic outfit ideas to try.


Instead of throwing on a nice basic tank top and skinny jeans, you can spice up the outfit with a stylish leather jacket and sky high heels. Simply combine casual and edgy clothing together for that trendy casual look. The jacket definitely perks up your simple tank top. 


It cannot be denied that there are times when you do not feel like you want to dress up. If you have those lazy days but still wants to remain stunning in the eye of the public, go for something loose fitting. Slip on a nice pair of loose fathers, brothers or boyfriends jeans and oversized tee for a comfortable yet trendy casual outfit.


Another way to prep up your casual day outfit is to switch those plain tees with printed ones. As you realize, there are plenty of printed t-shirt designs with creative words to choose from. Choose one which represents your personality and match it with a nice pair of coloured jeans for that funky touch. Step out feeling confident and expose a young vibe with comfort.



Nothing like an edgy blazer to fire up your style. This look can be achieved with anything that appropriates to be paired with to spark up a casual look. The idea of me pairing a grey blazer with High Five Jewelry's multi-coloured tribal patterned palazzo pants skirt is something that I have always been wanting. 


It is no surprise that this look is adored among women my age. Pairing tank top underneath multi-coloured checkered collared shirt and H&M jeans totally bring a look that everyone could style without even trying. What is better than this you might ask for?


I love how fashion could always take something plain. You do not have to do much with it. But remember that when you are keen on turning plain into something different, dare to wear any colour that is eye-attracting. Usually, a white tee and pants would be an option but as for me, I tend to wear violet rose plain buttoned ruffle hem top by Farra Arisha with turquoise green pants from HerBench.

I bet you might have discovered what you are comfortable in, what you think best on yourselves and how to style your clothing. For those who are wearing scarves, you could go with some pieces that are not too tight and follow your preferences. I often remind myself that if you want to enhance your fashion styles on a casual day, you should never be too picky and try to mix match what is in your everyday's wardrobe to see what goes with what. Spruce up your existing clothing efficiently, either it is branded or you feel otherwise, that is not really a big thing to deal with. The only thing that matters is that how you pull off the overall look of your outfits. 


Are you a Polluter or Purifier?

Wednesday, September 09, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

Now that we are entering a new month, we have to start taking our inspirations up to a notch. Get clear by sitting down and be relaxed with all the comforts for a few moments to ensure you will be able to rebuild and maintain your healthy mind. Do not ever let your mind-numbing habits (if there are any) keep you stuck from leading a life you are supposed to lead.

In this life, you must have scruples asking you doing good and bad things or maybe even seeking you to conspire against yourselves. Well, now it is about two different habits which may not be considered and taken seriously by some of you there. Fred Smith once says that there are two kinds of people in any group: polluters and purifiers. With all things you afford to do today, you can either be a polluter or purifier. It all depends on the kind of person you want to be.

I am absolutely confident that nobody wants to be a polluter but in any ways, it can happen when you do something that makes you seen like a polluter, such as belching out of smokestacks, throwing rubbish everywhere you want to throw, keeping the unwashed, dirty clothes, not cleaning up the mouldy bathrooms, leaving the rotten food in the refrigerator and a few more things you are able to do in your daily lives which I do not have to explain anymore. These kinds of habits may affect our environment and our lives yet leads an unhealthy air and makes the environment less good. With or without you realize, it can be happening all over the world but I can say some countries and their people really take the overall cleanliness on the top of their lives.

Unlike polluters, purifiers are naturally good in taking care of their personal hygienes and cleanliness in home or public environments. Nothing could defeat their priorities in keeping themselves and their surroundings clean and organized. They clear all disarrayed things far from their views without you asking for it. This natural habit is mostly inherited from the parents, descendants or their pure selves which has been always talking about by almost people.  

Just like myself, I used to be one of those people who always concerned about the cleanliness around me, whenever I am. I have once thought that to be cleaning all the time, it can be a pain sometimes and you have to be asking over and over again to do it. Hahaha, I know you are imagining how struggle each purifier work on things. I am the type of people who want to walk around most of the day in a sort of comfort zone just to make sure that I am comfortable, so no choices there! I believe all purifiers are currently thinking or have been thinking the same as me.

Furthermore, it does not matter what kind of atmosphere purifiers encounter. They usually pass through the gloomy and negative side of things with something fresh and clear. Obviously, they make everything around them better, you may have no ideas about it and what kind of a difference they are going to make each and every day. I am sure you are often surrounded by either polluters or purifiers which in reality they can be your friends, your colleagues, your partners, etc. Athese two habits can be present in a person at the same time, so you should have noticed people who sometimes (or a few times) act as a purifier but most of the time function as polluter.

It does not only stop there because there are many things in life that are beyond our control and our attitudes are not going to be missed. I am convinced that it is a major influence which determines us being polluters or purifiers. While the truth is nobody enjoys pollutions, still there is so much of it in this world and have you ever asked yourselves why it happens? It does happen when you are all capable of making the same mistake directly or indirectly that it is probably not a coincidence. Your attitude impacting the way it should be.

Well, as human-beings, we have not always been perfect. My advice to you is in order to change for the better ones, you must be willingly leave all negativities and engaging around with the positivities even sometimes, it is quite hard to predict what comes now or in the future. Do not make people deliberately avoid from you because of your negative habits. Let this be one of the greatest challenges that you have to deal with and put a bit more effort in rather than come forward with complaints yet do nothing. I hope you get something out of my whole writing and it helps you become a better and organized person!

day out


Thursday, August 27, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

I love food and my hobby is eating. I prefer both home-cooked food and restaurant food, but my mother always says, if you want to feel fuller and seek for satisfaction in eating, buy ingredients in the market or get some that are already at home and start cooking by yourself. With that, you can add any extra additional flavours you wish to balance out your cook to achieve good taste. I guess whoever who is working, studying or maybe lack of time does not have a chance to do this and you would rather buy food at the restaurant, not too often but quite sometimes. Quick and easy. 

It is universal to talk about food. If you are asking me what my favourite food would be, the first thing I am gonna tell is that I have lots of my favourite food. From Malay food, Indonesian food, Thai Food to Western food, Arabian food, Moroccan food, and the list goes on. I certainly could not have named the food names one by one or else it would out of topic now.

Back then in July, a few days before eid, us sisters have discovered a Korean franchised restaurant which its food was so-not-our-favourites-but-my-little-sister-insisted-to-try. Since she adores Kpop, Girls Generation, Exo, Seventeen, etc, so we admitted it was not a big deal to make her feel like a Korean girl in a day. Hahaha. Before we went to our main destination, we first had plain water, some dates and "kuih-muih" which were bought earlier for break fasting that day.

Located in Quill City Mall, the restaurant's name is Sopoong. Pronounce "So-Pung". It was our first time we went to the Korean food restaurant because it has never crossed our minds to try the Korean food before this as we know we might not like it as much as we like those I am mentioning in the second paragraph. This time the situation changed and we did it! Like many others, we could also feel an eager excitement in trying something new to us.

In the restaurant, we were greeted by a waiter and my eyes started eyeing the seats though there were not so many people in that moment. The order session just took a few seconds as a few days before coming, we have already made our choices of food that we was going to eat here through google search. To see what we hunted last time, feel free to scroll down and continue reading my whole story. The overviews and critiques that I have posted with the pictures below can easily give you an idea about what to order if you ever plan going to Sopoong.

The food finally arrived 20 minutes later. Who was the first person who felt excited about it? Of course, Abby. She really could not wait to eat after many months keen for it. Neomu gwiyeowo baby!!!

Both of us ordered the same dish, Haemul Ramyeon. It does look similar to curry maggi noodles, but in reality, the taste does not. It was onion-flavoured and slightly spicy. Served in the steel pot, it had a few prawns, sliced squids and clams in it. As you could see in the picture, sliced scallions were sprinkled on the soup as well.

Finally! I got chance to eat food that I have been wondering what it tastes like. I wanted to say that the Haemul Ramyeon was good yet tasty but unfortunately, I could not finish it all. It is just that maybe it does not suit my taste bud.

 One of the best-sellings here is Bibimbap, Korean mixed rice topped with assorted toppings like sliced beef and a mix of colorful vegetables in the sizzling stone potIt was a pleasure to dine this while it was still hot!

Bulgogi is acutally grilled marinated sliced beef and accompanied with the steamed rice (see in the below picture). I did not taste this one, but my sister said it was juicy and worth every chew. Nonetheless, its taste could not beat Bibimbap.

To those who think they are Korean food lovers, these were heaven. I assure you that neither you nor anyone can leave the table that easy.

For an extra punch, three different seasonings of Kimchi salads were served together with the dishes. If Malay food, it resembles "acar". Anyone who loves vegetables would definitely love these too, without hesitation.

Out of all dishes we ordered that night, Kimbap has gotten much more attention! Kimbap is a well-known Korean dish that has been one of the classic "to-go" food for all ages, made from steamed rice and versatile fillings, which are wrapped inside the layers of dried seaweed. It looks similar to sushi but basically, they are two different things. If you wonder what differentiates them both, google it. It has the refreshing taste and hugely satisfying that you would definitely come back for more. I could eat this daily and be a happy enthusiast of it.

Apart from other drinks, we also did not miss having Korean tea. I forgot the exact name of this tea, but the taste was great, very recommended to refresh and recharge your body after a tiring day or long day out.

One was busy with the phone while another one was enjoying the dish without looking to the right or to the left. And me? Thinking of Nasi Biryani, Cheese Naan with Tandoori Chicken! Hahaha. 

The one and only decent wefie from us all. I was forced to smile, although I have got Bibimbap in my mouth. Oopppssss, my bad that I could not keep a secret of mine. Lol

They said the restaurant belongs to a native Korean family. Purposely took a picture of this woman just a few steps away from our seats because we probably thought she is the lady boss of Sopoong. When we was about to step out from the restaurant, she smiled and nodded hear head to us and the man (which I guessed he is the son of this aunt) did the same and we simultaneously replied them both with smile and bye-bye. We've been acting cute there, we knew it. :p

These were just some of the must-haves signature dishes. Here, you could find quite a selections of the authentic Korean dishes which are all certified halal and free pork. You can ask your friends and famillies to kick start the lunch, dinner or even supper here as I think the price is worth paying. Also, the place is comfortable and peaceful to spend in. Major love to the one who sincerely treated all of us!

As per picture below, it is stated that Sopoong has 3 franchises currently and another one is coming soon. Since only me and Abby never be in Quill City Mall, so we went to the franchise which is located there. It is open daily, from 10.00 am in the morning till 22.00 pm in the late evening, so make sure you head there within its business hour.

Where would us be for the next food treasure? Any suggestions?



Sunday, August 16, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies. 

I am still alive and I am still standing on the ground! I have not got this blog updated as regularly as before, or as regularly as I should. My apologies! Today, my writing is all about movie review. I realize that I never make any of movie reviews in my blog although in reality I love watching movies, either at home or in cinema. But this time it is gonna be different because yes, I would do it. 

Just by looking at my blog post title, you could know what movie I am gonna share with. For those who have been following my blog since the first time I made my appearance in this blogging world, they definitely know that I have been a huge fan and follower of bollywood movies and you know what? I have so many favourites in the Indian movie industry, either juniors or seniors and I guess you do have too. On the other hand, I will not miss a chance to spend my leisure time on watching bollywood movies over 2-3 hours duration. Hahaha how cool is that! My sisters would be my loyal companions while watching because they certainly have same level of interest as me and in my opinion, when you gotta watch bollywood movies it is enjoyable and fun to be watching together or 'ramai-ramai'. 

Now back to my purpose for writing. Last time us sisters was spending our time together watching a new hit bollywood movie, namely, Bajrangi Bhaijaan. You must be wondering what do Bajrangi and Bhaijaan mean right? Let me tell you before I go any further in this review. 'Bajrang' is a Hindi word which means 'one with a strong frame or a strongly built body'. The word is also commonly associated with Hindu God Hanuman who is called 'Bajrang Bali' too. Bajrangi is a name (often reserved for wrestlers in the stereotypical world of Hindi cinema) that has the same meaning, strongly built while Bhaijaan means a respectful address for brother, generally older brother in Urdu. It means to say that Bajrangi Bhaijaan would mean 'Brother Bajrangi'. Any doubts you might have is cleared so now let's find out what the movie is all about and see how far it attracts you.

"Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a film directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Salman Khan as well as Rockline Venkatesh. It features Salman Khan (Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi aka 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan'), Kareena Kapoor Khan (Rasika) and Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Chand Nawab) in the lead roles. The film revolves around a young speech-impaired girl from Pakistan, Harshaali Malhotra (Munni aka Shahida) who gets separated from her mother at the Indian railway station. Lost and hungry, she finds shelter at the home of Pawan, an ardent devotee of Hanuman, a devout Hindu with a magnanimous spirit hailing from a robust wrestling family. Bajrangi Bhaijaan tells the story of how Pawan undertakes the task to get the girl from across the border back to her home and reunites her with her family against all odds. Set against the backdrop of colourful Chandni Chowk, the film travels from the heartland of Punjab, through the deserts of Rajasthan, over the snow-capped mountains of Kashmir that takes our breath away!"

The movie had been released worldwide on July 17th 2015 during the eid 2015 and breaking several box office records in India and abroad, that is what Wikipedia said. Bajrangi Bhaijaan is the film with a significant message that is quite remarkably touching, heart-wrenching and takes your heart along with your brain as well. The ensembles of actors and actresses evoking various feelings, emotions and thoughts into their performances get hold of the audiences' attention!

I really do not know from where to start and where to end but Salman Khan nails it! I do not admire him so much but I sometimes adore his acting. This time his most innocent role as Pawan is unbeatable yet incomparable. It could never be the same like any roles he has played all this while. You will forget he is Salman Khan and only see Pawan! His pure intention to help Harshaali Malhotra or known as Munni aka Shahida from the beginning to the end literally made me fascinated and spontaneously started tearing up.

Kareena Kapoor Khan as Rasika, a school teacher as well as Salman Khan's love is competent in her brief role and she delivers it with perfection. She is always there for Salman Khan's journey even there is conflict of ideologies between them both. Nawazuddin Siddiqui's character, Chand Nawab, a Pakistani journalist exhibits his acting to the hilt that exactly makes the movie slightly entertaining and causes us laugh our hearts out.

And not to miss, the cute little girl with angelic face, Munni aka Shahida gets herself into the limelight. Of course, this movie could not have been what it is without her. It is beyond words that she shares a strong on-screen chemistry with Salman Khan and she manages to shine in every scene. Her innocent look, her expressions, her large, playful eyes, her winning smile, the way she conveys it without uttering any single words make our hearts melt. As a child actor, she portrays her character tremendously.

However, other roles are brilliant, just brilliant. Everyone succeeds to put themselves into the role of a person who they represent. Not only that, it gives us deep impression especially about religion, love and humanity, proves it is time to move on and see the world beyond partition and destruction and regardless of who you are and where you belong, even when there is no blood relationship, still there is one thing that unites us all human-beings which called life.

Official Trailer of Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Starting from the official trailer, poster, star-cast, storyline, music, dance, scenery, etc, Mr. Director, Khabir Khan has brilliantly presented this movie, after Ek Tha Tiger (2012). For those who have been watching this, I am sure you have enjoyed this but in case you Malays have not done yet, be sure to catch it only at TGV Cinemas, Suria KLCC since the movie is still new which I do not think it is on youtube.

If you are interested, you may install the mobile application on Google Play Store or Apple Play Store or just enter their websites to get movie showtimes and purchase movie tickets online in advance:

TGV Cinemas, Suria KLCC

There is always a sense of grandeur and humour with sentimental value in any of Salman Khan's movies. And that is the one common thing you will not miss whenever he is on screen. Above everything else, please do not be surprised if my final rating of this movie is 4 out of 5 because it is not a disappointment and an absolute-watch. It has all the gimmicks and it is not a typical movie of him but much more than that. Do not forget to bring along the tissues with you, who knows it will slowly tear you up!

*Coming next is Dilwale 2015. ;)



Thursday, May 07, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

People nowadays are paying a lot of attention on fashion industry, especially women and easily get carried away by everyday newest trends that may not be your style but make you eager to try anyway. Fashion maniacs, fashion enthusiasts or whatever you name it may be engrossed in fashion since it is destined to be part of women's lives every now and then that likely has no end.

Fashion is indeed one of the most influential forms of expression for each of us in general and at its most fundamental, fashion is the prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behaviour. You may evaluate your own perception to what fashion really is. I include myself amongst women who admire fashion and dress up neatly all the time because as for more me, one thing that everybody matters most is personality and appearance. So by being well-dressed, people will not look trivial on you. :)

Over 4 years ago, most people who have been following my blog are kindly be informed about me and my sister's clothing brand which has named after High Five Jewelry: Fabulous, Fashionable, Fancy, Famous and Feminine. In February this year, our brand once again made its debut by revealing another exclusive brand name under High Five Jewelry, namely, HFJ Exclusive.

"At HFJ Exclusive, we specialize in professional tailoring services in retail & bulk as well as offering custom-made attires & ready-to-wear collection for weddings, parties, any formal & casual occasions. Knowing the fact that HFJ Exclusive carries out together fine quality & exclusive workmanship, our collection adequately brings your satisfaction at its best! Wearers of the HFJ Exclusive collection will be enchanting as it perfectly embodies classic elegance with a contemporary twist."

Recently, HFJ Exclusive has successfully come out with its first ready-to-wear collection in collaboration with High Five Jewelry. Fashionistas who unhesitatingly love black colour and prefer maxi dress rather than other designs should take a glance at our piece.

Bringing duo ideas from concept to reality, a piece that was immensely influenced by Contemporary Concept of Elegance & Sophistication, ROYALE BLACK surprisingly proves black colour manages to captivate wearer along with the exquisite fit & flattering silhouette.

ROYALE BLACK is a long dress crafted from high quality, smooth & supple satin which features floor length, contrasting front split detail, round neckline with long sleeves & hidden back zipper.

Sometimes, it can be confusing to decide what size are you after. Our only suggestion is that you should first figure out the accurate size of your own body measurements from your nearest tailor. As with the ROYALE BLACK, you will worry less because you are able to determine your size from the measurement chart given - S, M and L.

ROYALE BLACK not only ensures beautifully demure and modest effect, but simultaneously taking it from day to night comfortably, pleasantly. On the other hand, you can team it with whatever accessories you want - a statement necklace, a matching clutch or a pair of heels.

Play the full video promo for ROYALE BLACK on Youtube! A photoshoot without video record is incomplete and has no fun. So we decided to make a short video and edited it to become more surprising with what we are gonna reveal about!

With the tagline of "Worldwide Attire with Heterogeneous and Carving Designs", we believe that our brand could go far and shines with its originality in producing outstanding and remarkable designs which approach to the international market. Tell me what do you think and I am looking forward to hear from you ladies!

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