Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

In this life you must be seizing anything that you ever wished to have right? Even if you do not get it within a short time, you would make sure that you will have it someday. You fight for what you want and you are attached to struggle, like an idioms once says, "If there is a will, there is a way". And I am absolutely sure there are reasons behind your every desire. 

Perfume is one of my current obsessions now and always would be -  no matter what brand I use, which type of scent I prefer or how many bottles I have. Picking a fragrance is a personal thing which I guess it usually hinges the emotions and that matters "all of me" most. In an ideal world of fragrance, select one that you assuredly like, one that could not get you headache when you wear it on and one that embraces good and pleasant smell to mostly who comes near you or everywhere you go. As simple as that!

I have been a long time admirer of Vera Wang's perfume. Not because the brand is globally known or whatever you might think of, but to me the brand is something that women absolutely adore and make them feel like their most beautiful selves (oh so lovely). The brand celebrates femininity and glamour as well as able to captivate every woman's heart with its exquisite odor.

One of the offerings by Vera Wang at the beginning of 2014 caught my attention, namely Be Jeweled Rouge - a flanker to the original 2013's Be Jeweled. The bottle of this perfume comes in light pink multifaceted shaped glass with several sparkling pink, daring red & smoky grey jewel stones around the brim which I could not take my eyes off it!

Be Jeweled Rouge is a sparkling floriental fruity fragrance that dazzles with top notes of mandarin and several varieties of red berries, middle notes of gardenia, vanilla orchid and pink peony and base notes such as praline, musk and cashmere woods. To be transparent, the scent I first notice when I spritz is sweet and fruity but as the skin warms up the perfume, floral scent starts to blossom up and leaves notes of creamy vanilla.

When it comes to how long the smell lasts, you could not even go wrong! I would say the perfume seems to last for most of the day. I am not sure whether it gives you the same result as mine or not, but for sure I am satisfied with its surprising sillage and longevity and therefore it is worth buying I tell you! Be Jeweled Rouge is unpredictable yet totally wearable, you might not fall in love with its scent when you sniff it, but at the end of the day, you will do. Just like me, as some of you might know, I am more of earthy, clean and fresh kind of perfume but every once in awhile, I want to be smelling "sweet" like a flower with honey! Lol.

Sparkling inside & out, Be Jeweled Rouge is made as a pleasant and playful scent that captures the energy and excitement of the flirtatious and fun girl's day out. Either to embrace your feminine side or to be smelling girly, this one fits your desire when it strikes and it is not stopping there! The scent enthralls the wearer and whole soul indeed. Go try it out & you will never complain, that is for sure!

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  1. look sooooo nice!!! i suka sebab botol dia cantik..mesti bau pun best..huu~
    i pun ada benda yang i nak tapi tak tau boleh dapat..
    i nak wallet tuscano!! harga RM500++.. bila la boleh dapat..hehe

    1. Yes it is. U should try in getting it too! Don't worry dear, I pray that one day soon u'll get what u want even it takes a lil bit time.

  2. Wiuuu! The packaging looks nice ! I always want to have one expensive perfume. Hehe. And i am looking forward for latest VS perfume collection. Wait until I work first then I buy huhuuu

    1. I'm sure u would do, just put more effort into it! VS perfume never makes us regret right?

  3. Replies
    1. Lawa sangat. Bagi penggemar perfume yang suka menyimpan botol, tak rugi kalau beli sebab boleh dijadikan koleksi.

  4. now u make me aim for dis perfume..hahah..look nice!

  5. the botol so cantik! it!!..;D

  6. singgah follow sini.. Jom ke jom singgah ke dan jgn lupa follow sekali ye


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