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Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

I love food and my hobby is eating. I prefer both home-cooked food and restaurant food, but my mother always says, if you want to feel fuller and seek for satisfaction in eating, buy ingredients in the market or get some that are already at home and start cooking by yourself. With that, you can add any extra additional flavours you wish to balance out your cook to achieve good taste. I guess whoever who is working, studying or maybe lack of time does not have a chance to do this and you would rather buy food at the restaurant, not too often but quite sometimes. Quick and easy. 

It is universal to talk about food. If you are asking me what my favourite food would be, the first thing I am gonna tell is that I have lots of my favourite food. From Malay food, Indonesian food, Thai Food to Western food, Arabian food, Moroccan food, and the list goes on. I certainly could not have named the food names one by one or else it would out of topic now.

Back then in July, a few days before eid, us sisters have discovered a Korean franchised restaurant which its food was so-not-our-favourites-but-my-little-sister-insisted-to-try. Since she adores Kpop, Girls Generation, Exo, Seventeen, etc, so we admitted it was not a big deal to make her feel like a Korean girl in a day. Hahaha. Before we went to our main destination, we first had plain water, some dates and "kuih-muih" which were bought earlier for break fasting that day.

Located in Quill City Mall, the restaurant's name is Sopoong. Pronounce "So-Pung". It was our first time we went to the Korean food restaurant because it has never crossed our minds to try the Korean food before this as we know we might not like it as much as we like those I am mentioning in the second paragraph. This time the situation changed and we did it! Like many others, we could also feel an eager excitement in trying something new to us.

In the restaurant, we were greeted by a waiter and my eyes started eyeing the seats though there were not so many people in that moment. The order session just took a few seconds as a few days before coming, we have already made our choices of food that we was going to eat here through google search. To see what we hunted last time, feel free to scroll down and continue reading my whole story. The overviews and critiques that I have posted with the pictures below can easily give you an idea about what to order if you ever plan going to Sopoong.

The food finally arrived 20 minutes later. Who was the first person who felt excited about it? Of course, Abby. She really could not wait to eat after many months keen for it. Neomu gwiyeowo baby!!!

Both of us ordered the same dish, Haemul Ramyeon. It does look similar to curry maggi noodles, but in reality, the taste does not. It was onion-flavoured and slightly spicy. Served in the steel pot, it had a few prawns, sliced squids and clams in it. As you could see in the picture, sliced scallions were sprinkled on the soup as well.

Finally! I got chance to eat food that I have been wondering what it tastes like. I wanted to say that the Haemul Ramyeon was good yet tasty but unfortunately, I could not finish it all. It is just that maybe it does not suit my taste bud.

 One of the best-sellings here is Bibimbap, Korean mixed rice topped with assorted toppings like sliced beef and a mix of colorful vegetables in the sizzling stone potIt was a pleasure to dine this while it was still hot!

Bulgogi is acutally grilled marinated sliced beef and accompanied with the steamed rice (see in the below picture). I did not taste this one, but my sister said it was juicy and worth every chew. Nonetheless, its taste could not beat Bibimbap.

To those who think they are Korean food lovers, these were heaven. I assure you that neither you nor anyone can leave the table that easy.

For an extra punch, three different seasonings of Kimchi salads were served together with the dishes. If Malay food, it resembles "acar". Anyone who loves vegetables would definitely love these too, without hesitation.

Out of all dishes we ordered that night, Kimbap has gotten much more attention! Kimbap is a well-known Korean dish that has been one of the classic "to-go" food for all ages, made from steamed rice and versatile fillings, which are wrapped inside the layers of dried seaweed. It looks similar to sushi but basically, they are two different things. If you wonder what differentiates them both, google it. It has the refreshing taste and hugely satisfying that you would definitely come back for more. I could eat this daily and be a happy enthusiast of it.

Apart from other drinks, we also did not miss having Korean tea. I forgot the exact name of this tea, but the taste was great, very recommended to refresh and recharge your body after a tiring day or long day out.

One was busy with the phone while another one was enjoying the dish without looking to the right or to the left. And me? Thinking of Nasi Biryani, Cheese Naan with Tandoori Chicken! Hahaha. 

The one and only decent wefie from us all. I was forced to smile, although I have got Bibimbap in my mouth. Oopppssss, my bad that I could not keep a secret of mine. Lol

They said the restaurant belongs to a native Korean family. Purposely took a picture of this woman just a few steps away from our seats because we probably thought she is the lady boss of Sopoong. When we was about to step out from the restaurant, she smiled and nodded hear head to us and the man (which I guessed he is the son of this aunt) did the same and we simultaneously replied them both with smile and bye-bye. We've been acting cute there, we knew it. :p

These were just some of the must-haves signature dishes. Here, you could find quite a selections of the authentic Korean dishes which are all certified halal and free pork. You can ask your friends and famillies to kick start the lunch, dinner or even supper here as I think the price is worth paying. Also, the place is comfortable and peaceful to spend in. Major love to the one who sincerely treated all of us!

As per picture below, it is stated that Sopoong has 3 franchises currently and another one is coming soon. Since only me and Abby never be in Quill City Mall, so we went to the franchise which is located there. It is open daily, from 10.00 am in the morning till 22.00 pm in the late evening, so make sure you head there within its business hour.

Where would us be for the next food treasure? Any suggestions?

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  1. Kimbap has been my most favourite that day! Hehe

  2. wow.. i wonder what the bibimbap taste like...

  3. i love ramen & few korean foods! and i love girls generation too. haha! owh ya, and super junior ;)

  4. the bowl so ugly for me.....sorry ya
    nice entry

  5. pernah lalu kedai tu. tapi tak try pun lagi

  6. Make me hungry pagi2 ni...hihi


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