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Friday, September 25, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

Fashion makes me suddenly reminiscing over memories of my childhood days. I was always being spoiled by my mom with lots of fashion stuffs, from head to toe. She likes shopping very much, not only shopping the fashion stuffs but everything inside the house. Until now, she keeps buying me and my siblings fashionable clothing and she even advises us, wear appropriately when you are going out for shopping or taking a stroll around the city, attending an event and even for groceries shopping. From earlier she teaches me what fashion is, what to do with it and how to do it. Apart from my female siblings, she has been my fashion advisor and I do not feel bothered that way.

As far as I am concerned, the fashion scene is always rapidly changing every season and it can be quite difficult to keep on track. Fashion is not a new thing in the world as it is found everywhere and it has shown its existence in all ages. Not only that, fashion often plays important roles for some of them who take fashion seriously in their lives. If you read my previous blog post, I have mentioned that I love fashion so much and I am one of those people who has deep interest in it. As a fashion enthusiast who owns a clothing line business as well, it has been a priority for me to keep up with fashion trends that has frequently talked about by most fashion enthusiasts and fashionistas. 

In fashion, the thing that people too often talking is fashion look ideas. Some of you may feel empowered in it while some others have anxiety in themselves. It is no wonder that it happens because fashion is a form of trial and error as well. So long as you do not feel good or satisfied with fashion you are styling, there is still a chance for you to fix it. Everyone deserves to get the perfect scores of their styles and to know what it feels like to get feeling when you know that a piece of clothing is just right for you. 

Speaking for myself about fashion, I love to find something that is pleasurable to wear. I would choose one that suits my taste. One that makes me feel comfortable and convenient all day and night long. One that boosts confidence in myself especially when confronting people out there. To make sure I love the way that I feel in my best outfits, I work out what I like, what I do not like, what works for me as a whole. With all that, I could feel how amazing the power that fashion gives me throughout my world, the part on the inside. 

I also do not miss to look further and analyze fashion look ideas whenever I get involved into fashion world. Sometimes, you may be bored to see the show-stopping gowns on the red-carpet, lace or swarovski dresses on the dais or at the party. Sometimes, women eye and desire for something casual but still imparts fashionably stylish hue. So the easiest way a woman can look stylish and never fall as a fashion victim is to appear simple with casual outfits. There are various pieces you can pull together to create the perfect casual look. People often think that casual translates to sloppy and that is not the case. With the right pieces, you can turn your simple casual look into something amazing. For the ladies who do not have an idea of how to pull together a nice casual women’s fashion look, check out these casual chic outfit ideas to try.


Instead of throwing on a nice basic tank top and skinny jeans, you can spice up the outfit with a stylish leather jacket and sky high heels. Simply combine casual and edgy clothing together for that trendy casual look. The jacket definitely perks up your simple tank top. 


It cannot be denied that there are times when you do not feel like you want to dress up. If you have those lazy days but still wants to remain stunning in the eye of the public, go for something loose fitting. Slip on a nice pair of loose fathers, brothers or boyfriends jeans and oversized tee for a comfortable yet trendy casual outfit.


Another way to prep up your casual day outfit is to switch those plain tees with printed ones. As you realize, there are plenty of printed t-shirt designs with creative words to choose from. Choose one which represents your personality and match it with a nice pair of coloured jeans for that funky touch. Step out feeling confident and expose a young vibe with comfort.



Nothing like an edgy blazer to fire up your style. This look can be achieved with anything that appropriates to be paired with to spark up a casual look. The idea of me pairing a grey blazer with High Five Jewelry's multi-coloured tribal patterned palazzo pants skirt is something that I have always been wanting. 


It is no surprise that this look is adored among women my age. Pairing tank top underneath multi-coloured checkered collared shirt and H&M jeans totally bring a look that everyone could style without even trying. What is better than this you might ask for?


I love how fashion could always take something plain. You do not have to do much with it. But remember that when you are keen on turning plain into something different, dare to wear any colour that is eye-attracting. Usually, a white tee and pants would be an option but as for me, I tend to wear violet rose plain buttoned ruffle hem top by Farra Arisha with turquoise green pants from HerBench.

I bet you might have discovered what you are comfortable in, what you think best on yourselves and how to style your clothing. For those who are wearing scarves, you could go with some pieces that are not too tight and follow your preferences. I often remind myself that if you want to enhance your fashion styles on a casual day, you should never be too picky and try to mix match what is in your everyday's wardrobe to see what goes with what. Spruce up your existing clothing efficiently, either it is branded or you feel otherwise, that is not really a big thing to deal with. The only thing that matters is that how you pull off the overall look of your outfits. 


A Contribution to Madrasah Arabiyyah Tahfizulquranulkareem.

Thursday, September 24, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

Life consists of many things you accept, believe or think is right. You grow up in certain beliefs about yourselves, your lives and your expectations that things should work out a certain way or a way of your liking. Then when you change, lives change, expectations change, the world around you changes. Everything changes. And there you start to realize that things are not going as you had expected. So when this kind of thing happens, what would you do? How do you get to a place where you can clearly think to accept things you cannot change or change things you cannot accept?

I sometimes do not matter with this situation as I always remind myself, on a daily basis, we are consumed with regrets, failures, bad memories that plague our minds and control our actions. However, life does not have to be so complicated. If you are destined to be happy today, you should be happy because you would never know what you are going to get through tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or all days of your lives. Run your current lives or future lives with kind things you can possibly do and contribute to. With that, you can attain and increase a level of happiness and sense of inner peace you may have not thought.

This time my writing could be the same as Fifi Sazali's and in 30 minutes I am writing this I really hope you will get a lesson that will open your hearts wide. The time has come when you cannot just see other people doing the kindness - each one of us has to do our bit. Doing and spreading kindness is one of the good things you can do other than shopping, eating, movies (the common things you can do almost everytime, every week). Kindness, what I mean here is helping a person without losing one's true self to negativity.

Kindness can be formed in anything that sometimes beyonds your expectations. No matter how small or big the kindness you are currently doing or you have done, you can never underestimate the impact of a single act of kindness. From a very early age, my parents taught me about kindness and until now they advise me to do kind things for other people, without necessarily expecting anything in return. And I believe your parents also did the same to you :) If someone repays your kindness someday, that is maybe your good luck. I have made sure and discovered that my act of kindness for the people I have helped earlier is something that was beneficial and made they felt relieved.  

I have been informed that Madrasah Arabiyyah Tahfizulquranulkareem is still lacking with things that it supposed to have in what called Madrasah. Located in Waeng, Narathiwat, Thailand, this Madrasah has just been constructed and placed almost twenty-three students altogether. For their education tools, it is still imperfect. They have only been using pillows and mattresses to replace quran rehals all this while and until now. While you at home? You could still enjoy your days with each little joy and perfection. I might not be in their shoes, but I could feel the imperfections these students have to face every single day in Madrasah Arabiyyah Tahfizulquranulkareem.

By reading this, I am sure you would feel sorry for them and might be willingly to help them out by contributing in the form of money or anything that related to Madrasah's necessities and the student themselves. This might be something that some of you there do not always do so I strongly believe if you have pure hearts and minds, you would not miss out on this opportunity. Doing kindness for people who are in need never brings loss to you and it gives pleasure to your entire souls instead. These students could not ask for more from you yet the contribution to them would be memorably appreciated. Have faith that once you help people, others will help you too, with Allah's permission. For those who are in Thailand or anyone who wants to pay a visit to Madrasah Arabiyyah Tahfizulquranulkareem, you can refer where the Madrasah is located at and whom you are going to reach if you go there throughout the informations given below.

Madrasah Arabiyyah Tahfizulquranulkareem, Kampung Kriya Luar, Mukim Kayukhla, Daerah Waeng, Wilayah Narathiwat, Thailand.

Tuan Loh

2 persons

23 persons

Persons you can reach:
Name: Abdunromdan @ Abe Dun, Waeng, Thailand
Contact: +66 93-530-2998

Name: Muhammad Fakhruddin Al-Razi, Kelantan, Malaysia
Contact: +60 13-905-6611

Muhammad Fakhruddin Al-Razi
*Any contributions in the form of money can be made into the account shown above with the subject of "MADRASAH WAENG".

"Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness."
-Lucius Annaeus Seneca


Are you a Polluter or Purifier?

Wednesday, September 09, 2015
Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

Now that we are entering a new month, we have to start taking our inspirations up to a notch. Get clear by sitting down and be relaxed with all the comforts for a few moments to ensure you will be able to rebuild and maintain your healthy mind. Do not ever let your mind-numbing habits (if there are any) keep you stuck from leading a life you are supposed to lead.

In this life, you must have scruples asking you doing good and bad things or maybe even seeking you to conspire against yourselves. Well, now it is about two different habits which may not be considered and taken seriously by some of you there. Fred Smith once says that there are two kinds of people in any group: polluters and purifiers. With all things you afford to do today, you can either be a polluter or purifier. It all depends on the kind of person you want to be.

I am absolutely confident that nobody wants to be a polluter but in any ways, it can happen when you do something that makes you seen like a polluter, such as belching out of smokestacks, throwing rubbish everywhere you want to throw, keeping the unwashed, dirty clothes, not cleaning up the mouldy bathrooms, leaving the rotten food in the refrigerator and a few more things you are able to do in your daily lives which I do not have to explain anymore. These kinds of habits may affect our environment and our lives yet leads an unhealthy air and makes the environment less good. With or without you realize, it can be happening all over the world but I can say some countries and their people really take the overall cleanliness on the top of their lives.

Unlike polluters, purifiers are naturally good in taking care of their personal hygienes and cleanliness in home or public environments. Nothing could defeat their priorities in keeping themselves and their surroundings clean and organized. They clear all disarrayed things far from their views without you asking for it. This natural habit is mostly inherited from the parents, descendants or their pure selves which has been always talking about by almost people.  

Just like myself, I used to be one of those people who always concerned about the cleanliness around me, whenever I am. I have once thought that to be cleaning all the time, it can be a pain sometimes and you have to be asking over and over again to do it. Hahaha, I know you are imagining how struggle each purifier work on things. I am the type of people who want to walk around most of the day in a sort of comfort zone just to make sure that I am comfortable, so no choices there! I believe all purifiers are currently thinking or have been thinking the same as me.

Furthermore, it does not matter what kind of atmosphere purifiers encounter. They usually pass through the gloomy and negative side of things with something fresh and clear. Obviously, they make everything around them better, you may have no ideas about it and what kind of a difference they are going to make each and every day. I am sure you are often surrounded by either polluters or purifiers which in reality they can be your friends, your colleagues, your partners, etc. Athese two habits can be present in a person at the same time, so you should have noticed people who sometimes (or a few times) act as a purifier but most of the time function as polluter.

It does not only stop there because there are many things in life that are beyond our control and our attitudes are not going to be missed. I am convinced that it is a major influence which determines us being polluters or purifiers. While the truth is nobody enjoys pollutions, still there is so much of it in this world and have you ever asked yourselves why it happens? It does happen when you are all capable of making the same mistake directly or indirectly that it is probably not a coincidence. Your attitude impacting the way it should be.

Well, as human-beings, we have not always been perfect. My advice to you is in order to change for the better ones, you must be willingly leave all negativities and engaging around with the positivities even sometimes, it is quite hard to predict what comes now or in the future. Do not make people deliberately avoid from you because of your negative habits. Let this be one of the greatest challenges that you have to deal with and put a bit more effort in rather than come forward with complaints yet do nothing. I hope you get something out of my whole writing and it helps you become a better and organized person!

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