Are you a Polluter or Purifier?

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

Now that we are entering a new month, we have to start taking our inspirations up to a notch. Get clear by sitting down and be relaxed with all the comforts for a few moments to ensure you will be able to rebuild and maintain your healthy mind. Do not ever let your mind-numbing habits (if there are any) keep you stuck from leading a life you are supposed to lead.

In this life, you must have scruples asking you doing good and bad things or maybe even seeking you to conspire against yourselves. Well, now it is about two different habits which may not be considered and taken seriously by some of you there. Fred Smith once says that there are two kinds of people in any group: polluters and purifiers. With all things you afford to do today, you can either be a polluter or purifier. It all depends on the kind of person you want to be.

I am absolutely confident that nobody wants to be a polluter but in any ways, it can happen when you do something that makes you seen like a polluter, such as belching out of smokestacks, throwing rubbish everywhere you want to throw, keeping the unwashed, dirty clothes, not cleaning up the mouldy bathrooms, leaving the rotten food in the refrigerator and a few more things you are able to do in your daily lives which I do not have to explain anymore. These kinds of habits may affect our environment and our lives yet leads an unhealthy air and makes the environment less good. With or without you realize, it can be happening all over the world but I can say some countries and their people really take the overall cleanliness on the top of their lives.

Unlike polluters, purifiers are naturally good in taking care of their personal hygienes and cleanliness in home or public environments. Nothing could defeat their priorities in keeping themselves and their surroundings clean and organized. They clear all disarrayed things far from their views without you asking for it. This natural habit is mostly inherited from the parents, descendants or their pure selves which has been always talking about by almost people.  

Just like myself, I used to be one of those people who always concerned about the cleanliness around me, whenever I am. I have once thought that to be cleaning all the time, it can be a pain sometimes and you have to be asking over and over again to do it. Hahaha, I know you are imagining how struggle each purifier work on things. I am the type of people who want to walk around most of the day in a sort of comfort zone just to make sure that I am comfortable, so no choices there! I believe all purifiers are currently thinking or have been thinking the same as me.

Furthermore, it does not matter what kind of atmosphere purifiers encounter. They usually pass through the gloomy and negative side of things with something fresh and clear. Obviously, they make everything around them better, you may have no ideas about it and what kind of a difference they are going to make each and every day. I am sure you are often surrounded by either polluters or purifiers which in reality they can be your friends, your colleagues, your partners, etc. Athese two habits can be present in a person at the same time, so you should have noticed people who sometimes (or a few times) act as a purifier but most of the time function as polluter.

It does not only stop there because there are many things in life that are beyond our control and our attitudes are not going to be missed. I am convinced that it is a major influence which determines us being polluters or purifiers. While the truth is nobody enjoys pollutions, still there is so much of it in this world and have you ever asked yourselves why it happens? It does happen when you are all capable of making the same mistake directly or indirectly that it is probably not a coincidence. Your attitude impacting the way it should be.

Well, as human-beings, we have not always been perfect. My advice to you is in order to change for the better ones, you must be willingly leave all negativities and engaging around with the positivities even sometimes, it is quite hard to predict what comes now or in the future. Do not make people deliberately avoid from you because of your negative habits. Let this be one of the greatest challenges that you have to deal with and put a bit more effort in rather than come forward with complaints yet do nothing. I hope you get something out of my whole writing and it helps you become a better and organized person!

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