Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hi lovelies.

Image courtesy of Zalora Malaysia.

Zalora. Who does not know Zalora? What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word Zalora? For the past few years when the online shopping trend has been widespread, Zalora has gotta be one of the leading online fashion stores that fulfills every man and woman's fashion desire in one place. From clothing to shoes, accessories to beauty products and many more, Zalora brings a wide diversity of eminent local and international brands that is sure to grab your attention. Whoever seeks for fashion products, Zalora is the right destination for you to shop till drop I must say.

However, I believe there are a few questions that would have lingered in your mind but the common one must be like "Is the website safe and secure for shopping?". It is no doubt that some people would ask this sort of question because they might be worried due to online shopping frauds that are rampant and obvious on the internet nowadays. Based on my very own experience, NEVER have I dealt any problem with all my purchases all this while. So I could say that it is GUARANTEED SAFE AND SECURED. You would just have to splurge yourselves with the things you wish to buy besides enjoying your shopping experience like free shipping (if stated), discounts and vouchers! 

Recently, Zalora has just launched a Community section of its own digital magazine. I was being invited to be one of the contributors who contributes original articles (my very own ones) comprise of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment. HOW EXCITING!? As I already familiar with Zalora itself and I too love writing and sharing something to people, I said why not? If I could write multiple stories on my blog, then why could not I do the same this time? My ideas and opinions could be formulated and expanded more deeply and precisely in form of writing. Furthermore, everyone could also be compelled to read my articles when they are up to something that I have written earlier.

If before this you have probably read books, novels, etc, this time why not you make a difference by having pleasant articles-read on the internet? Simultaneously, by doing that I am truly sure that it is not only me who gain good, insightful inputs, benefits and knowledges, but so do you readers. While having leisure time at home or anywhere you would be, you are able to freely read my articles and I wish you have a pleasure reading them. I would write at least 1-2 articles in a month, so remember to catch them up okay? I would also get this entry updated everytime I come up with the new ones.  

Some of them are now live on Zalora Malaysia. So with all my heart, I am very pleased to invite you guys to read my articles. Here you go:

Article 1 (October 2015): 

Article 2 (November 2015):

Article 5 (March 2016):
Basic Wardrobe Essentials For Every Woman.

Article 6 (July 2016):
Batik Mak Labu Fashion Trend.

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  1. Wah bestnya. Congrats!
    Jarang shopping online. Pernah lah sekali shopping kt zalora. Hehe

    1. Terima kasih! Jomlah sama2 shopping di Zalora lagi. :)

  2. Wahh tahniah dikk..dah jadi penulis utk zalora :D. Moga lebih maju jaya di masa hadapan. Kipidap!

    1. Hiks... Terima kasih kak. Insyaallah, Arisha aminkan doa akak supaya jadi kenyataan.

  3. suke sgt beli brg zalora..kualiti die bgus...pewittt wish u all da best!

    1. Yup, betul tu kak. Terima kasih atas sokongan. :)


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